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Adding FreePlay friends



  • myz_phiamyz_phia Posts: 1 New Member
    Please add me. In need of some neighbors. Thanks.
  • SimChickeeSimChickee Posts: 402 Member
    Anyone can add me, Sim Chickee on Fb.
  • AndreakiwikidAndreakiwikid Posts: 1 New Member
    Add me on game centre for freeplay Andrea____90
  • Tashaylaa15Tashaylaa15 Posts: 1 New Member
    If there is anyone on the Sims FreePlay with a swimming pool and a recliner in it please add me on fb @NatashaWoodland
  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Posts: 57 Member
    I can't find how you post a thread on these forums. All I see is the ability to comment. This is not a new account I should not be under any restrictions. I have made thread-topic-posts on EA forums here in the past. I just don't see where or how I did it?
  • YvonneMcDermidYvonneMcDermid Posts: 51 Member
    Hi @Jemcrystal ,

    I have been having the same problem. I have posted new threads in the past but that has been taken away. I am told it is to stop spambots posting rubbish all over the forum.

    Apparently, you are a new member until you earn 50 points through commenting on other people's posts and getting badges. Exactly how this is achieved is a bit of a mystery, but some points are given for getting likes and more for awesomes on your comments.

    This is increasingly difficult because many of the threads are old and relate to past events that are no longer under discussion and unsurprisingly, nobody seems to want to like comments on old topics.

    I too am waiting to get enough points/likes etc. to be allowed to post again, I am not new and have been on here for years.

    I am not sure why they don't add a 'verify you are human' screen when you hit 'start a new thread' instead. The type where you have to recognise objects that humans can but robots cannot.

    Anyway, good luck, I have put an awesome on your comment :D
  • YvonneMcDermidYvonneMcDermid Posts: 51 Member
    If anyone needs a neighbour on Xbox live who has everything you need for the social tasks, add me, player810946464
  • PardigamyPardigamy Posts: 5 New Member
    I play sims freeplay, im Juni Goth
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