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Lots by NiniBeMe69 **New** Tawny

NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,202 Member
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Hiya! I'm Nini,

I have been building in the sims for so many years it's something that I really enjoy doing when I can find the time. I just started venturing into building in TS4. My first build took me quite a while trying to figure everything out. But I am still learning. I hope you like my creations and I do appreciate and love to see you when you drop in. Happy Simming!! :)
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  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,202 Member
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    First build in TS4. Nothing spectacular. Havn't figured out how to change the lot names yet, sorry. Hope you like it. Thanks for having a look. :)






  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,632 Member
    It is great that you have set up a showcase thread for your sims 4 builds :)
    Your home is very nice! :) Very nice exterior of the home. The textures of the exterior look nice. It looks very nice how you have placed the plants along the edges of the half wall in the front area of the build and the flowers look nice lining the edges of the front footpath. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The living room is very nice! It looks nice how you have placed the sofas there in a U shape. Sims will enjoy sitting resting there having a chat, watching TV together and listening to music from the stereo. The blossoms are nice touches in the room. They will enjoy relaxing having a read of a book from the bookshelf. Very nice design of the kitchen! The black and white colour scheme of the area looks very nice. Nice bar stool counter for sims to enjoy sitting on the stools eating a meal. The hanging pots and the fruit bowl are nice kitchen touches there. It looks nice how you have placed the red wall decor either sides of the door. Very nice master bedroom! The brick bedhead walk texture is nice. The scenic picture on the wall is nice for sims to look at when laying in bed. They will enjoy sunlight coming in through the bedroom windows in the mornings. The plants are nice touches of nature and green in the room. It is nice that they are placed either sides of the ottoman for sims to see as they sit resting there. The red candles look pretty on the bedside table. Very nice pool and hot tub patio! Sims will have fun swimming in the pool, or enjoy relaxing in the tub. The plants look nice on the edges of the tub for the sims to enjoy seeing when in the tub.
    The home is very nice :)
  • ManssomManssom Posts: 4,159 Member
    Hi Nini! Welcome back :) I am so thrilled to see you are creating for TS4!
    Your first house looks great ^_^ Things have gotten a bit more challenging
    without the CAS tool but I think you are going to love the new building tools :)

    There are many improvements. Also, you can change the name of your homes in the lot
    info panel which you'll find at the top of the screen in build mode :)
  • ManssomManssom Posts: 4,159 Member
    I can also recommend having a look at this thread for more helpful information :) *hugz*
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,499 Member
    Great to see your showcase, wonderful first build, the open plan interior design looks beautiful :)
  • superbibi11superbibi11 Posts: 486 Member
    It's great that you've set up your showcase. Your first build is very nice! I expecially love the garden and the kitchen furniture.
    I'll be following you in the Gallery and adding your build to my fav :)
    Hello @NiniBeMe69 Glad to see you've started creating in Sims 4 :) Here's the link to the Online Gallery where you can find your build and post your link. Adding an hashtag to your description really helps when finding the build. Your first creation is so lovely. I love the layout and color scheme!
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    @NiniBeMe69 I love the stone walls, they give the house very natural feel even though it is very modern. Beautiful house! I'm looking forward to seeing your future creations.
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,202 Member
    Hello everyone!! Thank you all so much for stopping in and seeing my first S4 creation. I really do appreciate all of your comments and feedback. Manssom, I will definitely check out that thread you suggested. I look forward to sharing more of my creations with the sims community. :)

    Happy Simming!!
  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    Great first The Sims 4 home! The exterior is clean and uses contrasting textures well. The interior is very clean and stylish. Overall you wouldn't guess its your first build. I have to say building in TS4 feels almost completely different than TS3 so it will take a while to get used to. There are plenty of quirks in the system to work around and learn, good luck to you!
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,016 Member
    Heeeeey Nini, long time no see! :) How are you doing? Lovely to see you building for sims 4! Great modern home! Love the trendy interiors. Will be adding to my favourites. Have to follow you in the gallery. That way I can keep track of your builds. Welcome back! Hugs <3
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,202 Member

    Hey there, it's been a while but I finally decided to go for it and build something. I had fun doing this one and the process took a bit to learn all over again but I got it. I saved it to my gallery. Hope you like it. Thanks


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,632 Member
    The design and layout of Tawny is very nice! :) Very nice outdoors areas! The sofa and armchairs sitting patio is very nice for sims to chat in the outdoors air. The sunken outdoors dining , hot tub and pool patio is great! Sims will enjoy cooking on the bbq, have fun swimming in the pool and enjoy relaxing in the hot tub. Very nice furnishing of the interior! The wall texture gives a very nice look to the home. Very nice sofa and armchairs area for sims to enjoy watching tv together. The log themed wall decor looks nice either sides of the tv. Very nice light filled dining area for sims to enjoy eating at the table with sunshine coming in through the windows. The picture on the bedhead wall in the first bedroom adds a nice look to the room area and floor rug looks great there! Very nice study office room! The painting corner nook is very nice for Sims to enjoy looking out at the outdoors views through the windows. They will enjoy playing chess in the room, and sitting at the desk table usinłg the computer. The candles on the bedside tables in the other bedroom and the mosaic tiled flooring are nice touches.
    It is a very nice home :)
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,202 Member
    Thank you Rosemow for your wonderful review. :):)
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,202 Member
    Things that make you hmmm.... ;)B):*
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,202 Member
    edited May 2019
    Wow, been almost a year since my last build. But from the looks of it I guess that is it, I will never share another. The Sims community is DEAD!
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