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The Unusual History of Tribe Arayeo (Chapter 59 06/18)


  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    It’s very relevant to check someones butt (in the picture it really looks like Daiko did that to Baato) if you just want to improve your gardening skills. ;)
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,937 Member
    Hemera123 wrote: »
    It’s very relevant to check someones butt (in the picture it really looks like Daiko did that to Baato) if you just want to improve your gardening skills. ;)

    Hahahaha! Clearly it's essential :P
  • RivieRivie Posts: 782 Member
    Lol right? I'm saying he thought about it, what would happen to me if I'm here to give an heir, what are they called here? I forgot. And they realize I prefer to spend time gardening with Baato?
    Rivie aka Lux Conant
    Kingson Family thread - Updates, Behind the scenes, Sneak peeks and more...
    The Abandoned Lot - Kingson family How the story begins...
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,064 Member
    LOL! Funny chapter!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,064 Member
    JulyaVee wrote: »
    @ThePlumbob About the sixpacks xD I set them to highly trained in CAS but still you can see e.g. Baato in the first chapter in the House of Punishment without a sixpack. But I always let them work out when they have nothing to do so thats where it comes from xD

    I try to make sure my slaves have the bodybuilder trait so they will work out on their own. Some don't (like Yug) so he doesn't have as much muscle mass, but I like that, too! And Mano lost it when he got preggers and couldn't work out. HA!
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,691 Member
    edited July 2015
    Chapter 5 - What I should have done

    Zaleena has set Daiko and Baato on building a breeding chamber. The two slaves work hard (well at least Daiko works hard and Baato pretends to) and after a few days they are done.


    They are very pleased with their work and Daiko is quite exhausted from doing most of it. But somehow, he doesn't seem to mind at all.


    Baato knows about his responsibility to tell the Creator about his false accusations. He sits down with her at the kitchen table.
    "Creator, I have to tell you my accusations against Daiko were false. I have talked to him and they have come to nothing."


    "These were serious accusations! You could have gotten Daiko into deep trouble, falsely. You should have talked to him first", Zaleena angrily tells him. She had been on the edge of banishing Daiko, then she would have lost a valueable breeding slave. "You will suffer the House of Punishment to teach you a lesson!"


    Baato meekly accepts his fate. He know he has done wrong. He has been in the House of Punishment before but this time he stays a lot longer.


    Daiko walks up to the House of Punishment and looks at it for a while. He mutters something under is breath.
    "What I should have done..."
    But no one can hear him anyway. He shakes his head and walks away.


    The next day, Zaleena summons Daiko to the gathering place.
    "Daiko, you surely know what I will ask of you. It is past time I breed. I want you to give me a beautiful Creator Heiress!"


    Daiko knows his duties. As it is common, he gives Zaleena a rose to start the breeding ritual. Zaleena is so very glad that Baatos accusations were false.


    Then Zaleena plants a kiss on his face. He is a very handsome slave indeed, she thinks. Raala had the right of it. He will surely produce a great heiress.


    They end up in the breeding chamber. Zaleena never got very attached to Daiko but she can't help but feel passion within her as they kiss. None of them ever says a word.

    Note: Zaleenas legs look weird, sorry for that.

    Daiko does his duty well. Zaleena feels the passion between them even without talk. They even try three times, just to be sure.


    Soon enough, Zaleena finds out that she is with child. Surely it will be a daughter! She has some doubts gnawing on her what will happen if she only produces a son. But she shoves them away and feels certain it will be a great heiress.


    The next day, Zaleena talks to Daiko.
    "Daiko, you have done your duty well, I am indeed with child. It will surely be a great Creator Heiress!"
    "I am very happy for you, Creator. And I am sure she will be beautiful like you."


    She then tells him, what is to happen with him on the morrow.

  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,691 Member
    I am so hyped to do the next chapter right now it will be good. Maybe I'll do it today if I am too impatient.
  • Ruby10990Ruby10990 Posts: 491 Member
    Why do cliffhangers have to be a thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,937 Member
    And so it begins... *hides nervously* I hope the child is a girl at least!
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,691 Member
    edited July 2015
    As some of you might have seen, I have a table of contents in the first post now! The title of the next chapter will be up in advance.

    @ThePlumbob Finally! I can't believe I managed four chapters without the breeding thing xD In most Amazon Challenges it happens in the first or second chapter. But there was just too much going on.

  • RivieRivie Posts: 782 Member
    I wonder if she has triplets lol I heard a theory that said if the sims woohooed a second time while pregnant, twins were born
    Rivie aka Lux Conant
    Kingson Family thread - Updates, Behind the scenes, Sneak peeks and more...
    The Abandoned Lot - Kingson family How the story begins...
  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    That table of contents is good idea. Next chapters name sounds interesting. :) Can’t wait to read it!
  • BgBn7510BgBn7510 Posts: 100 Member
    I am all caught up and will will be adding your story to my blog for easy access and for other to follow if they like. You can see what going on my blog here:
    My Sims Stories
    Origin ID: Lindz200611
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,937 Member
    Ok the title of your next chapter is making me nervous already lol
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,691 Member
    @Rivie: Never heard of that one. Wow, now I'm excited.

