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Hi and welcome everyone visiting, I am an Australian who has been playing sims since the very first and loving it. I never really did much building until Sims 4 and I never used the forums until Sims 4 and wow was I missing out.
I have really got into the competitions and learning a lot from them. I was mainly only using the Aussie forums other than for competitions until now and thought I would share my progress with you all here to.
I have made some amazing friends on this forum and I can't imagine not having them in my life to chat to now, but in saying that I've also met some not so nice people to. My advice ignore the bad and cherish the good :).

Please feel free to comment and any positive or negative feedback is welcome as it will all help me to improve. When I started everything was always just square and very boring looking so I have challenged myself to improve. I hope you all like what I have been creating.

My Sims Showcase thread: Cbear's Sim's Showcase

All my builds can be found under my Origin ID: cbear1313
Twitter: cbear1313
My Blog: Cbear's Sims 4

I run my own building competitions please check them out and have a bit of fun:
There is 3 parts to the Quality Control Contests
Quality Control Contest (bi-weeky, fortnightly)
Quality Control Monthly Contest
QC Create A Room Contest (Weekly)

If your new to building or competitions you should check out my Quality Control Practice Challenges thread for handy tips and feedback

I run a thread called SimCom with some lovely ladies and friends on here, it is a community thread and highly interactive so check it out: SimCom

I also run a newspaper where I interview simmers in the community its called The Simformer, formally I was doing them for The Gazette thread but I merged my interviews with SimCom.
The Simformer



Recently I have really got interested in the Sim storytelling and after chatting to my close friend @lisa17ann we decided to start our first legacies, I've also posted all the rules and guidelines that we are playing by and we hope you will join us to because we are having loads of fun. It's called The Starborn Legacy and we invite anyone to come join in.
Check it out here: The Starborn Legacy

The cheats I use when building are:

Some useful play cheats:
Careers.promote X (X being career name)
Stats.set_skill_level major_X 10 (X being skill name e.g. handiness)


Majestic Oasis Apartments Gallery Link
More pics here


Royale Receptions Gallery Link
More pics here


My Asian Inspiration Gallery Link
More pics here


13 Eccentric Way Gallery Link

Oasis Springs High School Gallery Link
More pics here


Asian Persuasion Gallery Link
More pics here


Teen Girls Room Gallery Link

Colorful Inspiration Gallery Link
More pics here


Ruins Secret Garden Gallery Link
More pics here


The Shamrock Gallery Link
More pics here


Stellar Lounge Gallery Link
More pics here


Strikers Gallery Link
More pics here

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