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The (Hopefully) 100 Sim Adoption Challenge!! - updated 24th May



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    Entry #28: (Children #41-45)

    Wow, it’s been busy here! After Chloe and Terence moved in with Faith and Ocean (until they can afford their own place), we ended up with FIVE - that's right, FIVE - new arrivals!!! And they’re all related.

    Firstly, we got twins Erica (blonde hair, genius and heavy sleeper) and Miranda (auburn hair, easily impressed and heavy sleeper) Lancaster, who were born here in Lucky Palms. Their mother, Lola, had these two late in life after having an affair with a married man. The mother had quite the reputation around town, and when the twins were only two years old, ran off with another man and left the girls to the mercy of child services, who brought them to us.




    At the same time, Lola’s eldest daughter Lina, who was only eighteen but already living with a man old enough to be her grandfather, had an affair with a young man and fell pregnant with triplets! Because the children weren’t the offspring of her older boyfriend, she handed them over to her mother after they were born. No wonder Lola took off if she had to look after five children under the age of two! Lina gave up custody of the children, as did the biological father, and so the triplets ended up here as well.

    Quinton: (clumsy and athletic)


    Elena: (artistic genius)


    Jasmine: (genius and athletic)


    So the twins are actually half-aunts to the triplets! Talk about confusing!

    Jeremy was a really big help with the influx of kids! I wish I had a picture of him but I seemed to have misplaced it somewhere! (I’ll add it if I find it).

    Not long after we got the five toddlers, we had some temporary children. Anthony Hudson (who was in the picture with Jeremy) and his twin sister, Tiffany, plus a cute little boy named Joseph Shaw.


    Lillian had a dance recital and won a trophy for best dancer; she was so proud! Michael had a badging ceremony on the same night; he earned quite a few badges too!

    We also looked after London’s boy, Wyatt, a few times before he aged into a child. Look at those big eyes!


    At one stage, we had nine toddlers to look after! Those were some hectic days!!!!
    LtoR: Quinton, Elena, Tiffany, Jasmine, Anthony, Erica, Miranda, Joseph (being bathed), and Wyatt at the xylophone.

    Paris’s children aged into teens. M.ollie is just a lovely girl and obviously takes after her father more in looks, whereas Dante looks more like his mother.


    And then the day finally came! I became an aunt!!!!!!!!! (sorry about the exclaimation marks but I was so excited!) Faith gave birth to triplets :)

    River, who is a mersim with his father’s colouring but Mum’s eye colour.

    Lake, who takes after Faith completely.

    And Ariel, who has Faith’s hair colour, Ocean’s skin and eye colour, and is a mersim too!

    Aren’t they all cute?? :)

    Evelyn and Star adopted another boy, William, who is also a fairy. Hopefully he gets along well with his new brother!

    We had two birthdays in a row. Erica seemed to become more neurotic as a child, while Miranda doesn’t like being seen in a state of undress.


    Lillian and Michael aged into teens. Lillian, who is going to be a handful with her flirtiness, headed straight for the Laser-Rhythm-a-con which no-one had used before. Whereas as Michael (who has the typical teen grumpiness) is thrilled he can finally use the athletic equipment :)




    Oooh, I almost forgot - Valiant and Piper are expecting a baby! I’m going to be an auntie again… sort of :) All these babies are making me clucky. Hopefully, stand by for an announcement from me any day…

    (I didn’t originally know all about the Lancasters until I adopted the toddlers, and then I looked them up on the Sims wikia. Wow, what a story playing out there. Lina, the daughter, has a LTW of Gold Digger, but somehow got pregnant to someone other than the elder she is living with! Because I have a higher fertility mod in my game, instead of just single children, she ended up with triplets and her mother with twins. I had to laugh at it all :)

    I couldn’t believe that Faith had triplets too! And two are mersims, so that will be interesting for them. I just hope they don’t die of dehydration since I’m not looking after them.

    Next time, more birthdays, the first child to get into trouble at school, plenty of birthdays, and - depending on how many photos I have in the update - Constance’s first pregnancy :)

    Skills: Lillian - logic (potions); Michael - writing
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    Whooo! So many babies...
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    Whooo! So many babies...

    I know! That was a bit of a 'whoops!' moment :). The twins and two of the triplets had turned up at day care, so I adopted them all plus the missing triplet, and forgot that the next day, I would have four more toddlers arrive! Fortunately, Erica and Miranda aged up in only a couple of days, making things a little more manageable :)
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    I think I'm going to have to put this challenge on hiatus. I'm just not motivated to continue it at the moment, and I can't even do the next couple of updates because I've lost my notebook. I still have all the pictures but no notes and no gossip because they were all in my notebook. I hope to get back to finishing this some day, especially as I want to see how Constance's children turn out, but I just can't at the moment.

    Thank you to all my readers for your support :).
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    As I said on Sims and Friends, I'm sorry to hear that, Maya. :(
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    This is a wonderful idea- can't wait to keep reading :)
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    I know this is on hiatus, but do you plan on continuing it? I stumbled upon it tonight, and its my favorite story on here!
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    I remember doing this in the Sims 2 - having a female sim, getting her to top of career then adopting a daughter to carry on with. I was unlocking each career reward
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    Thanks for the inspiration! :) will try this for Sims 4!
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