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VGryphon's Gift banners thread.

VGryphonVGryphon Posts: 1,310 Member
edited June 2015 in The Sims 3 Store Gifting
Hello, my name is Eric. As you can tell, I go by @VGryphon on these forums. :smile: I actually look a lot like my avatar. :smile:

I don't get a lot of sim point ads, but I have received many, many wonderful gifts from a lot of people here. I was trying to think of a way that I could give back to the community. So after giving @NagyGina (Mya) a banner for her Gift of Creation Game, I thought that I might spread the joy around a bit.

  • I'll do my best to keep the file size down so that the forums don't slow down too much for those with slower internet connections.
  • Banner size will be 639 pixels wide by 74 pixels high.
  • Posting in here will not guarantee a banner, but I will do my best to fill requests.
  • I might not get to your request right away. This is a free time thing for me, and sometimes I have other demands on my time.
  • I might get to the banners out of order. This will likely be an inspiration issue or I might need to ask some questions.
  • I retain rights to the images, as I will want to include some of these in my portfolio as well.
  • Gifting me is NOT a requirement, but gifts are always appreciated.
  • You can request on another's behalf, but I would rather you ask for yourself.
  • At my choice, I will limit the number of banners made for any one person.
  • Please limit requests to once a month for yourself.
  • I may make special banners that haven't been requested, at my discretion. These do not count toward the limit.

Request form:
  • Username?
  • What would you like for text on the banner?
  • What are your favorite themes?
  • What are your favorite Colors?
  • What are your dislikes?
  • Any Additional Details? (Like is this for a game?)
  • If you would like a sim to be included, please include a picture with a solid white background.


Instructions on how to use your new signature image:
  • Go to your profile page.
  • In the top-right there is a little figure, click on it.
  • Select "Preferences" from the resulting pull-down.
  • Click on "SIGNATURE SETTINGS" which will open up a text box.
  • Put the link to the image in this text box, surrounded by the [ img ] and [ /img ] tags.
    [img] http://i.imgur.com/MXxll3K.png [/img]
I hope this helps.
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I do not have a wishlist as I now officially own the store. I have a thank you thread. Here is my Sims 3 page. My top 5 list can be found here (it is empty).
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