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The (Hopefully) 100 Sim Adoption Challenge!! - updated 24th May


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    @ChallengeGreatlyAccepted - poor Fawn, first being adopted by the Goodfellows and then immediately being stolen by you :lol:
  • Ahaaaa I am oh so evil! When I restart I'll try to get Fawn after I get these two tots I created first... One I created and then the other is his vampire twin that my brother wanted. :p
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    I think I might restart and post pics on my own thread since as of now I'm only 3 kids in. I'm in Moonlight Falls in a renovated version of one of the mansions. :)

    Okay, sound good :). Post a link here when you're ready. I haven't played in Moonlight Falls yet but I'll get around to it one of these days. If you're doing the day care part as well, don't go above level 3. That's when the toddlers stop coming, so you'll want to stay below that. Of course, if you only want a couple of toddlers at a time, stay at level 1 :).

    I don't know what happened one day but I ended up with 10 toddlers in the house! Four of them had come in for day care, I adopted one and then found out he had a twin sister so I had to adopt her as well, and I already had five toddlers in the house!! That was a hectic day :).
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    Entry #14:

    It’s wonderful to see the children playing with each other.


    Time for the next lot of young adult birthdays! Jude and Arthur couldn’t be more different now. Jude is a little overweight but he doesn’t mind and neither does Riana, who is now officially his girlfriend. But just the same, he’s decided to become a vegetarian and eat more healthily. He’s planning on entering the business career but I have the feeling that a lot of spare time will be taken up with chess.

    Arthur, on the other hand, is very ambitious and he is really quite the charmer. Surprisingly though, he has no steady girlfriend. He is going into journalism as his ambition is to be a news anchor.

    Their graduation ceremony was cancelled but Arthur was valedictorian, and voted Most Popular, while Jude was voted Most likely never to leave the house. Kids can be so cruel…

    Artemis had a dancing concert recently and performed very well.

    Liam has taken an interest in science. Ignore the fact that he's in his sleepwear :)

    Oh, and Marina is well on her way to learning several different instruments. This time it's the guitar.

    There have been quite a few birthdays recently. Sunni and Stefanie recently aged into children. Stefanie has decided she wants to go fishing all the time!

    While Sunni would much prefer to paint.


    Here is a picture of Apple with her potions. So far she hasn’t burnt the place down!!

    And more birthdays! Luke spends as much time as he can outdoors, while Skye has become very ambitious, aiming to learn as much as she can about fixing things.


    Possibly it’s because of so many children painting in the house but Sasha has decided that she doesn’t like art at all but enjoys writing. Hunter, on the other hand, loves painting but is a bit clumsy and tends to get the paint all over himself!


    It was Liam’s turn to take the children to the festival, and this year it was the Winter Festival. He took Reed, Apple, Sunni, Stefanie, Sasha and Hunter, and they all had a lot of fun. It was surprising to see what the children really enjoyed doing :)





    And then it was time for more birthdays! London has definitely got the hang of sculpting and he is going to continue on with it as a career.

    Paris, perhaps to go with his rock star ambitions, has become very flirty - fortunately, most of it is with his girlfriend, Renae Willow-Anderson :) I have high hopes of those two being the first to get married!

    Riana, for some reason, has become very interested in cars and has joined the police force. Her part-time job at the police station obviously didn’t put her off!

    No graduation ceremony again there (this school is getting a bit slack with that!) but Riana was valedictorian and voted Most likely to fulfil her lifetime wish (of becoming a super spy). London was voted Most Artistic, and Paris was voted Most likely to become a Rock Star.

    Jude and Riana are definitely a steady couple, and they are forever doing couple-y things together.


    And I’ll finish off with a picture of the children playing together. It’s just as well they all get along well together :)

    (Liam went to the future and came back with new clothes. That’s the first time that has ever happened in my games!

    Poor Jude… It took some doing to get him to woohoo with Riana. He wanted to, and autonomously headed off to the time machine to do it, but because he’s socially awkward, it didn’t work out :( So with a bit of my help, he finally got there!

