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How to Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations- A Bella Birth


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    The Bug Diet

    Hailey:"Hey little sister. I've just watched a film called "Aristosimcats". Do you know how the butler got rid of the people threatening to steal his inheritance? He gave them milk with sleeping pills and than he abandoned them in the wild. Not that i'm thinking about it...just telling you a story..."
    Hailey, i need to talk to you.
    Hailey:"It was just a joke, i never meant to really do it!"
    What are you talking about? Please come outside, we need some privacy.

    So, Hailey. Congratulations. You won the vote and are now officially Generation 3's heir.
    Hailey:"Woot, woot! I did it. I'm the best. I'm the princess. I'm the.."
    Ok, ok, Hailey. Be careful, your arm is already stuck in your stomach. If you get even more excited, you could end up looking like a bretzel.

    There is just one thing, Hailey.
    Hailey:"Yeah, what is it? I'm going to do everything you ask me for. I'm so happy you've made me the heir!"
    Ehm, actually, the readers voted for you. I had nothing to do with it!
    Hailey:"Yeah, yeah, thank you everybody! So, what can i do for you, lovely?"
    (Oh boy, we have a teacher's pet here...)Some of the the voters told me that...ehm...
    Hailey:"Yeah, what is it? That i'm fabulous?"
    No...that you're still a little on the heavy side. They basically told me you need to loose some weight!

    Hailey:"Wha...What are they even talking about? I've practically been jogging through my whole teenage years! The rest is genetically!"
    Well, i thought so myself but you've started baking a lot of cookies lately...
    Hailey:"So what? I'm thinking about opening a bakery..."
    Yeah, i get that, but the point of a bakery is to actually SELL the baked goods, not eat them all yourselves!
    Hailey:"What can a girl do? I'm a glutton. There are just too many temptations around here..."
    I think so, too. That's why i've asked a good friend of mine to help you through your cravings far away from all tempations civilazition can offer...

    Hailey:"But i don' want to go...Yikes! I'm already there!"
    Mrs.Hermit:"Ok, listen, Hailey. You can eat as much as you want. As long as it is the right stuff. A green salad is much better than a whole plate full of cookies!"
    Hailey:"I know that, i'm not dumb. I just don't like green salad, that's my problem. And why is there a big heart plastered on me?!"
    Mrs.Hermit:"Because you're going to LOVE green salad BIG TIME once i'm finished with you little princess. (And the author obviously has messed with the time line and you had already lost an amount of weight before you came to me...but shhh, don't tell the readers! ...ehm...oops)"
    Hailey:"What could be more horrifying than a salad!?"

    Hailey wished that she would have never asked that question, because the answer was : BUGS! She had to eat them day in and day out, 24/7 and whatever makes it clear to you that she was ONLY allowed to eat bugs. I personally couldn't see her problem because they sounded very crunchy....ewwww....ehm, okay, i see the problem now.

    She wasn't even allowed to sleep in a normal tent. She had to sleep next to the public toilet and a disgusting pile of trash so she wouldn't have any appetite left once she woke.

    Her days were filled with only one activity:
    Jogging. Jogging. Jogging. And...Jogging.
    Oh...i almost forgot! Sometimes she was allowed to do push-ups under the waterfall, so that its weight would make it more challenging and effective. But surprisingly, after this she was always happy to go back to her jogging routine.

    The only variety in her diet schedule she actually liked was "Mrs. Hermit's Special Herbal Detox Smoothie" that she was allowed to drink every third day. And no, i'm not only saying this because Mrs.Hermit told me i don't have to pay for the trip if i'm advertising this drink.
    Hailey loved it, just look at her face! Order now!

    Month (days) later, Hailey was finally finished with her diet program.
    Hailey:"So....what do you think? Do i look good enough now? Am i finally allowed to go home? I couldn't even tell mom i'm leaving, she must be terrified..."
    Yeah, yeah. Enough with the complaining. You're acting like it is against the law to kidnap a person against their will and keep them looked up in a nature reservation without allowing them contact to anyone!
    You're allowed to go home now and may i say, you look stunning! I think you need to wear a short skirt from now on to show of them legs!
    Hailey:"Wha...Whatever you say. Plea...Please just let me go..."

