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Vethesims Creations *10/25 - Two new homes (Bottom of Pg 14)*

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my showcase thread! :blush:

My name is Verônica and I'm a brazilian simmer. I decided to sign in to the US forums because there's not much going on in the Brazilian forums and I'm really glad I did, because I spend a lot of time here and have a lot of fun! If you want to know a little more about me you can read my interview for The Sims 4 Gazette here.

I love the building aspect of The Sims 4, so I decided to start this thread to share my creations. You can find all of my builds in the gallery, my id there is vepeixoto03

Please feel free to leave me any comments, I will love to read any feedback or suggestions you may have. :) Thank you for stopping by my thread! :)
Below you can find the creations contained in this thread, along with a link to its post on the thread with more pictures and its gallery link.

Sorority House (Post | Gallery), Family Dream Home (Post | Gallery), Mediterranean Villa (Post | Gallery), Indoor Gardening Room (Post | Gallery)


Here are some starter homes I've created (newest first).

Modern Starter 3 (Post | Gallery), MS2 - Base Game Only (Post | Gallery), Modern Starter 2 (Post | Gallery), Real Bargain (Post | Gallery)


Family Starter 2 (Post | Gallery), Modern Family Starter (Post | Gallery), Newcrest Starter 2 (Post | Gallery), Newcrest Starter (Post | Gallery)


Family Starter (Post | Gallery), Cute Starter (Post | Gallery)



The first ones are the newest.

Tudor Family Home (Post | Gallery)


Chy's Happy Place (Post | Gallery), Traditional Family Home (Post | Gallery), Mabelle's Modern Home (Post | Gallery), Pancakes Christmas Reno (Post | Gallery)


Modern Alien Hideout (Post | Gallery), MS2 - Renovation (Post | Gallery), Fairy Tale Cottage (Post | Gallery), An Artists Dream Home (Post | Gallery)


Family Bargain (Post | Gallery), Family Rental (Post | Gallery), Not So Forgotten Mill (Post | Gallery), Craftsman - 10K Downloads (Post | Gallery)


Vision Art Gallery (Post | Gallery), Wellness, Spa & Gym (Post | Gallery), Family Home (Post | Gallery), Mint Green Beauty (Post | Gallery)


Beautiful Family Home (Post | Gallery), Modern Paradise (Post | Gallery), Dusty Turf (Post | Gallery), Luxurious Mansion (Post | Gallery)


Suburban Home (Post | Gallery), Twin Oracle Point (Post | Gallery), Beautiful Mansion (Post | Gallery)



Here are some of the challenges here on the forums I've won or placed.


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