    Sunni was majorly glitched in this part. She wouldn’t age up and wouldn’t go into CAS either. I had to end up deleting her and going into Edit Town to replace her with a child version. Things have worked much better since then.

    Fun glitch:

    None of the young adults in this entry got a graduation. I waited for a couple of days for each but nothing, so eventually I had to let them go, as you’ll see in the next entry. Not too many of the sims have had graduations, so I wonder whether that’s linked to their method of adoption…

    I think the green-skinned man in the skating picture is a Marine sim (from one of the 100 baby challenges) but I didn't write down which one. I know I have two in my game but neither have procreated yet so I haven't been too bothered with them :)

    Traits: Sunni - family orientated; Stefanie - angler; Luke - loves outdoors; Skye - ambitious; Sasha - can’t stand art; Hunter - clumsy.

    Skills: Riana - athletics.

    For downloads, see here
  • Ahhh I am so shipping the Judana! :) I have high hopes for the two. Everybody else looks gorgeaus, especially Luke!
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    Arthur and Sunni are the two I really want now. XD Thankfully, Arthur is already up for download. :)

    Just realized Sunni is a fairy. :( Now I kind of wish I had supernatural...
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    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    Ahhh I am so shipping the Judana! :) I have high hopes for the two. Everybody else looks gorgeaus, especially Luke!

    Thank you :) Yes, Riana and Jude are lovely together :) I can tell you that some of your hopes will be realised but since SP seems to be playing up a little, not all of your hopes! I love Luke too :D
    Arthur and Sunni are the two I really want now. XD Thankfully, Arthur is already up for download. :)

    Just realized Sunni is a fairy. :( Now I kind of wish I had supernatural...

    That's okay, sometimes I overlook the wings too :) But she'll look just as good without. But on the other hand, that's good incentive to go get Supernatural :)

    Arthur has turned out very well. He and Jude are very much alike apart from colouring and the fact that Jude has more weight.
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    Entry #15: (children #23-25)

    The place feels a little quiet with five of our family moving out. London and Paris moved in with Evelyn and her wife, Star. Jude, Arthur and Riana all moved in with Deidre Culp, who wanted some company. I do hope that Jude and Riana stay committed to each other, and the same with Paris and his girlfriend, Renae. I would like some ‘grandbabies’ at some point :)

    Here is Reed’s painting. He definitely has some skill!

    Artemis has gone for something a little different…

    Whereas I don't know what came over me for this one :)

    And, as you all probably except, there were some more birthdays!! Firstly Josiah and Rosie officially became adults!! Although Josiah has come to love the great outdoors, he is still keen to become a film director, so Tessa put a good word for him down at the studio and he got a job. Luckily, he is willing to put in the hard work to reach his dream.

    Rosie is still determined to master as many instruments as possible. She can already play the piano and drums to a high quality but she has plans for more! So she got a job in the theatre and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up as a famous musician one day!


    The twins moved in with Astrid Petridge after graduation. Josiah was voted Most Likely to Burn Down the House (I hope not!!!) and Rosie was voted Most Likely to Be a Rock Star.

    Then it was time for Apollo and Artemis to become teens! Apollo’s eccentricity has definitely made itself known because he has decided that technology is bad. As far as I can tell, he never even watches television any more!

    And Artemis wants to collect as many animals as possible!

    She has a unique sense of style:

    She has already found a tortoise, which she named Zeus, and a chincilla called Shadow.


    Not too long after this, I heard that Tessa and Josiah had started dating. All Tessa would say about Davy, her ex-boyfriend, was that they just weren’t compatible any more. Arthur has been promoted in his new job, and so has Minzi! It’s good to see the children doing so well as adults :)

    Faith has decided that she wants to learn the drums. I think maybe she should stick with cooking :)

    Justice really, really hates homework!

    Sasha likes practising soccer in the snow!

