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Welcome to the Modeling Competition Directory!
(Still a WIP! Simmetry version here.)
This thread was created in order to keep track of all future, current, and past competitions (that we can find at least!) and the modeling tag list. It is also a place for people to discuss competition ideas, post polls about competition ideas, advertise, etc. Feel free to chat in this thread, and make sure to bookmark this thread!
Note: This thread will always be updated, regardless if I make an update post saying so. The post is only for major thread updates (such as reorganization), to give recognition to those who win, alert new members to the threads existence, for any public events ongoing, and to have a record of what has come and gone.

Relevant Links:
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Active Magazines:
Top Model Magazine
Flaunt It Sims Magazine
S.H.E Magazine
Dazzle Magazine

The reasons we are doing this is to:
  • Provide a reliable and updated list for models to look at when they are interested in joining a competition. Make sure to bookmark this thread!
  • Provide a reliable and updated modeling tag list for hosts. Quite a few hosts are tagging inactive people!
  • Avoid schedule and competition clashing. Too many competitions at once can cause problems for hosts and models. The “Current” and “Upcoming” Lists will help hosts make better decisions on when to release competitions. Also to avoid people taking an idea of someone who hasn’t published their competition yet, because we all know how frustrating it is to work on something and then be too late at publishing it!
  • Avoid stealing competitions/names, intentionally and unintentionally. I don’t mean sharing the same ideas, I mean someone intentionally looking for a comp to steal, or accidentally matching the majority of a comp by pure accident.
  • Back to names, we want to avoid naming competitions the same thing when we can in order to avoid confusion with older/newer models down the line, and because as @NotMeMaggie (previously @Mhamilton0911 ) said, “The super successful comp names are like a brand for the comp host.”
  • Still on the two above this: Competitions based on shows or real life competitions are unavoidable in this community and are therefore not subject to the naming or competition reason. Competitions come labeled with the hosts name, so just be sure to look at the name before clicking if you are looking for a specific one. (Yes, that means multiple Project Runways, American Horror Story, Next Top Model, Miss Universe, etc. are possible and unavoidable, but probably not at the same time. And legally speaking they belong to none of us.)
  • Provide inspiration for those looking for an idea. We will have a list of requested/previously failed ideas that people can run, which means people can leave ideas in the thread for others to use.
  • Provide a place for feedback about competition ideas. No more making separate threads asking if people are interested, and less of a chance of competitions failing! We will have polls or feedback posts so everyone can give their opinions on an idea.
  • For nostalgia. Who wouldn’t want to look at these amazing competitions from the past?
If you would like to help fill the thread out quicker, please fill out this form for current and past competitions:
Link to competition: (Go to the front page of your competition, copy the link and paste here.)
Host(s): (List the people in charge of setting up and hosting. Judges don't count unless they are an actual co-host.)
Open or Closed: (Open = Means join at any time, Closed = signups required. Not needed for past competitions.)
Games Allowed: (Is it Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4, or all of the above? Not needed for past competitions.)
Status: (Taking applications, or closed sign-ups? Not needed for past competitions.)
Link to competition:
Open or Closed:
Games Allowed:

And if you want to have your upcoming competition displayed, please fill this out:
Name of the Competition: (Even if it is just a WIP name. N/A will be added if you can't think of anything.)
Host(s): (List the people in charge of setting up and hosting. Judges don't count unless they are an actual co-host.)
Estimated Arrival: (When do you expect to release it? Please make sure to look at the Upcoming and Current section when planning your release date.)
Type: (Is it a CAS competition, an activity, or a regular competition?)
Theme/Description: (Please explain what your comp is about, and the theme, if you would like. Is it a fashion/modeling comp, story, supernatural, etc? What makes this comp different from the rest, and what will be happening? What do the assignments look like? Is it elimination, cumulative, etc.?
Name of the Competition:
Estimated Arrival:

Polling and Feedback
If you would like to test an idea among the community or see which competition of yours will do better than the rest, you can either 1) post your ideas and wait for feedback, or 2) post a poll or have me post a poll for you. Just scroll down for the poll formats. If you would like to discuss polls with me, please post here or message me.
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