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Castle of Cards: A Sims 4 Challenge

lizzielilyyyylizzielilyyyy Posts: 4,146 Member
This is a new challenge thought up by myself when playing cards. I use English cards (since I know that some sets in Europe differ) which have the four suits as hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. These are the basis of this challenge.
So, the House of Cards challenge can be tackled from many directions and I will be documenting my efforts as an example to those interested. My version will use all four worlds; Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, Magnolia Promenade and Newcrest. I might switch Magnolia Promenade out for the new world found in Get Together later this year.
My blog contains all the rules, challenges and an introduction to my own version here
The rules being:
  • The challenge consists of four families, each named for a suit from a pack of cards. I.e the Heart family, Spade family etc.
  • Each family will rule over a world (inspired by the King, Queen, Jack found in cards) and each world will serve a different purpose.
  • Due to the nature of cards, whether you choose to set your challenge in the past, present or future, each family is royal and so should dress, act and live so. This means that it can be a modern day challenge with modern 'castles' etc but the royal theme must remain :p
  • Each family will be the head of a 14 member court; if you see each suit there is a King and Queen. The Ace, two and three will represent heirs to the throne. Even numbers (4,6,8 and 10) represent the ladies in waiting and the odd numbers (5, 7, 9 and the Jack) represent the King's guard, adviser and/or servants as the player wishes. The Joker (there are usually only two to a pack but you can choose how many are in a realm) is the village plum/ source of entertainment for the court.
  • Due to household restraints, ladies in waiting and the King's guard may live separately (but next door) to the royal household.
  • Each family will not start on a legacy plot, but with a castle designed to the realm's purpose.
  • Each family must reach ten generations
  • After building the castle and setting up, the royal family must have max. $50,000 household funds
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