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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Legacy Challenge!

MizzTuraMizzTura Posts: 41 Member
Hi guys, so I had this idea after having a watching spree of MLP, FiM and I realised no one had done a challenge including them, thus far (that I'm aware of). And I was bored and just playing Sims to pass the time when I had an idea to try and create a challenge.

I am doing this as a little run through at the moment to test it out, I will be upgrading my laptop soon so hopefully I will be able to show what I’ve done, but I still thought to share it, because some of you may want to take part/try it out.


The same rules as in the base Legacy challenge still apply, I have created a couple of extra rules (optional, but personally I have done it)

- Start with the three Royals, Celestia Luna and Cadence (excluding Twilight as she is part of the legacy challenge) they must NOT die, this means you’ll have to try and find a cowplant so as to grant eternal life. Any one of the three royals you choose can be the first of the generation.

*EDIT - It can be quite difficult controlling all three so if you want to you can choose only ONE royal to be your founder. She must still be immortal however! Also, if you choose Cadence as your first founder age her up to a YA or if you have Celestia and/or Luna alongside her, choose teen still*

- When you move you characters onto an empty lot you do NOT have to buy the Knight

- You can start with 3 CHARACTERS not just one. I will be recording my attempt at it (pictures not filming) as I try it out before finalising it but others are free to try to.

- You can have more than 10 generations, personally I’ve gone for 13, I’ll list all of them below and preferred traits etc. but you can change it to suit yourself, same applies for aspirations.

- You MUST complete your aspiration of choice to progress. I.e you can have a sim, parent the next generation but you can’t focus on that characters aspiration until you’ve complete the previous aspiration

- You can mix and match the order of the generation sims. You don’t HAVE to follow what I suggest.

*I made my three royals all sisters. Luna and Celesta are YA and Cadence is a Teen. They can age but not into being an elder*


"I've watched you grow from that very first day"
Generation 1a – Princess Celestia
Traits – Cheerful, Good, Family-Orientated
Aspiration – If she is your founder: Successful Lineage, if not anything you wish.

"I understand wanting more"
Generation 1b – Princess Luna
Traits - Self-assured, Ambitious, Family-Orientated
Aspiration – If she is your founder: Friend of the World, if not anything you wish.

"Our love will give us strength"
Generation 1c – Princess Cadence
Traits – Romantic, Good, Family-Orientated
Aspiration – If she is your founder: Soulmate, if not anything you wish

"Dear Princess Celestia"
Generation 2 – Twilight Sparkle
Traits – Genius, Bookworm, Ambitious
Aspiration – Renaissance Sim
*Note: If you wish to, you can permanently keep Twilight, just follow the rules for the three other Princesses, this will make it more difficult to add characters though. I suggest doing this if you want a tough challenge, I haven’t done this*

"You look fabulous, darling."
Generation 3 – Rarity
Traits – Ambitious, Perfectionist, Materialistic
Aspiration – Friend of the World

"C'mon now y'all, we can do this"
Generation 4 – Applejack
Traits – Cheerful, Loves Outdoors, Good
Aspiration – Freelance Botanist

"Let's get this party started!"
Generation 5 – Pinkie pie
Traits – Cheerful, Goofball, Outgoing
Aspiration – Party Animal

"My pretties."
Generation 6 – Fluttershy
Traits – Loves Outdoors, Good, Creative
Aspiration – Outdoor Enthusiast

"I hate losing!"
Generation 7 – Rainbowdash
Traits – Active, Self-assured, Outgoing
Aspiration – Bodybuilder (only really sporty one)

"It should have been me!"
Generation 8 – Sunset shimmer
Traits – Hot-headed, Mean, Ambitious
Aspiration – Chief of Mischief

*Note: I know Sunset isn’t all bad but it would make her so OOC if she didn’t have at least SOME of these elements*

"Best Friends Forever!"
Generation 9 – Lyra Heartstring
Traits – Creative, Good, Art Lover
Aspiration – Painter Extraordinaire