    Yeah I like the table of contents, too ^^ It gives me an overview of what I want to do in that chapter in advance
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    Poor Daiko :( I always feel sorry for slaves then amazons sacrifice them... Story sounds great, looking forward to read more ;)
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,691 Member
    edited July 2015
    Chapter 6 - An eye for an eye

    After Zaleena has talked to Daiko, he meets with Raala outside. The two have been in a tribe together for long so Daiko feels compelled to tell her what happend.
    "The creator is with child, Raala. I will be sacrificed to the godess of nature on the morrow."
    Raala is shocked to hear this. She has always thought Zaleena a generous creator and she had hoped she would spare Daiko.


    She knows women should not get too attached to slaves, but she liked Daiko a lot. She had always thought herself a strong Amazon but now that Daiko shall die, she can't help but cry.


    "Don't cry", Daiko says. "It will be alright. I have lived an honorable life here with the tribe. And my name will be forever remembered as the father of a great creator heiress to come."
    He doesn't know why but he steps forward to hug her. She does not resist.


    Raala was not comforted. She really didn't want Daiko to die. She was also glad the creator didn't see them hug. It might have gotten them both punished.

    The next morning, everyone meets at the pit of sacrifice. Raala comes unwillingly, but here absence would be noticed. Daikos hair has been dyed green, as a symbol for nature, which he will be sacrificed to.
    "Daiko slave, you have lived an honorable life with this tribe and you have done your duties well", Zaleena proclaims, "Your name shall be forever remembered as the father of a great creator heiress, I am sure. Your soul shall find peace and freedom in the afterlife."
    Daiko is not scared. With his head held high, he enters the pit.


    Zaleena walks away, but Raala stays. She is crying again. Why must he die. She can't handle this. She also regrets she hasn't painted him. Now he will be gone forever. Raala can't take her emotions, she has to hide, so she walks away, sobbing.


    Daiko can't quite understand Raalas pain. He will die in honor, what more could a slave want? He never realized she had an affection for him.

    Suddenly, Baato walks up to the pit.
    "Congratulations", he says, "You will be forever remembered."
    His tone has just a hint of sadness for he will loose a good friend. But still, Daiko had the better of it. Baato would always be the lazy slave who couldn't breed and no one would ever remember him.


    "Baato", Daiko says, "I wanted to tell you someting. Of course I noticed, you had the lazy trait, but I never said anything, because-"
    In that moment, Zaleena rushes in from behind.


    "Baato! Get back to work. This slave is a sacrifice to nature, you mustn't talk to him anymore!"
    Baato shies away and leaves immediately for fear he will be banished. He has a history, you know.

    Daiko was a strong slave. He lasts almost two days, before Grim Reaper has to come for his soul.


    Zaleena comes to the pit. She is glad, Daiko has lasted so long, her daughter would be very strong. Grim doesn't really understand the emotions going on.


    "Grim Reaper", Zaleena says to him, "You have taken the soul of my honorable slave and I am glad. There was a death today, but there will be a new life soon as I am with child. An eye for an eye", she announces to the Reaper.


    Oh no! Grimmy hates pregnancies. His job was not getting any easier with all these reproducing humans!
    In a mist of black, he angrily vanishes.

    Baato is standing in the slave hut, looking at Daikos empty bed.


    The other slave wanted to tell him something before his death, but what? He had been too scared of Zaleena to go back and ask him. Well now, he would never talk to him again. Best forget about it.

    Zaleenas pregancy doesn't stop her from working out. She needs to be strong for the birth.


    Zaleena asks Raala to feel the child.
    "It will be a daughter, Creator, I can feel it. She will be the most beautiful in the Amazon."


    Soon after, Zaleena feels a sharp pain. The baby is coming!


    She is panting already, but she is a strong Amazon woman and soon holds her new baby in her arms.
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  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,937 Member
    Aww Daiko never got to tell Baato he had the hots for him. A sad chapter, but very well written.
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    edited July 2015
    Wonderful! I hope it's a baby girl :)

    @ThePlumbob, I also thought that Daiko really had feelings for Baato and he wanted to tell him before leaving this world.
  • Ruby10990Ruby10990 Posts: 491 Member
    I won't spoil what the gender the child is, but I will say I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
  • Ruby10990Ruby10990 Posts: 491 Member
    @JulyaVee you can tell by the baby's clothes
  • BgBn7510BgBn7510 Posts: 100 Member
    Nicely done.
    My Sims Stories
    Origin ID: Lindz200611
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,691 Member
    Ruby10990 wrote: »
    @JulyaVee you can tell by the baby's clothes

    Gosh, I should have known! ❤️❤️❤️❤️, now you're spoilered :(
  • I'SimshaI'Simsha Posts: 110 Member
    Will we ever know what Daiko wanted to tell Baato
    Love is Love no matter what shape form or size

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