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Is The Sims Medieval Worth Buying?



  • AMariseSAMariseS Posts: 2,458 Member
    You zoom in by pressing the Z key.

    Or the + on the UI. Just like TS3. A lot of the controls are exactly the same as TS3.
  • AMofOzAMofOz Posts: 856 Member
    A day of playing Sims Medieval makes me really appreciate The Sims 3! I much prefer the open world style of S3 and the non structured quests and storylines you can create and effect yourself - that make you feel in much more control than the medieval game does.

    It's a shame as I really do love the medieval stuff, the quirky characters, the interactions, the world itself and outfits and items etc. I also really like the traits vs flaws idea, too. Also the ability to eventually upgrade to a legendary trait. I think those are really unique and fun. Lots of great elements there, but - for me- way too much repetition so it didn't make me feel really involved. It just seems like a point and click adventure game where you're just clicking to go through the processes, and not getting much back.

    I was especially disheartened when I completed the 'New Beginnings' chapter, and the next chapter had you start again from scratch, with a new kingdom - doing seemingly the same things all over again.

    I really wish that EA would try again with something like this, just with the more open free roaming type of world and more organic quests, and more naturally progressive gameplay that didn't feel as formulaic and stifled as I felt while playing on and off through the day.

    I will still play it from time to time, but I have to admit I soon got bored with it and found many parts tedious. I was glad I got it cheap onsale along with the pirates/nobles expansion.
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  • DemiDemi Posts: 49 Member
    I love this game! But ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, it doesn't work.
  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,522 Member
    Mine neither. But I have uninstalled it, and hope to get it up and running later on by reinstalling it. I simply love that game too, but at the moment I am playing the Sims 4.
  • DruericDrueric Posts: 25 Member
    Well I like medieval sims more than sims 3. Sims4 was just lame. Its not the perfect sims game, and I kinda wish they had spent a bit more time fixing and tweeking it, but its still playable. If they had made more content for medieval sims I would have bought every one.
  • bold0727bold0727 Posts: 34 Member
    Mine works on Windows 10. I installed it on Windows 10 via Origin, so I would recommend downloading EA's Origin app and redeeming your code. If it doesn't work, contact EA and ask if they will add the game to your library (normally all is required is the code).
  • SailorKillfaceSailorKillface Posts: 1 New Member
    Yes, my disc version didn't work on Windows 10, but I downloaded the Origin client, then downloaded the game and used my registration code off my original disc case and it works perfectly.
  • zagbooruleszagboorules Posts: 474 Member
    edited January 2016
    Personally I thought it was worth the money, I loved the detail the was put into the sims' appearances and I enjoyed the quests. Maybe watch some reviews/overviews? I personally enjoy LGR's reviews as he gets to the point and gives an honest opinion the games he reviews, he has done many reviews on The Sims Franchise. Here is his review for The Sims Medieval:

  • ANIMALadorerANIMALadorer Posts: 64 Member
    Yes, I think so. I love the game, though sometimes it's very difficult and a bit repetitive.
  • Juliette_CappJuliette_Capp Posts: 50 Member
    Can you explore the world or is there nothing to do except complete quests? Can you do things like go shopping and buy things for your house?
  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,933 Member
    Can you explore the world or is there nothing to do except complete quests? Can you do things like go shopping and buy things for your house?
    You can go shopping for certain things but its the sims so there is a buy mode.

  • ANIMALSadorerANIMALSadorer Posts: 56 Member
    Yes, I think so.
  • SharlaSedaiSharlaSedai Posts: 56 Member
    Can you explore the world or is there nothing to do except complete quests? Can you do things like go shopping and buy things for your house?
    As you complete the different Aspirations, you unlock more of the Build/Buy items and also more Create a Sim content.