    And there you have her, my dear audience. What am i supposed to do now? How can i possibly write this story for seven generations to come when there's basically only fine tuning of next generation's face and body to be done? Unless we bring the ugly back...

    To be continued...

    Next time on "How To lose Your Ugliness in Ten Gereations":

    The whole family does a lot of things in "Such Happenings, Much Wow!"

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel,
    I'm very sorry I've invaded your marital private life by taking an excessive amount of pictures of you trying to have some babies.
    I promise i won't post the picture all over the internet.
    Sincerely, marcellala

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    Jes2GJes2G Posts: 13,032 Member
    HAAAAAAAA!!!! The squirrels!!! :D

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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Wow! You do have a gorgeous girl in only three generations!
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    ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Make her have kids with someone hideous and don't let people vote on their heir to infuse the ugly back LOL

    I'm still curious to see what Eowyn ends up aging up as, even though she's not the heir. Hailey does look rather good, though something tells me that extreme pear shape will be hard to get rid of even after generations - although it's something that doesn't look bad on women, per say, more so on men.

    The squirrels were hysterical! :D
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    edited July 2015
    @ThePlumbob There is already something planned in the direction you're going in. It will be a collaboration ;)
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    Ahh and concerning Hailey: She looks like she's a daughter of Cassia and an alien. I was very dissapointed she's not the heir!
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    Such Happenings, Much Wow

    Bella had not taken her wedding dress off in forever and ordered Zion to do the same. She didn't want to let the magical moment in which she had been the center of attention go just yet.
    Zion: "Darling, i really think we should change back into our normal clothes. We're really starting to smell extremely unpleasant."
    Bella: "But if we do i'll just be normal old Bella and since Hailey is the heir now and i already have my Happy End, nobody is going to be interested in me anymore."
    Zion:"Why do you even need them to be interested in us? Them not wanting to see you as the heir is what gave us our Happy End in the first place."
    Bella:"You're right as always, Honey. I guess i'll have to change, not only my clothes but also myself... *sigh*"

    While Bella was standing under the shower, Cassia decided to break the toilet in the same bathroom because the poor thing looked a lot like her all time nemesis Jerky Johnny.
    Cassia:"Oooooops, i'm so sorry, Bella!"
    Bella:"GRANDMA! Get THE PLUM out of here! First you eat all my favourite chocolates and now you sneak up on me while i'm naked!"
    Cassia:"Oh, that's your problem? Don't be so prudish. I saw you naked as a baby! I thought you were embarrassed because your singing is so awful, my ears almost materialized again just to get the plum away from here!"

    After Bella had successfully claimed the bathroom for herself and changed back into her normal clothes, she nervously decided to take a pregnancy test. Her period had stopped for quite some time and she thought it was definetely too soon to be having a baby as a newlywed.
    She got a positive test result and didn't know how to feel about it.

    Bella:"Zion, i have to tell you something...I'm pregnant!"
    Zion:"What?! No! This is not the right environment to raise a child because everyone in this household is insane, especially your dead grandmother who visits every second night!"
    Bella:"I know...and we don't have enough money to get away from here and ESPECIALLY her!"
    Cassia:"HEY!!!! I KNOW you KNOW i'm standing right behind you!!!!"

    Valentina heart her mother screaming from outside and wanted to stop her from loosing her temper, but suddenly a weird light froze her and made her unable to move.
    Valentina:"Oh, not again! Why are you doing this to me this time?!"
    I swear i have nothing to do with it. Maybe it's your alien lover?
    Valentina:"Who are you talking about?!"
    Ah, right, you forgot about his existence. Well, i'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do. Have fun!
    And with that she vanished.

    Inside, Eowyn started to cry. She sensed that her mother had dissapeared and that it was time for her birthday. Cassia instantly stopped fighting with her oldest granddaughter to help her youngest one out.
    Cassia:"Everyone acts like i'm the crazy one, but in the end nobody has time to care for a helpless little baby around here. And than they are surprised i'm always around. Without me, the evil unicorn Sugardust would probably kill everyone in their sleep!"