    And Apollo wants to be athletic... but isn't :)

    Liam is really doing well in his career, with his sculptures now selling for around $800 simoleons or more!

    We got some new arrivals! Dusty Bernstein, who seems to be an excitable genius :) He picks up skills easily, and is a lovely child who could almost pass for being related to Liam with his colouring.



    Then we got twins Peppermint and Candy Cane. Peppermint is a good boy who loves the cold, and Candy is somewhat absent-minded and clumsy (which I hope she’ll grow out of!).




    And on a final note, I'm pregnant again! Liam and I decided that we would have one more child and that will be it. So I'll be keeping healthy and the baby should arrive before Hope and Faith become adults :)

    ( Rosie and Josiah are available for download from the first page on this thread :)

    Arthur’s promotion came one day after he left - talk about ambitious! He is also the first one to get promoted out of the orphanage kids.

    Letizia glitched whenever I tried to use the ‘Tell Tale’ action so I had to abandon it. The toddlers would go over to her but she would just freeze in place. What a nuisance! On the upside, Letizia completed her LTW of mastering painting and writing! When the toddlers are busy playing, she has been working on those skills and finally completed the writing one!!!!!

    This is when I decided that being on Level 4 wasn’t worth it. I only got one toddler, then several children after school, which wasn’t very helpful! Add the glitch to that, and it’s no wonder I went back to Level 3!

    Dusty is the son of Windy Bernstein and Atlas Shore, the latter of whom belongs to @princess2109. Candy is a sim born in Dragon Valley to parents that I can't remember and I thought she was cute enough to save, and I don't remember how I made Peppermint.

    Apollo went time travelling but I accidentally cut it short so he only got to meet Marie Curie and go on the Oregon Trail… oops :) Oh, and every birthday so far, he has aged up like this:

    Skills: Arthur, Josiah & Ocean - athletics; Faith - cooking; Rosie - piano; Letizia - writing

    Traits: Josiah - loves outdoors; Rosie - ambitious; Artemis - animal lover; Apollo - technophobe.
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    Apollo and the new twins :heart: I have a couple questions about CC for you!
    Where are Skye, Apple, Apollo and Artemis' hairs from?
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    Apollo and the new twins :heart: I have a couple questions about CC for you!
    Where are Skye, Apple, Apollo and Artemis' hairs from?

    Thank you :)

    Apollo's is a lapisrazuli hair called Djinn and Apple's is here. Skye's is Newsea's Miku hairstyle (which you can get retextured or not, and I can't find who I used), and Artemis' is Peggy's October '12 Gift, retextured by Anubis. I tend to go for retextures because they're better with multi-colours :)

    I've been slowly trying to find the links to my cc clothing and hair but it's a hard job!!
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    Dusty is adorable. I'd love to have him now! And Candy... :3

    Maybe not right now, but I'd love to see some drama between some of the kids. :3
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    Dusty is adorable. I'd love to have him now! And Candy... :3

    Maybe not right now, but I'd love to see some drama between some of the kids. :3

    I don't think I have Dusty saved to the bin yet but I'll have to check and see. Candy, I do, but as a toddler. They'll get uploaded eventually :)

    The kids all get along surprisingly well! There's the odd fairy prank like chattering teeth, but I don't think I've seen very many negative symbols around the place whenever I allow them free time. Maybe I'll have to get Hunter (I think) to fulfil his wish of kissing one of the girls and see what results :)

    So you don't want adult drama like Letizia and Liam going to a party and autonomously woohoo-ing in their hosts' bed? :D I don't know why, but my sims do this all the time!!! I can't leave them alone for one minute!!
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    XD Lol, that'd be cool too, but I don't know if that's quite appropriate for this thread. :3 And yeah, have "Kiss De Girl" playing in the background from Little Mermaid... That'd be cool. :3
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    XD Lol, that'd be cool too, but I don't know if that's quite appropriate for this thread. :3 And yeah, have "Kiss De Girl" playing in the background from Little Mermaid... That'd be cool. :3

