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Short Story Challenges: October: So Spooky

Carewren123Carewren123 Posts: 2,658 Member
I thought it would be fun to start up a community writing challenge here on the forums. I've seen building challenges, cc challenges, and maybe even some screenshot challenges. I think it's time for the storytellers to get in on the fun.

Everyone is invited to participate in these upcoming writing challenges. It doesn't matter if you've been a writer your whole life or if you're just starting out. I promise a welcoming thread for everyone!

General Guidelines:
  • New "theme" is announced on the 1st of every month.
  • Submissions must be in the form of a "short story".
  • You have the whole month to write and submit your short story.
  • Entries can be anywhere from 500-1500 words and contain anywhere from 1- 12 Sims-game screenshots. You can use a mix of Sims pictures and non-sims pictures, but you must use at least one picture you take in one of the Sims games. (Check the 2nd post - The post with the current theme - For any special rules/exceptions each month)
  • You can write your submission on your blog or on a forum thread.
  • To enter just post a message with a link to your submission for that month.
  • You can use any Sims from any and all Sims games for these challenges even if you already use them in another story.
  • At the end of the month we will all vote to pick a winner for that month. Voting will be open for 4-5 days after the end of each month. (The link to vote will be posted each time.)
  • You may write more than one story each month, but you must select only one for submission into the challenge.

If you participate in a challenge you feel free to display the banner below in your forum signature, blog, etc.


Click here to download the participant banner.

There will also be banners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place specific for each month. This way you can display a collection of them if you eventually win more than one challenge :)

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