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    So, silly me, I've been forgetting to take before and after photos of my flips! but here are the numbers for them!

    Flip # 3
    Oaky Doke NoCc v2
    By Charlii-mai

    Starting: $15,610
    Sale: $57,999
    Profit: $42,389

    Flip # 4
    Unfinished Bungalow
    By xinqun

    Starting: $13,819
    Sale: $60,698
    Profit: $46,879

    For my next Flip I'll be doing Ugly house 3 By TS_diva.

    My sim is now an adult, and decided that if she wants a family she'd better start. So now she is preggers and has a who boyfriend she hopes to be engaged to soon. Since im doing so well making money with the painting skill, I decided I'll see how my Sims baby does with the writing skill when they come of age and can start flipping houses too!

    Though I don't have before shots of these flips, I may go back and at least take the after photos to share with you guys.
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