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    rosemow wrote: »
    Rocking Horse Farmhouse is a very nice home! :) It looks very warming! You have reflected the inspiration home so very well! The exterior looks great! It is nice that a large legacy family can live there , with ten bedrooms in the home. It is very nice that there is a barn stables and a nectary in the build. Kids will have fun playing on the playground items in the outdoors play area. The pond is very nice, and it is great that there are fruit trees for Sims to enjoy harvesting. The layout and furnishing of the home is very nice! Very nice colour schemes of the living area rooms, and each of the bedrooms and nursery ! The little girls bedroom is especially very pretty! Very nice design of the large kitchen! The great room is very nice for Sims to enjoy sitting resting on the sofas, with the fireplace keeping the room and Sims warm. The large dining table in the dining room is very nice for many sims to enjoy eating meals together.
    It is a very detailed and special family home! :)

    @rosemow , Thank you dear Rose. Appreciate your lovely comments as usual. Hope that 2019 is a great year for you. Hugs :smiley:
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    AIRIS6962 wrote: »
    @soocoolsim , awesome farmhouse! <3 Huge project! Beautiful decor and landscape. I love that barn, very original.

    Thank you dear @AIRIS6962 . Very happy you like this build. Hugs :smiley:
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    masajo wrote: »
    Truly awesome farmhouse with the most incredible detail and impeccable landscaping. I love the decor with the natural and earthy tones which look so cosy and homely yet sunny and fresh. The barn is so realistic and I can imagine all the dancing and fun here :)

    Thanks dear @masajo , large builds are always a challenge for me since décor is my least fav thing to do. Glad you like it :smiley:
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,082 Member
    Omg your builds are so good. I love how you don't have a lot of clutter and everything is functional but still so beautiful! :love: I can't wait to play some of these, thank you for sharing!

    Thank you for dropping by @Sunnyyesjams with such a nice comment. Very happy you're enjoying my builds. Happy simmin :smiley:
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    Sandraelle wrote: »
    @soocoolsim, love the name you chose, love that barn, love the landscaping and love your decorating. It's a very warm and inviting home and really has that farmhouse feel. You did a fantastic job! :) And it's so cute how there is a room just for the pets!

    @Sandraelle , Thanks dear Sandy. I really appreciate the input you and @romagi1 provided me while working on this build. Happy it turned out well in the end. Hugs :smiley:
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    BreeMiles wrote: »
    My dear another beautiful home, our sims will enjoy there time here!

    Thank you dear @BreeMiles . Really appreciate your support. Hugs :smiley:
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    romagi1 wrote: »
    Yep, still love the name and love all the bedrooms! They are all so country and farmhouse cozy. Course your landscaping is always fab! :D

    Thanks @romagi1 . Yep, landscaping is always the fun part for me. Wouldn't it be cool if we got a few new requests for just building shells and landscaping. I would be in heaven if I didn't have to decorate the interiors (hint to any potential requesters lol). Hugs :smiley:
  • MoinesseMoinesse Posts: 143 Member

    @soocoolsim Love your Rocking Horse Farmhouse. Downloaded and rec'd. Will enjoy having a large family in this house, minus the horses. I hate horses, never play pet horses. I will convert the barn into extra parking with the fixer upper car, or glass station. Sorry to hear you don't care much for interior decorating, after all the builds you did for me with such beautiful interiors. I just might request an empty build from you soon. One with a grotto, similar to the one I built but much better, lol. Thanks for another beautiful build.
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,082 Member

    LOL happy I didn't put you off from requesting from us again @Moinesse . Great to hear you'll be using the farmhouse and thanks for the compliment on my interiors. I tend to run out of ideas after the first 3 or 4 bedrooms so that's what makes it more challenging for me. Inspiration photos do make it easier to decorate though :smiley:
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    Hello everyone, I'm pleased to upload a DNA Team request build for @anonymolerat who asked for a recreation of her grandparents quirky old house. This eclectic but charming 1 1/2 story home includes 2 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs, 2 bathrooms, laundry, study, kitchen, dining and living room. Garden style backyard, paddock with pond, field with barn, several outbuildings and a 2-car garage. This was a collaboration between @romagi1 (shell), @Sandraelle (interior design) and me (landscaping). Everything indoors and outdoors was detailed and replicated to match the photos we were provided. Enjoy!

    Download ***** Pictures (thanks Sandy)

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    Meadow Cottage is a very pretty home! :) It is very special that it was a collaboration between yourself, Romagi and Sandraelle :) Each of the parts looks very nice! Very nice exterior ot the home! The roofing and wall textures look very nice. Very nice landscaping work! The flowers and plants through the outdoors area look very nice! Very nice lilypads pond. The furnishing of the interior is very nice! The brown and white colour scheme of the living areas gives a nice look to the home. The sunflowers picture near the front door looks sunny and welcoming, and the flowers on the table are a pretty touch. Very nice light filled sunroom sitting area with the large glass windows! Sims will enjoy looking through the windows at the outdoors views whilst resting on the sofa and armchair. The birds are a nice touch on the window. The design of the kitchen is very nice. It looks very nice how the kitchen counters and cabinets have been placed there. Very nice homely looking dining room. The whole home looks very warming. Very nice music nook under the stairs. Sims will enjoy playing the piano there. Very nice design of the bedrooms. The teddy is cute on the kids bed!
    It is a very nice home! :)
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 6,666 Member
    Meadow Cottage collab is very lovely m'dear's all of you done an amazing job on it! <3 <3 <3
  • masajomasajo Posts: 3,829 Member
    Meadow Cottage is such an amazing collaboration, beautiful work all round, what a fantastic project :)
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,082 Member

    Thanks very much @rosemow , @BreeMiles and @masajo . It was fun to work together and challenging to try to replicate this home and grounds. Appreciate your support and comments, hugs :D
  • anonymoleratanonymolerat Posts: 15 Member
    Okay so I already happy-flailed extensively over in the main DNA thread, but I wanted to leave a comment for you here too, now that I’ve had a chance to explore the lot in-game.

