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    @Shelby1234 No problem! It's a whirlwind of info, and I must admit that some of the info is slightly outdated! I haven't had a chance to update it very much, but if I remember something I try to find the appropriate section and update it, so it's very messy.
    1. That photo is Sims 3, which I am not sure if you are familiar with or not. We have a special feet mesh called Bloom's feet that overrides the games original feet. It gives us realistic toes, and is one of the leading meshes that creators use when making shoes. (Edit: Not sure if she used Bloom's actually, but it's definitely still sims feet. Closer inspection shows that the toes are mushed together, just like Sims 3 and 4 vanilla.) I will provide plenty of examples to show you! I can also tell it's sims feet because there are errors and unnatural contours to the feet (mainly around her bending toes). I am a pre-med student (and dancer), so body forms of sims are something I like to study for fun while modeling. The way sims' bodies work is actually very unnatural. And she also posted a Before and After (this is another reason why I encourage people to share them, for very reasons such as this), so I can show you her sim pictures. I will place everything under some spoilers to make it easy on the eyes.

      For your question though, I (and many others) don't believe faceplastering should be allowed under any circumstance, even outside competitions, because as I mentioned before it infringes on copyright and can actually get you in trouble, not to mention you are basically insulting the original person and artist. People will do it regardless though and there is nothing we can do to stop it outside this community, so we can only remind people to not do it in comps for the fairness of everyone in this community, including protecting it from a copyright scandal (which is why it is a community rule). Photoskinning is a bit different, as they are just pieces of the details and the person it was taken from generally cannot be confirmed (such as a tongue, freckles, lips, pores). Some hosts allow photoskinning, but it's generally not allowed in comps because most find it to be super weird and unnecessary, plus after a certain point it isn't your sim anymore (especially for the lips and eyes). :lol: Can you please direct to me to the other photos where you are having trouble understanding?
      Here are my own photos of the feet. Both of these were taken in game, the only thing added in was the curtains for the first pic, nothing on the last pic (besides shading for both pics).
      Edit: Added this one to show a comparison before I got blooms feet. If you look at the models in the back, you can see the squished toes and similar look. The model at front is wearing Madlen shoes, who uses his own feet mesh.
      Here is another one without blooms feet.
      Here is actually a picture with both feet! I forgot to download the male version of Bloom's feet. Oops
    2. I'm not quite sure what you are asking? Do you mean some of my edits where I took in-game pictures? In-game pictures for an assignment are perfectly normal, acceptable, sometimes needed, and for some, preferred. On further review, I believe you may be referring to the application section, where I remind people to not take pictures against a wall for their application images. The host will be cutting those out and using them in the model wall and/or headshots. Most are not aware of this (due to not hosting yet), but when applications are submitted with errors (such as the shadows, corners/lines, sometimes patterns, and uneven colors that an in game wall will provide), it makes cutting very difficult for them. There are several cutting methods out there, and depending on which one you are, the situation may be worse for you than someone else. Such as using the magic wand tool versus the paths tool, etc. I try to emphasize that everyone keep their application photos clean of anything unnecessary (such as font, borders, effects, etc.), and as easy as possible to cut out (not to mention professional! I believe that may be where the "ugly" comment came from, but I don't remember writing it that way :sweat_smile: Sorry about that!). Depending on the number of models, how busy the host is, and what method they use to cut, cutting can take several days and actually stress the host. Nobody wants that to happen of course!
    3. Ah! This should actually be directed to my Beginner's Tutorial thread!
      A) Transparency can't be accomplished in game. It must be done in your editing program. Once you cut out your background, there should be a checkered "background" behind the sim. This indicates that the background area is actually transparent, but to retain that transparency you must export as a PNG. The PNG format for photos are the only formats, for sharing on the internet, that can retain transparency. I am unsure of which program you are using to edit (or will be using), but I do have tutorials on exporting if you need it. The Gimp tutorial, and the Photoshop tutorial.
      It depends on what you are asking by "white wall". Do you mean adding a white background in your editing program, or adding one inside the game itself? There are no transparent backgrounds for the game, but there are backdrop CC you can add to your game. I cover setting up your game for modeling here, including the background I mentioned and the download link for it. Let me know if you have any trouble.