    Okay :) You might have to wait a little bit - I am at least a week ahead in game play to my updates! But I can promise you some drama in the next update. I didn't remember until after I replied to your post, but there was a very dramatic event that happened not long after the latest set of twins arrived and it really made me panic!!! No pics, but I'll try to convey the panic anyway :)

    My sims are really boring :) All of them get along very well, although there are a few fairy pranks and stuff. I'll have to start making stuff up :)
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    Lol, yeah - like a couple fights, or jealousy of the other kids from one kid, maybe an evil kid... :3 can't wait to read it!
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    Entry #16:

    Well, we had quite the drama not too long ago! Remember how Marina and Ocean are mersims? Obviously, they need plenty of water to survive, which means that they love our swimming pool. But one night, Marina hadn’t done enough swimming to stay hydrated and she collapsed on the bedroom floor!!!

    By the time one of the children had alerted me and I had grabbed a bucket of water and then run upstairs, she was very pale and barely breathing! I tipped the bucket of water over her, which fortunately had the effect of reviving her enough to get her downstairs and into the pool where she could recover. We were all much more diligent after that because no-one wanted Marina, or Ocean, to die!

    I think I forgot to mention in my last entry that Riana and Jude were having a baby! Well, they ended up having twins! Florence and Jayson, both of whom are very cute. They seem to favour Jude’s looks, especially Jayson who looks just like his father, but Florence has more of her mother’s colouring.


    And did I mention that I was pregnant again? Liam was very excited when I told him but I felt like a whale towards the end :)


    Before our babies were born though, I met up with Riana to congratulate her. No wedding bells on the horizon but at least she and Jude are living under the same roof.

    In terms of gossip, Rosie has started dating Bruce Chesterfield, who is old enough to be her grandfather! I shouldn’t judge where people find love though; if it’s true love, it’s true love. And Evelyn has been promoted in her medical career, which is wonderful :)

    And then it was time for my twins to grow up :( They were very happy but I must admit, I was a little - all right, a lot - reluctant to see them become adults.

    Hope has grown up to be a perfectionist, something that will stand her in good stead as a private investigator.

    And Faith is showing so much promise as a chef, that she immediately went out and got a job at one of the local restaurants.

    Their graduation day was beautiful and sunny. Hope was Valedictorian and was voted Most Popular, while Faith was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World. How she is going to do that from the kitchen, I don’t know :)





    Then later that day, while some of the children went fishing (without changing out of their formal clothes!!!)…

    …I was going into labour!

    Meet my beautiful triplets:


    and Constance

    They were greeted enthusiastically by the rest of the family.



    And it wasn’t long before they were toddlers, which was when their personalities started to make themselves more known.
    Noble is easily impressed by things but is very grumpy when he doesn’t get his own way. He is also a mini-me :)



    Loyal hates going outside but loves running around the place. His colouring makes him a mini-Liam and if it wasn’t for the colouring, he would be identical to Noble :)




    Constance can sleep through her brothers’ crying or chattering, and she is friendly to everyone. Her hair is the same as my father’s, while the rest of her colouring is the same as Liam’s.



    They really love playing with each other.


    And to finish off with, one last birthday. Dusty became a child and decided that he didn't like art, so he practises with the potion set whenever he can.


    (I meant to have this posted last night but something came up. Fortunately, I was able to finish it today :) If I can, I’ll get another post up mid-week because I am seriously behind where I am in my game play!

    As promised, a bit of drama to start off the post! That was seriously a bad moment when I realised that Marina was dangerously dehydrated and I thought she was going to die! It’s good how you can just splash water on them and they’re right again :)

    Hope and Faith are up for download on the first page.

    When the triplets were born, I couldn’t believe it - one with Letizia’s colouring, one with Liam’s, and one with mostly Liam’s but the generic brown hair (which, incidentally, does match Letizia’s father’s hair). I wish Constance had got red hair though; that would have been an interesting combination.

