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AlphaFen's Attic Of Awesome


  • JemliaJemlia Posts: 234 Member
    I added these two to my game. B)

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,857 Member
    Dodger and Dash are great sims that you made and gifted to Ciane! :) They sound like fun sims to have in the game ! Dodger has very nice traits that go well together . Dash is a very cute puppy! :)
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,122 Member
    Oh my! I'm so glad I found this thread! You've had me laughing for over an hour now; your sense of humor is wonderful. (At least... I assume it's humor. Although if you're really trying to take over the world, you're going to have some competition from me. I am, after all, working to become Supreme Overlord. I even have a list of things I would do (or not do) if I ever became a Supreme Overlord.)

    I am downloading every. Single. One. Of your vampires. Oooh! What awesome vamps to have running around in my games. :D

    That mausoleum maze means that I'm going to have to go out and hunt for that mod that makes the cowplant even more evil. (And long-lived, so you don't go to that lot a few days later and find them all cowplant skeletons.) Because, you know, cowplants.
  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
    edited May 10
    Name: Nature’s Nook
    Cost: 16,498
    Lot Size: 30x30
    Reason for downloading:For Ciane as part of the Sweet Simtemper Gift Exchange
    Description: Love the natural world in a way that doesn’t involve getting too near it? Then you’ll love Nature’s Nook a modern studio starter! Made by Petra Pietersen, so she could be at one with nature without the danger of touching anything green and icky, Nature’s Nook is built with natural materials combined with bold design in order to nestle gently in the landscape. Plus it’s many floor to ceiling windows provide panoramic views of nature in all it’s glory! Warning: With only the room in the budget for two curtains your neighbours may see your nature in all it’s glory too…..

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  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    @MiaSkywalker Why thank you very much! :blush: I can't believe you've gone through the whole thing! :D I can only assume you and your little dragon friend got accidentally trapped in here >:) I'm very pleased you like my vampires and your the sort of despicable person who wants people like that in their game ;)

    As for taking over the world I take that very seriously :pensive: And I would like to point out that robot frog would beat a dragon hands (flipper things?) down B)

    I love your Supreme overload list! If only rule number 35 didn't mean that I have to shave my goatee :'(
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,857 Member
    Nature’s Nook is a very nice starter home! :) The large glass windows create a special light filled home! Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming in through the windows. The pond looks great! The bridge is a very nice touch over it. Very nice interior of the home.The flower is a pretty touch on the dining table .
    It is a very nice gift home for Ciane <3
  • JemliaJemlia Posts: 234 Member
    Beware @MiaSkywalker , @AlphaFen >:) is an awesome (in the most terrifying sense) robot frog princess, :p who will subjugate you and put your talents to work in furtherance of her dark agenda. :s Welcome to the Fen Minion Fold :D

  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    FYI: I love small lots.
    I heartily agree with this: Before employing any captured artifacts or machinery, I will carefully read the owner's manual.
    I found this extremely improbable: I will see a competent psychiatrist and get cured of all extremely unusual phobias and bizarre compulsive habits which could prove to be a disadvantage.
    THIS is perfect: Finally, to keep my subjects permanently locked in a mindless trance, I will provide each of them with free unlimited Internet access.
    Thank you for the entertaining list @MiaSkywalker!
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,122 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    Thank you for the entertaining list @MiaSkywalker!
    Yeah, I've been using that list for a long while now. Every so often I've had to Google it again because the URL changes. Don't think that's happened in a while now, though.

    I used to use, as my email sig, the following:
    Mia Skywalker, Jedi Knight, Superhero Extraordinaire, All Around Omnipotent Being, and Supreme Ruler of the Universe (who will ...)

    And randomly replace the ... with one of the rules. I was using that sig waaaay back in the days when the internet first became the internet, and actually a bit before, when it was still in the dial-up BBS stage.

    See, @AlphaFen, you're still gonna have to fight me for that Supreme Overlordship thing. I've been working on it for a while, now. Although admittedly you have a lot more minions than I do. I will NOT become a minion! Will not! Will not! Will...
    What is your will, Your Overlordshipness?

    Hey, a ginormous dragon could easily defeat a tiny robotic frog. He could melt him with his fiery breath, or step on him with his ginormous feet, or eat him for breakfast. Although that last might give him a bit of indigestion.
  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    Thank you very much for stopping by again and your attention to detail @rosemow :)

    @MiaSkywalker Overlordshipness!!? :worried: I prefer AlphaFen First of her Name, Supreme Robot Being, Queen of the Frogs, Breaker of Sims, Mother of Chaos....

    If a title isn't a full four pages long it's not a proper title B)

    Two words for your dragon: Robot lasers >:)
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  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    Name: Ava Armstrong
    Traits: Perfectionist, Artistic, Eco-friendly, Ambitious and Neat
    Skills: 2 cooking, 1 handy, 1 charisma, 1 artistic and 1 diploma from the school of the overly organized
    Funds: 16,500
    Modern Style: Minimalist Simplicity (not too minimalist, she does have clothes :*)
    Reason for downloading: For Ciane as part of the Sweet Simtemper Gift Exchange
    Backstory/blurb: Simplicity and serenity are fundamental aspects of artistic Ava Armstrong’s style and outlook on life. It’s even part of her intricate 10 year sock sorting diary But all this calm is hard to maintain, especially when other people keep getting in the way of her dream to be a top eco-friendly architect. Young Ava is so full of hopes and dreams but will her ambitions help her make the world a better place? Or will they break her? More importantly, will her socks ever get sorted!?