    @soocoolsim, the landscaping is utterly perfect! All the details and little touches are so wonderful - the swing on the tree, the bird tables and birdbath, the picnic table and chairs under the weeping birch, the extra chairs in the shed/summer house... And the ponds, I am in love with the ponds! You’ve really captured the atmosphere and personality of the whole garden and grounds; it feels like I’m looking at all of my childhood summers, pulled right out of my memory. <3

    Also, aside from my personal nostalgia and excitement about the accuracy, I’m just generally impressed by how natural-looking and pretty you were able to make everything! I’ve always been completely hopeless at landscaping in every iteration of the sims, it’s the aspect I dislike the most, so I sincerely admire your skills. :P
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    My pleasure @anonymolerat and thanks for the compliment. Landscaping is my fav thing to do and I have fun with terrain paint. I'm fine with creating building shells but not as keen on interior design so collaborating with my teammates was a perfect match. Talking about landscaping... the patio pond was done by @romagi1 as well as the swing and 'big tree', sundial and bird bath. Did you see the little 'birds' near the birdhouse in the paddock :D
  • anonymoleratanonymolerat Posts: 15 Member
    @sooocoolsim The little dragons! Yes! I was so excited when I discovered them. Absolutely genius. My grandma was an avid birdwatcher, so she would definitely have approved. ;) Was that your idea, or @romagi1 too? Either way, absolutely fantastic work from all three of you. I love that you decided to collab so you each got to do your favourite parts. And I love that @Sandraelle went all-out with the interior furnishing, putting in so many wonderful details, which I wasn't even expecting! :D

    By the way, @romagi1, what's the 'pointer' on the sundial made out of? For some reason it's not showing up in my game (the pedestal is there, just not the pointer on top). I have MOO on and everything else looks fine, just that one thing missing, strangely. Doesn't matter too much, it's close enough regardless, but if I know what object you used I'll try to add it back in myself. :)
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    @anonymolerat, Are not those dragon birds just adorable!?!?! All the birds are @soocoolsim. And she is too modest, she had all the plants by the pond I just added the water and a few plants by the patio edge. We love the collabs because we can each do our fav part but we do plenty of bouncing ideas off each other. With all the times we sent this lot to whomever had time that day and the many emails about ideas on how to reproduce some of the items, I’m pretty sure that each one of us had our fingers in each part of the collab! LOL

    On the sundial, I know it’s a boat and I’m pretty sure it came with Generations but I’m not in game right now to check for sure. All of it just needs to be re-colored with a metal and shouldn't need MOO so I am surprised that it's not there but an easy fix. :)

    So so happy that you are pleased with the end results! :D

    Edit: If you go to the collections folder and click on the Generations icon you will find the toy boat called "Model of the Patchwork Dandy". That's the one you need. :)
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  • anonymoleratanonymolerat Posts: 15 Member
    @romagi1 Awesome, thank you! I thought it looked like a boat in the pictures but wasn't sure. No idea why it's not shown up for me, but no worries, I shall add it back in. :)

    Heh, I love the mental image of you emailing back and forth to discuss the minutiae of the far-too-many photos I supplied! You clearly work together really well, because it definitely came out perfect all round. <3
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 3,794 Member

    Meadow Cottage is absolutly gorgeous! I love the design. The contrast between the white walls and brick looks wonderful. Awesome collaboration work <3 Well done @soocoolsim , @Sandraelle and @romagi1 !
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,601 Member
    Wow! You guys did an awesome job! I like how you were able to make the roof line appear on the inside. I grew up in a farmhouse. While I hated the caved in walls in my bedroom, its at least an accurate depiction of what you might find.
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  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,082 Member

    Thanks very much @60smusicluvr . We really appreciate your comments and support. Hope you’re having a good day today :)
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    @soocoolsim, Excellent work with Rocking Horse Farm (Love that name)! Your creation is spot on to the inspiration pic! Beautifully laid out and decorated interiors. Love all the horses throughout the home, in the adorable kids rooms and the 'rocking horse' in the nursery. So cute! Your landscaping is Superb, as always! <3

    Oh My Gosh! What a Fabulous collaboration by you three Awesome ladies!
    romagi1, the shell is Gorgeous! Love the mix of white with the darker brick. The out buildings are all so very Cool! B)
    Sandraelle, the interiors are Beautifully done! Love the cozy feel of the whole home. The window ledge in the sunroom is so pretty! Especially love your mooed piano and those awesome angled ceilings upstairs. SO wish we could do that in S4!!
    @soocoolsim, your landscaping is a dream! Gorgeous walkways, drive and the gardens... Just so Gorgeous! I especially love the one off the back of the main house. That little pond tucked in there is so cool.

    Fantastic work ladies!! <3 <3 <3

    Got both of these beauties Rec'd and Fave'd :blush:

    EDIT: Just wanted to take off the "@" for Rox and Sandy, so I can cut/paste this in their own threads. :wink:
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  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,601 Member
    Just wanted to let you know, I am SO looking forward to seeing the finished product for trashbinsouvenir's DNA request. From the little I've seen, it looks absolutely stunning! :heart_eyes: I am definitely downloading it as soon as it hits the exchange. :lol:
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