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  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 2,328 Member
    Bee: "I am what you would call a "Tech Guru" Though I prefer the term techy."

    Have you ever gotten sick from spoiled food?
  • kusurusukusurusu Posts: 430 Member
    I get sick from any food. Luckily I don't need to eat.

    Do you have any pets?
  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 356 Member
    Jasmine: Not yet. I'm hoping to get a kitten, though!

    (Vampire Sims question): What's your biggest weakness?
  • BrokenWheelsBrokenWheels Posts: 192 Member
    Nyssa: Well I’m super weak when it comes to sunlight so I’m mostly inside all the time :/

    Do you think aliens are real?
    "Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are." - Markus Zusak
  • Cest_si_BonCest_si_Bon Posts: 50 Member
    edited July 2019
    "It was, infact, my belief in extraterrestrial beings that lead to my career. Although I am not at liberty to discuss my current research at this time, I will say that it would be ignorant to assume we are alone."
    - Dr. Jewel Hathaway

    What single piece of art would you use to describe yourself?

  • latenellatenel Posts: 41 Member
    My art piece would be - Evolution of the Plumbob.

    What is your favorite drink?
  • BandakBandak Posts: 62 Member
    Gunda: I guess I and my twin Gunerius disappointed our father somewhat by not reaching max in any skills before he died. That was one of his dreams, to have a child max a skill.

    What is the most dramatic death you have witnessed?
  • PlainConeyPlainConey Posts: 40 Member
    my koroua went into hysteria, but it was also the time of his death from elderly demise. Whole family went from relaxing and giggling with the kava to sad in a flip of a coin.

    If you can only live in one of the sim worlds, what would it be and why?
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 951 Member
    Alana: I am a vet in Brindleton Bay.

    Are there any celebrities in your family?
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,298 Member
    Daniela: My brother is a famous singer.
    Do you like your current home/apartment?
    Proud black simmer 🖤

  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 1,681 Member
    Hayat: It's work in progress, but it's cozy! Do you have pool?
  • kusurusukusurusu Posts: 430 Member
    I have ocean

    Are you a good swimmer?
  • SylvanasSylvanas Posts: 40 New Member
    "Of course. All of my skills are pristine and perfect to the highest degree, better than anyone else, of course. One day I'll have an infinity pool overlooking Del Sol Valley from its peak... when someone finally notices my amazing talent."
    - Audrey Zambrano, actress, San Myshuno

    What's the most expensive item you own?
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 2,328 Member
    Bee: "Oh boy, I have a lot of those but I'm going to have to say my fridge."

    Have you ever ate freshly picked produce?
  • BandakBandak Posts: 62 Member
    Rolleiv: Yes! My writing skills are what I work on the most, but I do a bit of gardening, too. I sell most of the produce, but also have some in my inventory for fertilizing and for eating. I hope to grow a cow plant some day!

    Do you have any children? If yes, tell a little about them.
  • kusurusukusurusu Posts: 430 Member
    @Bandak wrong page again, we're already at p599

    Harvestables are the only kind of food which doesn't make me sick (I recently ate a whole coconut) and the only children I had were all adopted.

    Do you like your parents?
  • BandakBandak Posts: 62 Member
    Sorry! and thanks, @kusurusu, for correcting my mistake.
  • BandakBandak Posts: 62 Member
    ...uhm, I see now that I was actually correct. But never mind, go on with the post @kusurusu wrote. ^^
  • Crystal1976Crystal1976 Posts: 154 Member
    I don't have parents, I've been an adult my whole life.

    Have you dreamed of stardom?

    -Nick Mason (Official)
  • CatsRuleCatsRule Posts: 355 Member
    i've never really dreamed of it, but i kinda got a little famous through programming (designing websites, making video games, etc). also, my dad was an influencer and my mom is a painter.

    who is the closest sim in your life?
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 2,328 Member
    Bee: "My dog. He's pretty vicious towards others but he and I are thick as thieves. No other sim I'd rather have close to me."

    Ever met that one sim that gives you a flutter?
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 951 Member
    Alana: yes, I was engaged to be married when I made a good male friend. At the altar I realised that the man who made my heart flutter was not the groom but my friend. Needless to say I left the groom at the altar to pursue the flutter. (5 kids later I wasn't wrong and my heart still flutters).

    Have you met the hermit at Granite Falls?
  • SylvanasSylvanas Posts: 40 New Member
    Jenny: No, I've been too busy trying to make ends meet via freelance art.

    Have you found any treasures in Selvadorada? If so, what were they?
  • lillibattenberglillibattenberg Posts: 1,023 Member
    Sylvanas wrote: »
    Jenny: No, I've been too busy trying to make ends meet via freelance art.

    Have you found any treasures in Selvadorada? If so, what were they?

    Inigo: My wife? But seriously, apart from that nothing so far. I haven't been back since that business with... well, I doubt you want to hear about that. And I never did much in the way of treasure hunting anyway. I may be a rock-solid Jacoban myself, but I still know those things have power. Those who have found treasure in Selvadorada, any weird side-effects?
  • KersiexxKersiexx Posts: 291 Member
    Remus: I don’t treasure hunt, so no.

    What’s your love life like?
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