    Luke gained an extra trait through learning science, so he is now perceptive.

    Skills: Sasha, Justice & Stefanie - writing; Skye - handiness; Apple - potions/logic
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    I am calling, calling out. Spirits I am calling.
    To be with you longer...
    Watch in awe, heavenly glory.
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    Well, I haven't played this challenge over the weekend but don't worry, I do have an update because as I said, I'm waaaaaay ahead! I've been trying out an experimental ISBI to see whether I can relinquish control of sims to actually attempt the challenge properly. So far I've been doing okay but there's been some annoyances, like the father putting all the toddlers to bed because he was going to bed, and my sim had to take them all back out again because they were nowhere near sleepy!! And the children who won't stop exercising to go to school!!
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    Entry #17: (Children #26-27)

    I suppose it was inevitable: Hope and Faith had to move out some time! They pooled their money and got a lovely little house called "Solitary Haven" not too far down the road from us.

    We briefly had no toddlers (apart from the triplets) when Peppermint and Candy aged into children. Peppermint is a very serious boy, while Candy has grown somewhat... shall we say, eccentric?


    They spend a lot of time together - Candy wants to invent a time machine while Peppermint just wants to mix chemicals together!!


    Tessa has achieved a promotion, which is wonderful! And she is now dating Dennis Chesterfield, who I think is the son of Bruce, whom Rosie is dating! Hmm, family lunches might be a bit interesting at the Chesterfield place! Speaking of Rosie, she got a promotion too.

    Luke is a wonderful help around the house, and gets along well with all the children.

    Before long, it was Justice's turn to grow up! My baby boy, now fully grown :( Surprisingly, even though he loves writing, he decided to get a job as a chef, working alongside Faith.

    Due to the books that he had published as a teen, he was able to afford a nice house on the outskirts of town.

    Oh, I should mention that Paris has proposed to his girlfriend, Renae!! There will be wedding bells there in the future :)

    Sasha had a ballet audition and won a lead part :) She did a wonderful job on the night and we were all so proud!

    Meanwhile Stefanie, our little tomboy, had a scouting ceremony and had an impressive amount of badges to display!

    More birthdays! Reed has been spending a lot of time on the computer and has become somewhat of a computer whiz. Because he enjoys sports though, he got a part-time job at the local sports stadium. He wants to be an angler when he graduates though, and maybe even run an aquarium.

    He has a lot of interests. If he's not fishing, he's either working out or on the computer.

    Apple is our first daredevil child, game to try anything. She also got a job at the sports stadium.

    Then we had another medical emergency! This time it was Liam. One morning he was upstairs talking to one of the boys, then he felt dizzy. He went downstairs and fainted!!

    When it happened again the next day, Liam went and got checked out at the hospital. It turns out that he had really low blood pressure and we'll just have to keep an eye on that and not let him get too stressed! Hmm... we run an orphanage... I don't know how we'll keep the stress down :)

    A while later, we welcomed two new arrivals! Little Terence Colby is very smart and has no fear of anything!


    Chloe Winterly, on the other hand, loves music but seems to often forget what she was wanting to do :)


    And finally, Artemis' love of animals has inundated us with creatures! She has been bringing home lots of snakes, lizards and rodents, most of which have had to be sold or set free again. I stay well away from the reptiles :)

    It's a slightly shorter update than usual but I didn't want to put too many birthday posts in the one entry. Next time, you'll get to see Ocean and Marina age into adults, and how their scales change :)

    Artemis completed her LTW of collecting 20 minor pets! I can't remember whether I said but Justice has also completed his. Justice is already up for download on the first page.

