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Suggestions and Feedback

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know there are a lot of threads like this, and while I realise that open world is never going to happen (which is extremely disappointing by the way), there are some suggestions I would make. Well, some better form of open world should work in theory considering worlds are much, much smaller, but the story progression issue needs to be addressed. Sims need to be procreating autonomously outside of sim homes and replenishing rather than replacing via culling, neighbourhood populations (see my comments on the ghost situation).

1. DO NOT allow the game to age, and alter other sims that exist in other saves. It was incredibly disappointing to find that while I was playing in a completely new save file in a new town, that my other sims in another save were aging, dying and moving on without my input. Users should always have full control over their created sims. Save files should NOT be usable by other save files. Leave them all separate. Do not simulate an open world by involving sims I've created in another save.

2. I haven't seen this happen yet, but there should be rewards for repairing certain items a number of times, such as things actually becoming unbreakable. The lack of this upgrade option in most items is disappointing.

3. Sims constantly getting up and walking around while having a meal is immensely frustrating, please patch it out.

4. Possibly a bug - I've found that my sims will not use an in-counter sink while using the Industrial style counters-set. They'll without fail walk into the bathroom to wash their dishes. They will however use a stand alone sink in the kitchen.

5. Sims should be able to make friends at work and at school and not be required to go to the park or chase down random strangers on the street. Friends at school and work became a feature with the Sims 2 and it should have remained a feature. I realise with Get to Work older sims can make friends at work, but school children should be able to meet children at school. At the moment, they're required to know the child sim already before they'll ever bring them home from school.

6. Toddlers shouldn't have been taken out of the game and infants should not have been made items. This was a bad mistake, but I realise that changing it now will be difficult to impossible. That said however, bringing toddlers back would make many simmers, like myself who play families, happy.

7. On the subject of life stages, teens SHOULD NOT be as tall as adults. This was a major disappointment as it feels as though there are only a couple of life stages. This was a huge disappointment when I finally saw the game.

9. Finally, upgrade parts should be purchasable only and not found all over the floor when something breaks. My sims house is literally a pig stye unless I'm constantly cleaning up after them and that's more than tiring. Creating a pile of garbage that my sim ultimately has to clean every time something breaks down, considering that is near constantly, or at least daily, makes for a serious mess. On that note...

11. This is a combined complaint with sims constantly getting up while eating, which I think would solve the problem completely if it were changed, sims need to wash their dishes or at least leave them on the table, a place you'd expect to find them. At the moment, we can find plates on coffee tables, end tables, in bedrooms, bathrooms and studys, on the floor and so on. This shouldn't be the case.

13. Near finally, the emotions system is all over the place. My sims will cycle through emotional states so quickly that I'm convinced they're all mentally unstable. That said however, the humiliated or sad emotion is nearly impossible to get rid of while, the required emotions for work/school are nearly impossible to hold onto even if acquired immediately prior to going to work/school. Tense also sticks around far too long and sims seem to get angry for no reason whatsoever and this was a major complaint I had with the Sims 3, the number of bad tempered, mean spirited and insane sims I found as part of the NPC population was ridiculous.

15. Finally, only sims that die within the played household should become ghosts. Seriously, you're destroying our ability to maintain a 'living' population. I've got homes in towns occupied only by ghosts and this only takes about two generations to happen. This means that you sims have immense difficulty actually meeting new people who are going to stick around because all of the houses in your town are populated by the dead. Moderation has not been a strong suit for this game with certain activities, but ghostly players should be limited to played households only. Although that's just my opinion, an entire town of the dead is no ones objective.

17. One last thing, moving people out of a house and into another house in a town should be easier. If you're playing families, you want to choose someone to play with as a legacy member and move others out, but this is a chore really. At least it was the last two times I tried to do it. I had to do this from an 'Edit Town' position before I started playing. Also, when these sims are moved out, they should function like NPCs and should have families, at the moment that doesn't seem to happen.

These are just my suggestions, and while some people might disagree with them, I personally think they're valid complaints/suggestions. Hopefully EA really starts to consider them as this is the worst received Sims outing to date and I'm worried that they have just killed this series.
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