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Spa Day Bugs

I've seen a couple of posts about Spa Day having caused game bugs and my game seems to have gone the same way... but it's not just one thing. It's all of the things.

1. My game stops working sometimes when I travel to other lots, especially in Granite Falls - so no vacation time for my Sims!

2. My friends don't stay friends for long... and my romances never even get off the ground. Even with regular social interactions, some sims just totally lose their relationships with one another the second they leave the lot. It's very frustrating.

3. The game has started to freeze and lag which never happened before, and it is nothing to do with mods or extra content or anything as I have nothing extra installed and my laptop is in tip-top condition.

And finally... in my gallery I cannot see whether people have downloaded my content and likewise I cannot see new content.

Are any of these problems easily fixed? I really like the Spa Day EP and I'd hate to have to uninstall it...
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