      B.) I haven't gotten my tutorial for picture taking up yet, but I do mention in my tips how to get into Tab camera mode (hides the UI/game features), and the cheat to remove bubbles/thoughts. I'll post both tips below so you don't have to go searching. Let me know if you have anymore trouble!
      *(For Sims 4) Make sure you have “The Sims 3 Camera” option on so you can use the Tab camera.
      Controls: Tab – Goes into Tab camera
      Q/E - Move camera up/down
      W/A/S/D (Arrow keys can work here) - Move camera forward/left/backwards/right
      Shift + Q/E/W/A/S/D - Larger movement in that direction
      Ctrl + W/A/S/D – rotates the camera in that direction
      Ctrl + 5-9 - Allows you to save your camera position so you can go back to it
      Numbers 5-9 - Your saved camera positions
      Z/X - Zoom in/out
      Move mouse - Change camera pitch
      C - Take a screenshot

      *Don’t forget to use the cheat “headlineeffects off” so you don’t get a plumbob or thoughts in your image!

    Hopefully that answered your questions.
    @MizoreYukii -- Someone mentioned you had a Tutorial on "Enlarging Your Image" to make it bigger " meaning something about taking a few shots and putting it together in photoshop to get a Better Image / Larger ? Better Quality? Thanks Hun and thanks so much for this Thread you really put alottttttt into it Thank YOU
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    @SimsORIGfan Hi! You're welcome! And yes, I do. :3 You can find that tutorial here in my tutorials thread (depending on how your browser loads, you may need to hit enter again. xD):

    Let me know if you need any help, the tutorial is a bit outdated and was made quickly.
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    @MizoreYukii can you direct me to either one of Colin's or your tutorials about how to get rid of the "after 5 shadow" that seems to come up on most of the sims. It's fine for men but not for women so much. It's the darkness around the jaw/chin that bugs me. I have found the shadow options on PS and that has helped somewhat. @xjojox you said you had a tute about it also, can you link me please, thanks. =)

    And Mizzie, can you look at some of my entries and give me some tips as to what I can do to improve on them, please. :3
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    @Jendowoz0612 I'm sorry hun, I'm very confused. xD What do you mean "after 5 shadow"? I haven't noticed anything like that on your sims (or mine). :eh: And it depends on where the issue you've noticed is originating from, in-game or CAS? Could you please post a picture with the area in question circled so I can examine it closely? That will help tremendously.

    I don't think Colin, or any professional, has a specific tutorial on fixing that since it wouldn't happen for real life models, and I definitely know that Jojo and I do not have a tutorial on that. :sweat: If I'm correct though, you're talking about the general shadow around the jaw/chin, correct? You can fix bad shading such as that by skin shading, either with the dodge and burn tool, or by drawing in the shading (don't let the "draw" part scare you, cleanliness is not really needed). I have tutorials up, or linked, that talk about both so I'll just link them. Once I get an example though I can look at this more closely and figure out where to go. xD
    General links: Tutorial 13 – Introduction to Skin/Clothes Shading and Smoothing (Both)
    And Eli's tutorial: Tutorial 13 – Skin Shading (Both)

    If it's CAS, you might want to try one of the lighting mods. It may or may not remove it, but it's good to try. From her image, if it's the same problem you're talking about, it seems Neutral or Render spotlight will do the trick (stay away from overexposed, it ruins white and other pale things :lol:).

    Here is the general tutorial on other lighting mods that may or may not help (part 1 has lighting): Tutorial 1 - Setting Up Your Game (S4 Edition) - Part 1 | Part 2

    And sure! Which entries? :pleased: (I can give feedback on past entries for TMMMS too if you'd like, since those have already been scored.)
    Thankssssssssss SO Much Mizzie!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGZZZZ
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    It's sometiemes from CAS and in-game. Could have something to do with the cc skin I use on a couple of my darker skinned models? I'll try to get a couple of shots for you. The blend tool helps and so does the filters sometimes, also use the dodge and burn tools but they make it go too orange. I've recently discovered the shadow options and that has helped somewhat too. But if I want to blend in an in-game shot it often just spreads the darkness instead of blending it.

