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Translate Game

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Okay, I'm going to start a new forum game. You must translate a sentence to another language, then back to English.



The food smells like rotten meat.

I'll translate it to Esperanto, and back to English,

The food smells of rotten meat.

Then another user will translate it to another language. If the previous user used Esperanto, you may not use Esperanto, but the next user can.

I'll translate it to Cebuano, and back to English.

The meat smell of rotten meat.

The next user will translate using another language, back to English, another language, and back again, and so on and so on.

Put the language you translated to below the text.

The meat smell of rotten meat.


Just in case two users posted at the same time, the most recent post will be considered.

You are allowed to use more than one language. For example, you translated to Cebuano. You may translate back to English, or you may translate to another language. You will write the languages like this:



I'll start:

French Fries are not French, they're Belgian.
I'm back!
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