    After Eowyn had aged up, she hid herself inside a bear costume. Since she was the only girl who never ever would grow up in hope of becoming the heir someday, she felt like it was not necessary people should know how she looked like. I tried to talk some reason into her, but reason is scarce in this family.

    At least she found a passive agrressive way to let her angry feelings towards her sister Hailey out without hurting anyone: Cheating while playing chess with her. Growing up without her mother Valentina, who had gone missing, was challenging for the little one. Her sisters tried to provide her with everything she needed, but Bella and her husband had moved to their cousins house and didn't visit as often as they promised.

    One day, an old woman who claimed to be Valentina materialized in their house. She told everyone of her abduction and how she had been a guinea pig to test why sim women could give birth to alien babies as well as men, but even Hailey was pretty sure she just had catched a terrible form of "Turpis Crazy". Pregnant men, whoever could believe such a thing?

    Valentina was not one to shatter other people's grasp of sim reality so she did not argue or tried to prove her claims, but she sure had enough of men because dating an alien was the reason for her abduction in the first place. She decided to dress just as bad as her mother had at her age to keep all the boys far away from her.

    Next time on "How To Lose Your Ugliness"

    I'm bringing ugly back. 'Nuff said!


    Cassia:"if you think this plot had holes as big as the planet Sixam, let me assure you it's all evil Sugardust's fault!"
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    ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    That dress! Oh Bella...

    Well Eowyn looks adorable so far :D Is she that ugly that we're not allowed to see her?

    I just love all the madness that goes on in this house!
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    ThePlumbob wrote: »
    That dress! Oh Bella...

    Well Eowyn looks adorable so far :D Is she that ugly that we're not allowed to see her?

    I just love all the madness that goes on in this house!

    Her nose is even more piggy-like than Cassia's from what i can tell. But i actually always wanted to use that bear costume for a child.
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    megsteroomegsteroo Posts: 201 Member
    Aww Eowyn! (I pronounce that name differently every time I say it. I think it's like Owen though? Or is it more like Ewan). I wanna see what she looks like. She's adorable in that costume though.
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    megsteroo wrote: »
    Aww Eowyn! (I pronounce that name differently every time I say it. I think it's like Owen though? Or is it more like Ewan). I wanna see what she looks like. She's adorable in that costume though.

    No it's pronounced E-owin i think if i remember correctly from Lord of The Rings films.
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    megsteroomegsteroo Posts: 201 Member
    Oh PLUM I'm so ashamed of myself :s
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    eXokamikazeeXokamikaze Posts: 3,870 Member
    I'm all caught up! Your writing is so hilarious, I love it! xD
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    I'm Bringing Ugly Back

    After some time, Valentina eventually dealt with her trauma of attracting kidnappers. She joined a "group" of constantly meditating elders, who believed they could stop the aging process by "oooooooming" a lot. She personally actually didn't, but they guys looked hot in yoga pants and she liked to wear those, too. In fact, because she didn't care too much about her appaerance anymore, she decided to wear whatever the plum she wanted instead of letting society tell her how to act and dress according to her age. But she did ask me to give her a chance of meeting at least one of her grandchildren born in the direct Turpis line unlike her mother and that was the reason she tried to stay fit with some new yoga moves and meditating.
    I knew the time had come to search for the perfect partner for Hailey.

    I want you to meet someone really special.
    Listen: This is really important. You might be a little shocked when you first meet him, but honestly, you're already a little too normal for my liking. We need to bring a little challenge back in this challenge, don't you agree? So...are you on board?!

    Hailey:"Wow, this roasted goose looked so tasty...i think i had a foodgasm. And all i'm allowed to eat nowadays is fish, fish, fish..somemore fish aaaand chicken without any salt."
    Did you even listen to me ?!
    Hailey:"Wha...Who...Ehm, of course!"
    Good, i arranged a special massage for you.
    Hailey:"Really? How nice and thoughful of you!"

    After Hailey had been given a thorough fertitlity massage, she felt more tense and full of sensual energy than ever before.
    Hailey:"Well, that massage felt weird. Why did she touch me at such unusual spots..and why do i feel so restless instead of relaxed?!"

