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Updates *AUGUST 21*

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Hello Everyone!

It has been quite a bit of time since an update has been made to the forum but here I am with some news about what I've been working on.

First you will notice that the forums have been a bit condensed. There are so many sections in the forums that it is a little too time consuming to scroll through so I've simply made a main category and put all of the previous categories as new sub categories. All of the original content is still there it's just simply shifted.

A new section has been added for The Sims FreePlay! If you play it feel free to hop into those sections and chat with others about the game :)

Other updates:
PM Size
  • Several of you have reached out about increasing the size of private messages and I am here to inform you that you can now add up to 5 people in one PM! Which brings it a total of 6 people in a message :) (5 + the sender)
Best of
  • The section got a little bit of a face-lift so it is easier to read.
New Button!
  • I have added a new button: Disagree. I want to be clear that this button does not provide badges but I still wanted to provide you with a new button to use.

Just a small little update for all of you! Please feel free to send me a message or post suggestions on my wall for things you'd like to see added to or improved in the forums.

Happy Simming!
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