"Time to share with you, who I really am!"
Generation 10 – BonBon/SweetieDrops
Traits – Cheerful, Foodie, Outgoing
Aspiration – Master Chef

"This is so drab, it needs changing up a bit" / "..."
Generation 11 – Octavia/Vinyl Scratch (DJ Pon-3)
Traits – Creative, Music Lover, Good
Aspiration – Musical Genius

*Note – because these two characters are so similar, you can choose one or both, but must have these same traits/aspirations (unless of course you think of something better suited)*

"We need to be on time, my dear!"
Generation 12 – Doctor Whooves
Traits – Genius, Geek, Ambitious
Aspiration – Nerd Brain

"My bad..."
Generation 13 – Derpy Hooves
Traits – Cheerful, Clumsy, Outgoing
Aspiration – Anything you wish (Derpy is a little airy fairy after all. Got to love her!)


For the CMC I have suggested completing three different aspirations, to expand on this – one for each ‘age’ (YA, Adult and Elder count as one unless you want to do more)
These three take more time and patience so if you want a harder legacy or anything like that, these three would be perfect
I’m working on one for Babs but she’s not one of the main CMC, so I've not prepared an idea for her yet. I do have a small idea though.

"Scootaloo, Scoot-Scoot-Scootaloo
Generation # - Apple Bloom
Traits – Cheerful, Ambitious, Good
Aspiration – At least 3 different aspirations, of your choosing

"This is AWESOME!"
Generation # - Scootaloo
Traits – Self-assured, Bro, Active
Aspiration – See Apple Bloom

"Just great!"
Generation # - Sweetie Belle
Traits – Music Lover, Good, Outgoing
Aspiration – See Apple Bloom


For these ponies you can, include them or change out one of your least favourite ponies for one or anything like that. I don’t have any at the moment, but eventually I will add some. If you come up with any feel free to say and I’ll add it to the list AND credit you!
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  • Nicarra60Nicarra60 Posts: 2,916 Member
    I find the rules for gen 1 completely confusing.

    You can choose to use one or all three - if you choose one - do the other two have to be immortal? Would you really expect to keep one or all three of them around for all 10+ generations?

    Using the cowplant to keep them immortal is going to cost a lot of random Sims. Is it acceptable to use the reward potion "Potion of youth" before they age up instead?
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  • MizzTuraMizzTura Posts: 41 Member
    If you choose one, you don't have to create the other three. If you use three, it would be preferrable to have them all immortal (in the show the princess aren't immortal as such but they don't die of old age).

    You can use potion of youth too if you wish. It would probably be easier in some cases. :)
  • GamingGeekGirlGamingGeekGirl Posts: 2 New Member
    Could you make add these ponies to the list?:
    "Boulder was hungry."
    Generation # - Maud Pie
    Traits – Lonely, Non-committal, Kelpomatic
    Aspiration – The Curator

    "Stay off Holder's Boulder!"
    Generation # - Limestone Pie
    Traits – Mean, Hot-headed, Self-assured
    Aspiration – Successful Lineage

    Generation # - Marble Pie
    Traits – Family-orientated, Music Lover, Bookworm
    Aspiration – Soul Mate
  • GamingGeekGirlGamingGeekGirl Posts: 2 New Member
    Also, I'm doing this as the 100 mlp baby challenge XD
  • crissylp89crissylp89 Posts: 35 Member
    @MizzTura I loved this! :smiley: Unfortunately, I don't like playing immortal sims (I get bored) so I did a little bit of a change to gen 1. I created Cadence and Shining Armor as the parents with Celestia and Luna as their kids, then I went about the normal legacy stuff and they had Twilight Sparkle later. I know this doesn't follow the show but it was more my play style. I also added a bit of rainbowcy to it by making the sims the same skin and hair color as the ponies :D

    I really love that people can kind of add to this since MLP is such a large universe!
  • MizzTuraMizzTura Posts: 41 Member
    Hi guys! So I posted this challenge but for some reason I can't edit it or anything like that, just an update that I changed the rules around a little bit to coincide with the new packs. SO I'm going to do the following of my OWN attempt at this challenge until I can go over and change everything up to make it much clearer. Plus I wanted a place to note my own 'story'.

