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Laptop Vs. Desktop - Poll



  • Colton147147Colton147147 Posts: 10,201 Member
    Windely wrote: »
    Windely wrote: »
    I don't really want to post dxdiag. But I have an Asus n56v.

    That's a decent machine but might be running into Nvidia issues. @phoebebebe13? I think that's this:

    @Windely, read your own DxDiag to check for the dates of the drivers. Anything older than a few months might need updating.
    Well, I did that. But all the drivers in there are supposed to be from 2015? Because in the NVIDIA section a lot of them are from 2013 (the year I bought the computer).

    You should be able to update from Geforce Experience if there are no drivers available for your laptop on the manufacturer's site.
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  • FayeliFayeli Posts: 54 Member
    I have played on both in the past. I hate using a laptop though - I feel like I have to sit with my face at the screen to read anything in game.

    I prefer my desktop for the game - or any game.. But if you are use to a laptop, you can update it to be used while gaming...
  • iamcherylfailsiamcherylfails Posts: 214 Member
    I mostly play on my desktop... Just recently got a brand new monitor (for free) which is pretty big and since using it games look too small on my laptop. That and things run much better on my desktop (it's not a high end gaming computer or anything but things still seem to run pretty smoothly on it).

    I do have Sims 4 installed on my laptop and will play on it if I can't get at my desktop or feel like building without moving from my bed but generally I don't. Also Sims 2 for some reason does not work on my desktop (I've tried all the fixes I've found) so I play that exclusively on laptop.
  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,674 Member
    I've only owned two laptops in my life and the last one was held together by tape.. That was like 10 yrs ago. :D

    I hate laptops and never enjoyed trying to game on one. I'd much rather be sitting at a desk. With a desktop I can switch out my parts when I need to upgrade VS buying a whole new computer.
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  • rakeshrakesh Posts: 1 New Member

    Laptop is flexible to carry everywhere and the ability to access the Internet through wireless technology Wi-Fi.
    Have a look at this link to know more:
  • TheElbForestTheElbForest Posts: 7 New Member
    I used to play on desktop until my computer got too old to function, now, I play on quite a good laptop because I started University and take it there as well.
  • CIariteaCIaritea Posts: 47 Member
    It will be on a laptop
  • NushnushganayNushnushganay Posts: 2,728 Member
    No poll? Too bad. But I play on my laptop. On high/ultra resolution for everything.
    I love having a laptop for it because I like playing in bed, or back when I used to have to be somewhere where there were other people, I'd take it with me and play or do other things, instead of being bored silly just BEING there.

    I have played in my car (not while driving obviously but like when waiting for someone), at the library, at McD's.
    i know you get more bang for your buck on a desktop, more power for the money (and more flexibility when it comes to customizing and upgrading) but the portability really matters most to me at this point.
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  • gallerysims4gallerysims4 Posts: 33 Member
    I play the Sims on my laptop. I used to play the Sims on a desktop but now I play it on the laptop...
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 105 Member
    edited April 1
    My personal laptop is a mil-spec ex Texas DPS General Dynamics GD8200. It'll take the spills and abuse that will destroy any other laptop. Besides, $250 for an i7? What's not to complain about? Overheating is its issue. The fan just isn't good enough and it cooks with any moderate computing task. I've almost burnt myself on it. My older laptop (not that old, it's from 2013, while the other one's from 2011), an Acer I think would be just perfect if I cleaned some junk off and replaced the RAM to help the fact it's slower than a brick; and fixed its internet connectivity issue stemming from a new (at the time; 3 years ago) modem. It's got an AMD A10, comparable to the i7. I actually picked it out for gaming. And, being an Ultrabook, it is much lighter and thinner to carry around than the thick, heavy, and bulky nearly solid magnesium case of the GD8200. Plus, a large HD screen, versus the tiny 4:3 1600x900 on the GD8200.

    It runs most games pretty well (including TS3/4), but runs hot. That's why I try to avoid it, along with its tiny 128GB SSD (which about half of is taken up by Windows 10; which in retrospect was a mistake to upgrade from Windows 7 to). Thus, it's why it's a school computer. Maybe the old Acer, once fixed up, will be a mighty fine gaming laptop.

    Desktops. I have two.

    2015-ish? Asus M32CD Intel i5/Integrated Graphics. It will run most 2D lower-end 3D games just fine. Beam NG and TS3 absolutely suck on it and crash constantly. I see no problem with the i5, given how many gaming machines I see with it. The RAM is a little old, and somewhat fickle. Going to be bumped up from 8GB to 16GB. It's the one I'm typing on, and getting ready to run TS4 on it, which now (loaded down with mods and now all EPs and GPs to date; as well as several SPs) loads a little slow, but plays fine.

    2018 Acer Nitro 50-600. I don't know if it was a fluke, rough handling by UPS, or what, but the RAM on this computer doesn't work. Starting it always has the beep code for bad RAM. Start doing any heavy computing, and BOOM, blue screen of death. It has a decent dedicated graphics card and an i7. I suspect the RAM is unseated more than bad, but I'm replacing the 8GB card with 16GB anyway.
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