    I than introduced her to the new kid in town: Greg Secksie, brother to Penelope Secksie! You can check out her live as a Prettacy Founder here . Thanks to the awesome @megsteroo for creating him specially for my challenge!
    Hailey:"Hello ther...HOLY LLAMA, YOU'RE UGLY AS PLUM!"
    Greg:"What?! You're not nice. @megsteroo told me you'll like me. I'm not sure i want to have babies with you!"
    Hailey:"What are you talking about?! BABIES? WITH YOU?!?!"
    Hailey, can you come inside for a sec? Sorry, Greg, we'll be back soon.

    Hailey:"What's going on here?!"
    I told you about it this morning. Did you even listen?! You are supposed to get impregnated by him and than give birth to the next heir.
    Hailey, this is not up for discussion.
    Hailey:"YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!"
    Yes, i can.

    So, how long do i need to force you to hold this position before you'll agree to date Greg?
    Hailey:"Ok, okay..."
    Say you'll do it.
    Hailey:"I'll do it!"
    I can't hear you.
    Hailey:"I'LL DO IT! Just allow me to entbrezel myself, please!"
    No problem.

    Hailey invited Greg to a date at a night club. She tried to be nice to never endure as much excruciating pain as she felt while doing yoga ever again.
    Hailey:"So, are you actually an enchanted llama that needs to be kissed to be one again? Because i would have less problems with dating a llama, you know!"
    Greg:"You're funny. I like you and you're really pretty!"

    Awwww, that was so nice, Greg. You have such a beautiful personality. Hailey, how about showing Greg your appreciation?
    Hailey:" A...sign of my appreciation."
    Greg:"'re really spoiling me!"

    The date went so well that Hailey decided to(/i made her) kiss Greg.
    Hailey:(Mmmrggmmm...his nose is sticking INSIDE me...but...he's not half bad at kissing!)

    After she had invited him into the infamous Love Tent for some intensive romantic book reading and baby making, Hailey suddenly felt totally different about Greg. I'm sure it had to do with her discovering how much they both had in common and that they were soulmates deep inside.
    Hailey:"Wow, you're really good at this, Greg!"

    Of course after getting the fertility massage it was no question that Hailey was pregnant and she told her prince about it.
    Greg:"What, really? Already? I'm not sure i can handle this. I thought we would only date for a while..."
    Valentina:"Welcome to our world!"

    To be continued...


    Eowyn:"Hello, fishy! I'm calling you Trudy!"
    Trudy:"(Listen, child. I am not a fish. I am an eleven dimensional being projected as a three dimensional version in form of a fish. I came here to warn you and your family from a catastrophe that will destroy the whole sim world. Please let me out of here, so i can materialize as something more powerful and save you all!!!) Blubb blubb blubb.."
    Eowyn:"Wow, you're lame. I want a dog!"
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    wynwyn Posts: 901 Member
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    LOL oh god, the fish! Hahahahahah. I <3 Eowyn.
    And oh lordy that nose. I thought my ugly founder's was unfortunate. I apparently was not creative enough, lol.
    I'd laugh my butt off if this kid turned out cute, but then again, that is the power of the Lothario seed!
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    megsteroomegsteroo Posts: 201 Member
    AAAAAAH! It's so awesome! I love your storytelling. It's so weird seeing a sim that I made here - like whaaaaaaaat? I'm hoping to introduce your family to the Secksie's soon, but it won't be immediate because I'm a lil bit ahead in game playing. (Also by the way, my founder's called Penelope, not Patricia ;) )
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    megsteroo wrote: »
    AAAAAAH! It's so awesome! I love your storytelling. It's so weird seeing a sim that I made here - like whaaaaaaaat? I'm hoping to introduce your family to the Secksie's soon, but it won't be immediate because I'm a lil bit ahead in game playing. (Also by the way, my founder's called Penelope, not Patricia ;) )

    Oh, i'm so sorry! I called Valentina Cassia really often and had to edit,so don't be offended. I'm just bad with names ;) I'll change it.
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    sidettisidetti Posts: 42 Member
    Cracked up at the fish, definitely my favorite part so far - but the whole story is amazing! Good work :)
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    Jes2GJes2G Posts: 13,032 Member
    LOL!! You should have seen my face when I first saw Greg! :o

    Wow, you're lame. I want a dog! LOL!!!

