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freezing issue

cleo224cleo224 Posts: 87 Member
edited June 2015 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
So, I have had intermittent freezing issues since I got this game in Feb 2015, have done extensive reading on the issue, have lost a lot of time and had to uninstall, reinstall, repair, system restore, delete files, etc. and on and on, just to get this game to play ... Not to mention buying a pc that met the "requirements" but seriously there is something wrong with the game. With every new expansion, the game is not playable. With this new addition of Newcrest, I can build things all day long but once they are built, I can't play the game. I contacted Origin support, who made me do a system restore, game was really unplayable then, contacted them again, repaired the game, and redownloaded the updates, but still my sim is frozen after sleeping, when the game goes into the fast speed so that you don't have to sleep while the sim sleeps. She freezes up until I quit the game or until I hit M as if I want to travel, then I wait forever listening to the music while the game catches up to the time that was fast forwarded to while she slept. But that seems to force the game to move forward. The game also freezes if an emotion change is trying to happen. It also happens if someone wants to walk past my house. This freezing issue reminds me so much of TS3 Island Paradise EP which is why I quit playing TS3, or at least why I deleted that EP. I was lead to believe that my pc was not meeting the specs for TS3 Island Paradise to work properly, and as it came out much later, I really thought that was the issue. But with this new pc, trust me it exceeds all requirements, and TS3 Island Paradise still freezes up on this one. So I no longer want to hear the BS about "does your pc meet the specs?" because I will get irate. TS4 actually worked better on my old laptop that btw did NOT meet the published requirements. And I am doubting if I will really spend any more money on expansions, I know you think you have me hooked but it's really getting old with all the "issues". I anxiously awaited TS3 for xbox, and bought it, played endlessly for hours, and once my sim leveled up to 10 in all skills, for some reason the save was corrupted and no longer playable. TS3 for xbox is in the garage somewhere along with the xbox, and to me, a complete waste of money. I would just like to play the game I bought. On any platform. And please don't try to sell me another expansion, when the existing game isn't working!
Edit.... Venting is good!
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