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The Sims 2 Castaway Earthquakes

In TS2 Castaway on PS2, when do people have earthquakes? I've played this game a few times (it's my favourite console Sims game) and experienced earthquakes before, but in this new game I'm playing, I haven't had a single earthquake so far. I know there's one when you repair the ceremonial forge and uncover Crystal Island, but what about the random ones? I bet the next time I play I'll probably have one out of the blue which will frighten me to death. When do you have earthquakes in your Castaway games?


  • emmaningemmaning Posts: 3,407 Member
    When the remote begins to vibrate. Dualshock2 should take care of it if you're using a remote like this one:
    If it says dualshock2 on the back then it's probably gonna vibrate. This is where I'm referring to:
    (The dual shock tag is located in the same place on all dual shock remotes)

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  • ChangkraChangkra Posts: 155 Member
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but is there a way to turn items around to face a different direction in the Wii version of this game?
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