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Makenna Lasalle's Journey...A new story

KitDragonFlightKitDragonFlight Posts: 6,219 Member
Hello there! I see you've stumbled upon my lil' humble story/thread thing! Welcome! So this story is going to star Makenna Lasalle, and her journey into a place familiar, yet strange, because she knows no one! Who knows where it will go? This is a story about self-exploration, learning, acceptance, and remembrance. Embracing the unnatural, and eventually, the Supernatural (come on EA!). Mysteries lie around every corner, and where it will go, no one knows, but one thing's for sure, it's Makenna's adventure, and it's hers to tell!

So welcome everyone!

Entries/Chapters/I'll figure it out (eventually!)
One Moment There, the Next Here
Social Visits
Getting By
Welcome to The Starving Arteeest’s School!
The First Student
The Plan
In Action
Something Amiss
Going Through Life
Toilets and Stars
Murder, He Said

Cade Lasalle's Family Rotation

Jim Lasalle
This Thing Called Life

Song Shorts:
Somethin' Bad
Ex’s and Oh’s
Gerudo Valley by Taylor Davis
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