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Help! Game wiped!

I left my game running while I went to put some pasta on and when I came back it had crashed (I know, I should have saved it but I was literally gone like 2 minutes). So I restarted my computer thinking nothing of it... however, when I reopened my game all of my houses had gone and the worlds had reverted to default.

There is an orange message on my notification wall saying "The save game you are attempting to load was saved with a newer version The Sims 4 than is currently installed. Please update in order to safely load this game".

I closed it and restarted it again and it's still not loading.

As far as I know, my game is already up-to-date. I have all the expansion/stuff packs and I only installed Patio Stuff on Friday last week so unless there's been another update or something since then I'm stumped.

Anyone know if there's any way to get this back? I've just lost over 450 hours worth of housebuilding and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't *slightly* annoyed...
Origin ID: ExxCee
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