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Happen in Greece: The Sims 4 Bundle Pack

John_SalonicaJohn_Salonica Posts: 347 Member
Im greek and I have seen that greek retailers like plaisio,media markt and other have the sims 4 bundle pack with : 1)Luxury Party Stuff Pack , 2) Perfect Patio Stuff Pack , 3) Spa Day Game Pack. http://www.mediamarkt.gr/mcs/product/_The-Sims-4-Bundle-pack-Προσομοιώσεις-PC,99452,486170,2166860.html?langId=-18&et_lid=5&etcc_par=Price+Search+Engine&etcc_med=Price+Search+Engine&etcc_cmp=Productlisting&et_cid=3&etcc_ori=skroutz.gr
http://www.plaisio.gr/games/pc/pc-paixnidia-games/EA-The-Sims-4-Bundle-code-in-the-box-DDC-0031.htm . As a greek Im really Impressed about that ! We dont got greek language with the sims 4 and now we (greeks) are the first we can pre- order this pack!!


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