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Good cc-sites- ultimate list! (If you're searching for cc, look at this topic)

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Because a lot of people stay asking for good reaslitic clothes, no barbiedoll-shining hair etc....I decided to make a topic where EVERYONE can post links to a lot cc-sites, from furniture to hairstyles.

Just post links, I will add them to the list. (Also put a little description, like 'Maxis-match cc hair' or 'female clothes')

Of course, I already have a few links:
'Big' sites:

Male clothes:

Female clothes:
(and some male)
(Also hairstyles, poses, make-up and accessoires. See other categories)
Different cc-creators put their stuff on this site.
Here are some sites from those creators:
Some of them also have their place on MTS. That's everything I found. Otherwise, take a look at 'downloads by creator' on ace creators. (Female clothes and shoes) (also hair and poses, see other categories) (Reblogs lookbooks, useful for finding clothes.) (Particularly shoes) ---> mainly pregnancy clothes

Kids' clothes:!children/t7evn

Make-up and skins: ---> scars

Hairstyles and retextures: (also clothes and poses, see other categories) (only retextures) (male hairstyles) (Just a few) (toddler hairstyles) (Curly/afro etc. cc hair finds)


Objects:!blank/ullby (cars)



Build stuff: (Also other things, see other categories)

default skins/eyes (Also non-default skins and eyes, worlds and mods) (Cats and dogs eyes defaults)

Poses (A lot of poses from different creators)

Worlds & houses

Some weird fantasy and historic stuff

If you mean a certain creator from TSR or MTS, post a link to their page on those sites or their blog/tumblr. (just google the same name as you see on MTS/TSR)
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