    Liam worried me so much when he fainted! There was no reason for it. He's not a coward, he was in the green, and nothing happened that I could tell that would make him pass out! But he did, going all the way downstairs to do it! And then the next day, he fainted in the same spot again! He hasn't done it since but it was really weird :)

    Skills: Marina - guitar; Reed - painting; Ocean - gardening.
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    Oh my goodness, I LOVE APPLE'S HAIR!!!!! And I love the story so far. :3
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    Oh my goodness, I LOVE APPLE'S HAIR!!!!! And I love the story so far. :3

    Thank you :) I'm trying to inject a little more drama just for you :)

    Apple's hair or hairstyle? I like the hairstyle a lot, and the hair colours are pretty. In fact, I used Apple (in male form) in my experimental game over the weekend and out of the ten children (yes, twins, then two sets of quads... whoops!), six of them have that red hair!! So it is a pretty dominant colour, I think :)
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    Both. :3
    ~Open your mind before your mouth~
    Yes, I'm still working on my stories. But I am restarting them (again). Links will come when they're up. :)
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    Update out tomorrow evening. Ran out of time to do it today!!

    And I have a slight problem with my new computer. My C: drive only has 107GB on it and only 10 of those are free. My sims stuff is all in D drive, which has around 900GB on it, and I don't use this computer for anything else, so I don't know how the smaller drive can be filling up! But it may explain the pauses that I've experienced in the game over the weekend...
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    Entry #18: (Children #29-31)

    Well, our little mermaids finally grew up! Ocean, like Apollo, is not happy about technology, which might make his job of being a doctor a little difficult! And his scales have finally changed colour. They are now a lovely blue-and-green combination; they don't match his hair nearly as well though :)

    Marina has decided to follow a career in music, given how well she can play the guitar. Her scales have turned into a lovely blue-purple combination.

    They moved into a house with some friends.

    Soon after, we got a new set of twins. Jeremy and Jaylin Peacock. Jeremy is somewhat clumsy but he also likes creating sculptures. Jaylin loves being outside but she is also pretty lazy and prefers to spend her time sitting and playing whatever is closest.




    Apollo is a big help come bedtime.

    We had a busy time there for a while with ten toddlers!! What with my triplets, Jeremy and Jaylin, Terence and Chloe, we also had Kermit Summers (blue hair) for a while, and I have also been looking after Jude and Riana's children as well. Things got rather hectic :)

    Stefanie and Dusty occasionally have 'ruler-offs', which is amusing to watch :)

    The triplets love their imaginary friend toys. So much so, they insist that they are real. Kids have such a wonderful imagination, don't they?

    And yet another new arrival! Leilani 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸, who has the most colourful hair I have ever seen! She seems to be very brave but hates going outside.



    Then it was time for my babies to grow into children! Loyal has decided that now that he's older, he doesn't have to pick up his clothes or toys. That got old very quickly!

    Noble has become somewhat of a daredevil and he loves dressing up.


    Whereas Constance has become more ambitious and wants to be the best painter ever!

    The boys have decided they wanted to be writers.

    Hunter graduated from scouts with plenty of badges :)

    Time for gossip! Faith and Ocean are going steady! I have to admit, I didn't see that relationship coming :) Justice and Marina are apparently dating but I don't know whether that will last. Oh, and Skye got a promotion! You may recall that she got a job in the police force, so it's wonderful that she's doing so well!

    And I'll finish with a massive amount of birthdays! First up, Sunni became a teen and was immediately onto learning the guitar. And the piano. I think she's becoming a bit of a workaholic :)



    Next was Stefanie, who has become a typical teen and is very dramatic about everything! Look at those pixie ears!!

    Then Terence, who loves playing outdoors but also enjoying the block table.

    And finally Chloe, who has decided she loves animals and wants to get as many animals as possible. That isn't going to happen!


    Up next time: Ten teenagers and Prom night!!!

    (Not a lot of news from this update. As much as I enjoyed having them, coping with mermaids was very hard and I'm glad Ocean and Marina have moved out! They can be downloaded here.

    Nearly one third of the way there! I'm thinking of letting Constance take over when she reaches adulthood because I'm running out of skills for Letizia and Liam to master :) And I'll get to do some romance stuff :) What do you, the readers, think?

    Skills: Luke - science; Dusty - logic; Sunni - painting.
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