    Sidenote: At time of writing socks and I were having issues :*

    Outfits from left to right: Everyday, Formal, Pyjamas, Exercise, Swimming (outerwear not pictured)

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  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    Name: Peaceful Point
    Cost: 16,444
    Lot Size: 30x30
    Reason for downloading: For Ciane as part of the Sweet Simtemper Gift Exchange
    Modern Style Interior: Ikea Catalogue, Exterior: Unstable
    Description: Designed by Carlos Cortez after he suffered a pencil related breakdown this one bed starter was made to be an oasis of in your face calm. Peaceful, a word never associated with AlphaFen, represents the soft colour scheme of this quiet unassuming home. Point, an object’s pointy sharp end, represents the designer’s inability to understand basic architectural limits....just ignore the lack of roof support!! :fearful: And relax around the fireplace.... while you still can!!! :weary:

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  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    At least I remembered to move the rugs to safety before leveling this time. I did have to put the roof back on when I got done because the walls moved up, but the roof stayed down. I love this lot and have Ava moved in already. :)

    Thank you for all my gifts. I love each one of them.
  • NirvanatjeNirvanatje Posts: 35 Member
    nice like the clothes, in love with the red
  • NirvanatjeNirvanatje Posts: 35 Member
    omg this work is so good, love it :smiley:
  • NirvanatjeNirvanatje Posts: 35 Member
    I LOVE the girl with the red hair, very nice
  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    @ciane Sorry, I tested the lot and found just flattening it when placed fixed any rough edges with one click, so I was hoping you wouldn't need to do CFE again. I hope Ava enjoys her new home and finds her self a good sock drawer ;)

    Hello! @Nirvanatje Greetings new person! This is strange, normally I bribe people with :cookie: to say nice things :hushed: You've saved me thousands of pounds in cookie bills! :love: (It's possible I spend too much on cookies :* )

    Translation: Thank you very much and welcome to my thread :)
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,857 Member
    Ava and Peaceful Point are very special gifts for Ciane :) You are so very creative in your descriptions of them! It was fun reading them! The colour scheme of the starter home is nice and calming. Ava is very pretty!
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,174 Member

    You have such a way with words. I quite enjoy reading your posts :smiley:
  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    My gosh thank you very much to you both @soocoolsim and @rosemow :blush:

    SooCool (which my parent's had called me that!) Big fan of your very inventive builds! You really come up with ideas that no one else has!

    Announcement: All issues have been resolved with Nature's Nook and Peaceful Point they are now fully flat, re-uploaded and AlphaFen free <3
  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    Name: Dainty Delights
    Cost: 50,374
    Lot Size: 10x10
    Reason for downloading: Tiny House Challenge by Ciane
    Style Tiny, Twee and Tempting
    Description: They said that opening the world’s tiniest bakery was a half baked idea! Pie in the sky nonsense! Well Dainty Delights bakery rose to the challenge offering a slice of pastry paradise to all! Sample the bistro menu that earns the owner a healthy crust or two or, for the real icing on the cake, drop your little ones in the play area and enjoy a tranquil tea and scones for two on the terrace. No CC/CAP/Spawners/Overuse of cake metaphors

    As well as being stocked with baked goods every knick knack on the counters are for sale. Because sometimes greed does taste this good :yum:

    Tea on the terrace:
    Various cake eating areas: Abandon diets all ye who enter here
    Basement/Play Area:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,857 Member
    The exterior design of Dainty Delights is very nice! :) The bakery looks so very ,very pretty! Very nice blue and white colour scheme of the build. The flower beds look very pretty on the edges of the bakery. Very nice upper level terrace area for sims to enjoy dining and having a drink at the tables there and look out at the views. The layout and furnishing of the interior of the bakery looks very nice! The wall pattern adds a very nice look to the bakery. Sims will enjoy eating and drinking at the tables indoors also. It looks very nice how the glass display case and rack are stocked with food, and the counter /stove nook corner is very nice. The cookies jar, bread sticks and cakes display shelves items are very nice bakery touches there. It is very nice that there is a play area for kids in the basement.
    It is a very nice bakery for Sims to enjoy visiting !
  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
    Thank you very much for noticing all the details @rosemow ! <3 Pretty, dainty and deliciously decadent was what I was aiming for, that and a use of blue so excessive that the sky itself thinks I over did it B)
  • AlphaFenAlphaFen Posts: 1,120 Member
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    Name: Jonquille Cottage
    Cost: 22,585
    Lot Size: 20x15
    Reason for downloading: The Build-N-Share Challenge
    Theme Upcycling aka getting paint everywhere
    Description: This one bed cottage was built long ago in a time when damsels were in distress and the black death was only a mild shade of grey. With a shabby chic revamp that finally moved it on from medieval standards of health and safety, and using so much distressed panelling that the wood comes with it’s own therapist this cottage is waiting to be your new home! So whether you enjoy raising the peasantry against your local liege-lord in the spacious interior, or prefer a quiet cup of tea on the balcony while flicking cake at your churls, relax in the tranquil charms of Jonquille Cottage.

    Note: Jonquille means daffodil in French because sometimes I like being fancy :*



    Attic nook/reading room

    Living area


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  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    I will NOT overuse the word awesome. I did however click on it!

    This lot is so super outstanding! It's PURRRRfect! I really love it. The colors are so soothingly subtle. They blend well together. I like the windows that you chose and the your use of fencing and that free brick as well as the free walls inside. You made great use of the free and cheap without it seeming that way. I like that you used the roofing for walls as well. The layout and landscaping is terrific. I especially like the way you did the barn style roof and put the more expensive paneling there for accent. Your style is just right with a diagonal here and there and varied flowers for interest. I really love the color scheme and the inclusion of the pond, which has a great shape and just enough fauna. I love that soft wood color on the balcony and that brick in the bathroom. Everything is excellently laid out and I find the kitchen clutter charmingly appealing. My favorite spot is the wishing well. Nice touch!
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