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Is there an India world out there anywhere?

17mars17mars Posts: 263 Member
I have so much Indian content. It seems a shame not to have a full world for it to go in. Any India worlds out there?


  • jje10001jje10001 Posts: 86 Member
    There is one (semi-India-semi-fantasy) world being worked on now:
  • 17mars17mars Posts: 263 Member
    Thanks for the link. I do wish there was something specifically Indian though.
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,434 Member
    I would love an india world! If I knew a little more about India I would build it...I have always wanted to go there in RL. Maybe you could post some pictures here of what you imagine this India world to look like? A modern india or ancient or a mix? We certainly have enough store stuff to make it happen as well as the mother russia set. You know, you could always make one of the world we have into an india world by removing most of the homes and putting India style homes in it. I would use a world that has palm trees, because I think india is mostlly tropical?

  • 17mars17mars Posts: 263 Member
    That would be wonderful if you decided to give it a try! (I've been enjoying your Cobblestone world!) I was mostly envisioning a modern India - thinking in terms of buildings and homes. I hadn't given much thought to the landscape.
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,434 Member
    Okay, well if you want to help me out by sharing some pictures and then I will get started on it! I can build a large world but large cities don't run very well on my laptop. For examble there is a beautiful world called Tokyoko that I love but it lags horribly. Also my Oz lags a bit, I think it is because of the high rise buildings with elevators. Elevators seem to be glitchy. An Indian village might run better.
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,434 Member
    I'm looking at Agra, India. That is where the Taj Mahal is located. I figure nobody wants India without the Taj Mahal!
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,434 Member
    Goa looks great if you want beaches :)
  • 17mars17mars Posts: 263 Member
    The Taj Mahal sort of feel is exactly what I was looking for - with perhaps a village area. I don't have any hard and fast ideas. India is such a huge country with different regions. But something with a Taj Mahal-like lot, some lesser sized and lesser granduer India-decorated homes for my sims and a few "poor" homes would be perfect. I'm not super picky beyond that.
  • SimKeatsSimKeats Posts: 2,145 Member
    I would think looking for a Taj Mahal looking lot and adding it to a city like Setra would probably work for you?
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,434 Member
    I found a couple of Taj Mahal builds on the exchange and there is a CC build set at sims resource that looks perfect. I agree with SimKeats, making over a town like Setra would really be the easiest thing at this point. I may still build it though. I feel like making a world, just need to get some more ideas.
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,434 Member
    edited February 2019
    Hey guys, well i finally got this started. So far so good. I downloaded the Taj Mahal set from TSR and decided to use the world adventures china map for my india world. The world is modeled somewhat after Agra, India but is a bit more mountainous. I place the Taj Mahal lot, the garden lot and built the great gate lot and am now working on the city/village. I deleted all the lots and trees that came with the china map and will be putting in more tropical foliage. I want to have a very dusty and somewhat slummy city area, because thats what it looks like in the pictures I've googled, but I also want to include some more rural areas. The thing that stands out to me most is there seems to be a large divide between extreme poverty and luxury but the colors are amazing. Once the world is done you will need to have all the india store sets, the morrocan set and the hacienda luxury set and the mother russia set and the Venice set as I am using those quite a lot in the furnishings and of course the Taj Mahal set that is CC. Ive got most of the EP's installed but am trying to limit my builds to just the base game and world adventures. Hopefully once I upload the world it will accurately show what is needed from the EP's and the store
    Now lets see if I can find some pictures.....

  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 31 Member
    I work in an indian world
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