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Editing & Modeling Tutorials ~ Discord Tutorials Up

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~ Please do not post these anywhere else while I'm still here (if I disappear for more than 2 years, you can move them to protect them), or claim them as yours, thank you.
Note: The tutorials will be updated and changed over time. I will post in the thread when an update is made, so I recommend bookmarking the thread. If you see any errors, or have more information to add to one of the guides, please post here or contact me.
I am currently working on:
~ Updating old tutorials
~ Rewriting combining images tutorial (for better quality and bigger sizes)
~ Hair drawing (with tablet)
~ Hair stranding tutorial (without a tablet)
~ Making Transparent Backgrounds
~ How to Pose Your Sims (CAS/in-game)
~ How I do my B&W photos *request*
~ Extremely basic clothes drawing *request*
~ Creating editing breakdowns for a few photos of mine *request*

I recommend reading these in order if you are a beginner to editing/modeling.
If you are still having trouble with something in these guides, or need more help, please post here, or contact me or the other authors.

If you like the tutorials make sure to leave feedback or give them a Like, Awesome, or Insightful!

Discord Tutorials
Don't have a misc section yet, but here are some tutorials about using Discord.
Discord Tutorial 1 - Settings
Discord Tutorial 2 - Servers - Part 1 | Part 2
Discord Tutorial 3 - Chatting
Discord Tutorial Part 4 - Hosting a Server (WIP)
PS, Gimp, and other programs can follow these tutorials.

Anything with ais currently being updated.

A1 - Tutorial 0 - Editing and Modeling Tips - Part 1 | Part 2
A1 - Tutorial 1 - Game Setup (S4 Edition) - Part 1 | Part 2
A1 - Tutorial 2 - Assignment Terms and Requirements - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
A1 - Tutorial 3 - Understanding Color
A3 - Tutorial 19 - Final Adjustments

Check out the Sims Editing Workshop! Veterans are around to help with questions, provide feedback and support for all your editing needs. My tutorials are linked on there and I also help with the workshops that are hands on and teach you new information. We post workshops on the forums and Discord, and we are also on Twitter for news and updates.
Veterans: @MizoreYukii @jilliebee22 @themelonic

Misc Links
You can find the new Beginner's competition thread here
The Sims Modeling, Hosting, and Judging Guide
List of Current, Future, and Past competitions: Modeling Competition Directory
Share your before and after edits here!
TS4 Sims & Modeling Chat Thread

The modeling community now has a modeling forum! Everyone, even people who don't model (we have CC, stories and legacies, building, etc. sections) are welcome to join!
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