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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    Next time on How To Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations:

    Sometimes sim life gets in the way of what i said would be going to happen in the next episode. It's part of the fun of this game that not everything develops quite as you planned and that's why the next episode is called "Not with a Fizzle, But with a Bang" instead of "This Better be a Girl or Else!".
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    Not with a Fizzle, But with a Bang

    Valentina was very happy she could care for her pregnant daughter by making healthy and nurturing food. She was still sad her mother had died before she gave birth to her first born Bella and she really hoped she would see the next heir born into the family.

    Sadly, as always, Hailey didn't care too much for healthy food and tried to defy her mother's attempts of helping her by searching for fast food in the nasty trash can as only a real glutton like her would do.
    Hailey:"Oh man, they even got rid of the unhealthy TRASH!"

    Valentina went to her favourite Spa to meditate and get an answer on how to make her daughter understand that being a part of Hailey's pregnancy was somehting really important to her.
    Cassia:"Valentina? Can you hear me? Stop this awful ooming and listen!"
    Valentina:"Mother?! Why are you interfering with my meditation?"
    Cassia:"I wanted to talk with you, silly!"
    Valentina:"Why didn't you do that last evening when i asked you not to eat my last cherry yoghurt!"
    Cassia:"Because...ehm...This is an official "I am Helping You to Realize an Important Truth"-call... or something !"

    Cassia:"You're always talking about how you want to see at least one grandchild born into the family and how sad you are that i couldn't be there to experience your birth of the first eligible heir... but the truth is, i know all your children and i interact with them on a daily basis. I diapered Eowyn when she was a baby and i was there when Bella announced she was pregnant with my first great-grandchild.
    I have to tell you know that this will be your last day in this dimension and you won't be there in a physical form to see Hailey have her baby, but you will see your grandchildren eventually and your sisters and i are happy to have you back with us.
    You will always be a part of the Turpis family, in this form and in every other!"

    Valentina knew her mother was right and that she had overlooked how her death would not be the end of her life with her family, but the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in which she would make place for all generations to come and that she would be able to meet all of her descendants and see the struggle of life with new eyes. She became very peaceful and happy inside and decided to spent her last day on sim earth with everything that she had liked to do during her time in this dimension.

    As a physically gifted sim, she had always enjoyed any form of exercise. She tried out yoga and felt how the body she was soon going to leave behind responded to her mind in a way it hadn't before.

    She spent her nap time, which she as a lazy sim had always considered sacred, with a rose petal bath and came out feeling flirty and calm at the same time. She decided to call over a good friend who had become an enemy over time and forgive him like the good person she was on the inside would do.

    Forgiving her kidnapper and Eowyn's father was not the only thing she had in mind doing with him, though. She was and always had been an alluring sim who enjoyed having casual fun and King, the guy who needed years to tell her his name, was very attracted to her inner confidence and agreed to spent her last minutes with her.

    And when she felt that she was getting dangerously tired because of woohooing, she saw no reason why this should make her stop any time soon.

    Her last woohoo felt phenomenal because her spirit and her body were in perfect sync with one another for the very first and simultaneously last time.

    She felt her pulse and knew that her cause of death would be overexertion and not old age and eventhough the moment of dying felt strange, she was happy that she ended her life the same way that she had lived : With a Bang.

    Hailey felt a little sad seeing her mother go before she gave birth, but unlike Valentina she grew up with the knowledge that death was not the end of existence in the sim world and that she would see her mother again soon. Grimmy promised her to re-unite the deceased family members in the afterworld and she knew that he would do the same for her when her time would eventually come.

    And that concludes the second generation of my story. Thank you all so much for reading and i hope you stay tuned for all generations to come!
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    CamixEliseCamixElise Posts: 74 Member
    Aahhh, I can't wait til the next generation!!!
    I love this story so much!!!
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