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Townie Fashion Police >.<

Hey Guys! Just wanted to share some pictures of townies who don't own mirrors! Share yours too!!!




  • BabyCarrotzBabyCarrotz Posts: 949 Member
    Oh lawd xD Mine are just too horrible I can't even bring myself to take their pics :(

    I deleted the townies right away tho
  • MightydanMightydan Posts: 2,983 Member
    Omg I can't decide which one is worse.
  • xitneverendssxitneverendss Posts: 1,768 Member
    This has inspired me to take pics of my own townies horrible fashion sense haha.

    I'll definitely share some pictures soon!
  • BrokenChaos69BrokenChaos69 Posts: 926 Member
    I feel blessed not seeing this too often in my own game. I remember the horror days of TS3 fashion. I have been pretty lucky with 4! Would adore the stylist career to come back though! It's right near the top of my want list.
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    I hope my Sims and lots aren't too terrible!
  • 0Chloe0Chloe Posts: 1,922 Member
    I've never came across any townies with outfits this bad in my game. I'm jealous, in a way. I'd love to see stuff this bad.
  • JasonPogoJasonPogo Posts: 504 Member
    lovejess2 wrote: »
    Yeah townie dressing is the worst. I use a cheat to edit thier outfits. Worst thing I saw was a lady without pants just a shirt and undies.

    You don't need a cheat to change townies outfits. Just go to manage world and click on unplaced households. You get a list of every townie and can take them into CC.
  • taatelimiestaatelimies Posts: 105 Member
    edited August 2015
    Didn't the devs say before release that they made the AI more stylish this time around, meaning townies wouldn't like this? Since then I have realized they were lying. :D To make matters worse, some CC creators allow their creations to be randomly used on townies, so I have plenty of male sims with eyeliner and pink lip gloss... This happens with base game content too, though, and I'm not evenn sure if creators can affect it. :p I often use testingcheats to fix the worst crimes against humanity (and fashion) I see around town.
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  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,024 Member
    My townies dress normal. :)
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,793 Member
    I pay little or no attention to the Townies. LOL
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