    I think I need some info about the different brushes as I'm not sure which one to use with what and at what strengths. Also there are so many other options I probably haven't even tried. PS is such a huge program and I don't feel like I've even scratched the surface as yet. :o


    In CAS

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    Yeah it happens with light skinned Sims too. Pretty sure it's just the lighting engine of the game and there's nothing you can do much about it. But the tutorials that Miz linked (shading and smoothing by Eli) is a good way to fix this because that method shades using the brush/smudge tool and colour, instead of the normal burn and dodge.
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    Thanks @gramatique <3. There has to be something, because look at xjojox's entries and Mizzie's they are all evenly coloured and highlighted. I saw the tutorials and the you tube one goes way too fast even when it's being explained after the initial speed intro. I would rather go by the other one as it can be printed with illustrations and I can have it front of me. I prefer it that way.
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    Heading to bed, but I'll just post my thoughts real quick. @Jendowoz0612
    It might be possible that it's the skin. I would recommend testing it on several other colors and also dling a new skin, see what happens.
    But keep in mind that Jojo and I also skin shade, so our lighting generally comes out quite different in the end. I've been lazy these past few months and only skin shade with the dodge and burn tool, but from what I remember, I generally don't touch the jawline too much.
    Sometimes the burn and dodge tool needs the settings adjusted to avoid the yellow. Did you try highlight mode? If I remember correctly that setting generally gives it a white rather than the orange from midlights/midtones or whatever it's called (tired, forgive me. xD). Then the shadows generally give it a grey tone.

    I'll discuss it more when I wake up, but I definitely see what you mean from the examples! If you can provide me a clean shot I can head into PS later and poke at it.
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 8,194 Member
    Okay, thank you, Mizzie, I'll get a shot and put it up here so you can get it from here after you've rested. Sweet dreams and thank you again. <3
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    @Jendowoz0612 Oh, and for the video I generally just pause, do the work, then continue the video. It's a fantastic shading vid though, works great on S3 sims. S4 shades a bit differently though (still works though), and in PS Overlay would be used very lightly as it's really strong compared to Gimp's Overlay. Was shocked when I made the transition, never expected it to do that. :lol:
    But I highly recommend Eli's tut overall since it's an S4 sim and it's in PS!

    You're welcome! Night. :grin:
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    Here is that same shot without the marks. I've enlarged it which is why it's a bit blurry. I also noticed some of the jewellry goes black, like this necklace. It is supposed to be silver.

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    Okay I'm here @Jendowoz0612. xD
    I think I need some info about the different brushes as I'm not sure which one to use with what and at what strengths. Also there are so many other options I probably haven't even tried. PS is such a huge program and I don't feel like I've even scratched the surface as yet. :o
    Which brushes? The sharpen, blur, smudge, burn/dodge, are usually all kept at 10% or lower. It's the recommended settings covered in all of my tutorials. Use the fuzzy brush (adjust when appropriate), and sizes depend on the brush type and what you're working with. For burning/dodging, use larger sizes to avoid the areas being too strong.

    Yup, PS is famous for that. There's not much you can do, other than studying the program, messing with it, and watching every available tutorial. And even then, the tutorials don't cover all the uses. Some people discover alternative uses for them that others wouldn't even think of, so the possibilities are endless. It's okay to feel overwhelmed about it, just keep practicing during your free-time.

    If you're willing to throw some cash at PS, which I really don't recommend if you're not serious in investing several years for either modeling, art, or photography, etc., I recommend getting a tutorial that breaks down PS. There is one by a really great guy, who makes some good tutorials, and his name is Phlearn. The reviews are so far really good, and I've watched one of his tutorials already, on Youtube, that cover basic PS information. I've actually linked that video series in my "Get to Know Your Program" tutorial. While he does have other paid tutorials, I recommend instead watching his Youtube videos when you get the chance, as they are short and easy to follow. A new trick each week is better than no trick at all. ;)
    Here is the tutorial that costs money: (Sign up for his newsletter for future discounts, tutorials, etc.)
    And here is his Youtube channel:

    And you never replied about looking at your pictures:
    And Mizzie, can you look at some of my entries and give me some tips as to what I can do to improve on them, please. :3
    And sure! Which entries? :pleased: (I can give feedback on past entries for TMMMS too if you'd like, since those have already been scored.)

    Also, did you test out different skins, as well as the shadow/highlights options on the burn/dodge tool?
    And finally, here is your photo. All I did was dodge. I used a mix of Highlights/Shadows settings at 10% exposure. Sorry the editing is a little a messy.

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