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Issue With Alien Faces...

SerabeeSerabee Posts: 131 Member
So here's the problem. After I make an alien in CAS and make it's face all pretty and cool, if I change the age at all, the face gets messed up. No matter what the size of the nose was, it becomes super small. The eyes become super big. The chin becomes super long. It looks very alienish but it's not at all what I wanted, particularly after spending so much time getting the face perfect. It happens on all my purebred aliens, but Sims with just an alien skintone and/or voice are fine. I'm not 100% sure when it started to be honest, but I noticed it when messing with an alien hybrid child I got who had alien eyes but human skin (which I didn't know was possible). I then tried with regular aliens and had the same issue, but it very well could've been present before that alien baby was born. Does anyone know what caused this issue? Or how I can fix it? I've been playing with a YA alien for awhile and it's not a huge deal right now, but if I ever opt to age her up I'm afraid I'll have to reconfigure her face again.

EDIT- OH! And I don't have ANY mods/CC but I do use the built in cheats.


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