  • urygauryga Posts: 559 Member
    I found myself dusting it off and replaying it after I get really board playing Sims 4, lately I have been playing it a lot.
    yes it worth it.
  • US_Marshall42US_Marshall42 Posts: 236 Member
    I mean... Kinda? The Sims has always had RPG like elements but TSM thrives on those RPG elements. There's character classes, quests, XP rewards, class abilities, some level grinding. If any of this sounds fun you'd probably like it. Just realize it's not an in depth RPG. It's still fairly light hearted.
  • QueenEcheveriaQueenEcheveria Posts: 61 Member
    Just got it today and was enjoying it until I got stuck on the wedding despite the fact I have the clothes and rings :/ Tried looking for the answers online but can't find them nor can I make my own thread yet on here.
  • SharlaSedaiSharlaSedai Posts: 56 Member
    I have gotten stuck on the wedding for the Effenmont (spelling?, lol) Annexation quest in the past as well. if anyone has an answer, it would be great, because I can't annex Effenmont without the wedding.
  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,522 Member
    You can visit my Facebook page about The Sims Medieval. Just go to Facebook and search. The name is The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobels. Scroll down until you find the quest you want to read about.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,666 Member
    I'd say so, yes. I got both for $15 off Origin a little while back. I enjoy it for what it is and it's a nice escape from the everyday sims game. Lots of really nice CC for it too!
  • sassygray5sassygray5 Posts: 545 Member
    Personally I love this game but I also love medieval and renaissance themed things. I'd say the only downside is the lack of replay value. Because the game is mission/quest based, once you complete all the quests there isn't much left to do. However I still go back and start new games every now and then. As others have said you can't expect it to be just like other Sim games but I love playing it!
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,622 Member
    I had my eye on this game for a while, since learning about it on Carl's site. This year, I dropped some birthday money and picked it up. $20 for the game and its expansion was a good deal, to me, and I am enjoying it.

    However, I do recommend any Simmers considering it look into it rather closely, as it is something of a hybrid, and rather different from The Sims main line of games. It's a lot less sandbox, a lot less customizeable, a lot more linear... but I am really enjoying it as a change of pace, and know I'll be having fun with it for years.
  • QueenEcheveriaQueenEcheveria Posts: 61 Member
    Sindocat wrote: »
    It's a lot less sandbox, a lot less customizeable, a lot more linear... but I am really enjoying it as a change of pace, and know I'll be having fun with it for years.
    In some ways I prefer it over regular version as the quests keep it interesting only down side is that it's limited to what you can do in the game however it's still fun.
  • FreygeaFreygea Posts: 867 Member
    I really love this game. I just started playing it again about 2 weeks ago.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,524 Member
    edited December 2016
    Once you get the hang of this game it's a lot of fun if you stretch your imagination. You won't have to do all those quests all at once, but maybe one a day. If you are trying to complete things on a linear scale. But take time to smell the roses. My king is my favorite but also Gandalf is my wizard, and a doctor who I really appreciate his good looks, lol. These are my three favorite heroes when I play. I use them over and over in many different saves. I had an elfen queen but I still prefer the king I built.

    It was a lot of fun to slow down and let some drama happen. My knight in one game is always looking for a fight. I didn't lavish his quarters with anything fancy, so he is barely making a living but often visits court where he can have a fine meal, (it's full of boar and bear meat etc.) where he can dance, read, visit with the ladies in waiting, and catch a snooze in a prepared guest room. My court is full of interesting souls who under the rule any other king would have their heads removed. :D

    If you let up on questing you can have a lot of fun in this game, such as my king loved the milkmaid but the game chose a different wife for him who I couldn't stand. He went to both priest in the game to ask for divorce so he could marry his true love, and she was pretty upset he dumped her. She told the whole town. Everywhere she went (the queen) she told how he betrayed her. He wanted the heir but not her. She was contrary and it took a lot of wooing into his bed, to have that heir.

    In the meantime Gandalf was dealing with an evil he couldn't rid of in his tower, (part of a quest) and it was a lot of fun to play this into the over all kingdom story.

    My Jacoban priest would not grant the King's divorce so he had to join the Peteran church. (Think Henry VIII) to set his own rules. :D

    The doctor was in love with my actress, but alas she had to marry a pirate, and his heart was broken. (That was part of a quest but worked well for a story of lust, love and heartbreak). He was busy all over the kingdom curing illness but each time he saw her he was reminded of this time with her, before she changed and married that scurvy dog. :p

    It's what you make it, it has plenty of room to build onto the story in your head. But no toddlers. But it's been one of the better RPGs I have ever played, and detail matters.

    ETA: Low security brings more muggings, and other robberies etc. Low wellness brings much more disease, don't play happyville, have fun with the other side of life.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.


  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,793 Member
    edited January 2017
    The Deluxe pack containing both base game and Pirates and Nobles is on sale for £10.25 at present in the uk. That's a good buy as a change from Sims 2, 3 and 4. That's less than the paperback original Prima game guide.

    Carl's got some pages about it.


    It could be that if you already have the base game you might get Pirates and Nobles added to it in Origin as my two packs have been merged into one. I had both though.
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