    This is using all of the big packs and a few smaller ones.

    SO first up my gen order is going to be as followed;

    Gen 1 - Celestia
    Gen 2 - Luna
    Gen 3 - Cadance
    Gen 4 - Twilight
    Gen 5 - Rarity
    Gen 6 - Applejack
    Gen 7 - Pinkiepie
    Gen 8 - Fluttershy
    Gen 9 - Rainbowdash
    Gen 10 - Sunset Shimmer OR Starlight Glimmer still TBD!

    I'm going to do each post per generation but I'm going to do it in a word document first so I'm not spamming my own thread too much.
  • MizzTuraMizzTura Posts: 41 Member
    Generation 1 - Celestia

    As the Princess of Canterlot and more than a thousand years old it was obviously appropriate to make her my founder.

    Her traits are as follows: Cheerful, Good, Family-Orientated and her aspiration is Successful Lineage.

    - - -

    Since day one Celestia has had her loyal canine companion Philamena, an oddly coloured corgi who kept her human mummy on her toes! SHe made sure Celestia was never stressed after returning home for a long day of work and was always ready for a grand adventure!

    For her career I decided the most suited of careers would be the political career and after roughly 30 sim days, give or take she is at the top of her career and is a benevolent and fair leader, loved and respected by her followers. She never puts others down and she tries her best to love and care for those around her.

    Seeing as she is so career driven, Celestia didn't (and still doesn't) have time for a relationship, so a few days before her birthday she adopted a baby girl named Luna. Luna, now a child and just five days from becoming a teenager was always an intelligent child, she was always learning as a toddler and when she became a child all of her free time was spent completing her aspirations, something which she has now completed all of. As a gift for this and for receiving an 'A' in school, and upon losing her own canine companion, Celestia gifted Luna with a malamute puppy which Luna decided to name Nightmare Moon.

    Because her daughter is so happy spending all her free time playing with Nightmare, Celestia often focuses on her work duties whilst still maintaining a relatively steady relationship with Luna.

    Celestia has almost completed her aspiration and then we'll be going onto Luna!

    Their house is coming along well too! It is no longer a tiny one room building but a large, decorative two bed house with a lot of time taken to make the grounds and the house look beautiful, it's still no castle just yet though!

    - - -

    *NOTE: The packs included to fulfill Ceslestia's Legacy ARE:

    Base game
    Parenthood - to make sure Luna has all the correct mannerisms expected of someone who has the Legacy name on her shoulders.

    Cats and Dogs - can't have a pet without the pets expansion, although this is completely optional, I noticed that in the MLP show each of the mane six and a few others had pet companions, in Celestia's case it was the Phoenix, Philomena but as birds and more specifically, Phoenixes are not available, I decided to choose a dog and what better dog than the British Royal families trademark breed: Welsh Corgi.

    City Living - it is the Political career track, starting out as activist and choosing the Political branch instead of the charity branch.
  • BlissBlossomBlissBlossom Posts: 1 New Member
    This looks awesome :smile:
  • GamingwithlilGamingwithlil Posts: 7 New Member
    I have a question what are the jobs of all the generations and founders.
  • HMaryR6289HMaryR6289 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi, so I was just wondering with the toddler update what would the generations after the first one what their traits would be because the one for luna I can't pick because of the toddler update? Thanks
  • LehuaLehua Posts: 45 Member
    Love this challenge idea can't wait to start it! Gotta finish my current ones before I start more :smiley:
  • FurryModSpinelFurryModSpinel Posts: 466 Member
    Me like steven universe and zelda. proud furry simmer. take this gif of peridot as an offering.


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