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Sims 4 Moblie Phone app

You know everyone always has there phone with them and since we all love the Sims 4 what if there was an app or it. I figured if they can make an app for a bunch of other computer games I'm pretty sure they can do something for the Sims 4 they can probably make it slightly similar to the Sims free play but not as boring.


  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 11,085 Member
    edited August 2015
    My main problem is :

    - When I'm at home, I don't use my tablet because I use my computer.
    - When I'm outside, I use my tablet but I haven't got wireless networks (No wi-fi, no 4G/3G).

    I can't play The Sims FreePlay so I'm frustrated.

    If they could do an offline game, it will be wonderful.
  • frose6678frose6678 Posts: 58 Member
    I just think that its so much better than playing the sims 4 because for one thing they don't do anything and you can't really do much with the sims @LeGardePourpre
  • AkeelneyAkeelney Posts: 115 Member
    It'd probably be very laggy and wouldn't work well and then people would complain and EA would just lose a lot of money to be honest.
  • frose6678frose6678 Posts: 58 Member
    What makes you say that @akeelney ?
  • AkeelneyAkeelney Posts: 115 Member
    frose6678 wrote: »
    What makes you say that @akeelney ?

    Because it'd be too complex to work on iPhone. The Sims is a complicated game in itself and there's too many features to be added to iPhone. i.e the houses, the interactions and stuff.
  • frose6678frose6678 Posts: 58 Member
    It is not that complicated and also doesn't the sims freeplay have a lot of features as well @akeelney
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