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Tribe Matis ~ An Amazon Story [Latest Update July 21st]



  • Nemo91UtdNemo91Utd Posts: 102 Member
    > @pammiechick said:
    > Nemo91Utd wrote: »
    > Whoa! Now that looks like the back of one dark and mysterious woman...
    > That's Luano her Scholar. (Not sure about the spelling...these Amazon names! I have trouble with the ones I choose. Ha!)

    Yeah, you're right... I was afraid that I had missed something/-one.. even tried to check the pictures earlier in the story before I posted, but the pages loaded too slowly for my patience, so I decided to go for it and hope that it was someone new (or that someone would do what you did and point out who it was)... Still, she looks dark and mysterious.. ;)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,930 Member
    @Nemo91Utd She does at that! I fear what might happen!!!
  • Ruby10990Ruby10990 Posts: 491 Member
    Ooh are we gonna see some blackmail going down!
  • SeeCattSeeCatt Posts: 12 New Member
    Oh no! I wonder what's going to happen to Kapuni? I'm super nervous...
  • Ruby10990Ruby10990 Posts: 491 Member
    I can't believe I forgot all about Luana! lol I think I'm reading to many Amazon challenge stories
  • GinnyWGinnyW Posts: 8 New Member
    > @Ruby10990 said:
    > I can't believe I forgot all about Luana! lol I think I'm reading to many Amazon challenge stories

    I know that feeling - I keep having to scroll back a bit to see which one I'm on this time!
  • MegurunMegurun Posts: 61 Member
    Apologies for the delay, everyone! I've had some personal issues recently. As well as this, I do have the next part ready, but it's a VERY eventful chapter, and I'm afraid to post it because I feel like I'm rushing things a bit and people may not like it ^^;

    Should be up soon though!
  • ShannNyanShannNyan Posts: 31 New Member
    Hey! It's been a long time, i hope you are feeling good! By the way, i love your story xx
  • Marshmallo112Marshmallo112 Posts: 7 New Member
    I love this but why did you stop? It's been over a month WHERE DID YOU GO OH GODDESS!!
  • LluviaRainLluviaRain Posts: 2,198 Member
    Are you able to post the next chapter soon? Love this! <3
    Not sure what to put here... so hi
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