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How to Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations- A Bella Birth


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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    edited July 2015
    Who will fall in love for real...find out in the next episode "Star-Crossed Lovers"

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    swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 3,027 Member
    marcellala wrote: »
    @schweppes Regular legacies started with an ugly founder and with the goal to make them pretty are called "prettacy". Mine has some special rules i invented for me (short lifespan, only one pregnancy per guy, after a marriage no more babies are allowed to be conceived in that generation), and i don't use a lot of the restrictions Pinstar uses.

    I don't know who the inventor of the prettacy playstyle was.

    I did not know that, cool to know! My first legacy is the Disney one which has no pretty/ugly restrictions. I really want to try a legacy starting with an ugly sim. Not sure my mind can handle to legacy at a time though lol.
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    @Schweppes If you do want to try to manage two, i encourage you to try this challenge on short. You feel the time flying by and it really enhances the difficulty level a lot for jobs, aspirations and getting the perect heir! This way you'll see your original game as relaxing and better for story-telling.
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    Star-Crossed Lovers

    From all the sim girls present in the Turpis household, Bella was probably the one the least interested in the other gender or love in general. Her best school buddy Zion was happily as relaxed as herself and when they were together they could talk for hours about everything. He was the only person who knew about her doubts that she was as evil as eveyone expected her to be. Even her mother thought that it would be just a question of time until she would accept her fate as being Savanna's heir of her villain empire, no matter if she would aslo be the heir of the legacy or not.
    Bella:"Zion, do you think i'll be able to handle all of this pressure? I doubt myself a lot lately..."
    Zion:"You don't need to be perfect, just be yourself.And you don't need to be what others think you are. You can be a little evil AND good at the same time, people are not one-dimensional. It's like what Leonard Cohen described in his song "Anthem": "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."
    Bella:"You're right. I love how you always make me feel better no matter what. I know i have to find my own way next to what is expected of me."

    A pleasant smell interrupted their serious conversation.
    Bella:"Let's go inside now. I can smell mom has cooked something delicious."
    Zion:"I LOVE eating here. Your mom makes the best food ever. Can i sleep here tonight so i can eat dinner here,too?"

    Suddenly, Bella felt very weirded out by this request eventhough Zion had stayed overnight before.
    Bella:"Are you sure this is a good idea? The last time we had a sleep over was when we were kids..."
    Zion:"Why should it be any different now? I miss telling you ghost stories so you can sleep better!"
    Bella:"You...You're right, it's not different than before. I don't even need to ask mom, she would be delighted that a boy sleeps here. She even encourages us to date..not that this has anything to do with that, of course!"

    After they had gone inside, Hailey and Savanna's son Jermaine came out of hiding. They had overheart Bella and Zion.
    Hailey:"There is a lot of gossip about these two. I think they would be a perfect couple!"
    Jermaine:"You see couples everywhere, cousin, because you're a hopeless romantic. These two would need a lot of help to actually become an item!"
    Hailey:"So, let's help them than."
    Jermaine:" I don't think this is a good idea but i'm just too tempted to try! This is how we'll do it: How about i also stay here tonight and we take both separate beds. this way they have to sleep in the "Love Tent"! Oh, this will be so much fun!"
    Hailey:"Sounds like a great plan to me! i don't get why you think it isn't a good idea, though..."

    Their plan worked brilliantly: The Love Tent spread its magic and staying so close together revealed feelings both Zion and Bella had hidden from even themselves. In the beginning it was something close to what her mother would approve of: They felt just passion for one another....

    ...but their long years of deep friendship just didn't allow it to stay a casual feeling. They fell in love for real and it was the greatest thing that Bella ever had experienced in her whole life.

    She was so overwhelmed by this feeling that she didn't remember her mother always warned them to not fall in love before they knew they wouldn't be the heir of this generation or before they had given birth to a good eligible heir. Bella made a promise to Zion she might not be able to keep.
    Bella:"I want to marry you when we grow up. I want us to have a big wedding and i swear to you i'll always want just you."
    Zion:"I feel the same way about you. I can't wait for the day we'll grow up so that we can marry and live together!"

    Bella told her beloved sister about her feelings and Hailey knew what this meant immediately. She began to paint a picture and couldn't keep from smiling. She thought to herself:
    Hailey:"I'm the princess in this household! Everyone thinks that just Bella is able to come up with self-serving plans, but everyone forgets i'm a Nerd Brain just like her and i know how to get what i want, too. Now Bella is deeply in love like i expected, she will never want to be heir after she realizes this will keep her from getting together forever with the boy she wants. I will be the heir of this generation.
    She will be happy with Zion and i will be heir like i wanted, everybody wins. We'll both have different lifes and still be happy just like the girls in this picture."
    What Hailey couldn't admit to herself was how her plan could really hurt her sister,which made her very egoistic. The painting actually showed the same girl living two different lives. Eventhough she smiled in both, Hailey didn't finish the second part because she knew deep inside that her sister had no choice in what life she would live and if she would be chosen to be heir, she would never feel complete again. Hailey was a romantic and just hoped that nobody would want to seperate the two lovebirds.

    When Bella grew up, she finally realized why her mother had warned her to fall in love. She had forgotten about how there are some expectations she couldn't just dismiss and how they started with them aging up to young adults. Once her sister would grow up, her fate would be decided for her instead of her choosing it herself. Time was running out...

    Next time on "How To Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations":

    Find out how Hailey got this rash in "Strange Happenings"


    Bella:"I finally found out how to be evil without being really evil: I just never shower again so everyone will be terrorized by my smell *muahahahaha*"

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    Jes2GJes2G Posts: 13,032 Member
    This was cute

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    Strange Happenings

    Since the day Valentina had started to work at the science lab, she had always dreamt about visitng the newly discovered planet Sixam. She had even invented a portal that was able to send her through space and time, but she was never able to correctly adjust it.
    Cassia:"When will you finally get that there are no new worlds or dimensions out there!"
    Valentina:"Mom, it so happens to be that YOU are actually from another world in another dimension. Besides, it has been proven that Sixam exists and that there is a possibility this planet has resources that could or already have developed intelligent life."
    Cassia:"How DARE you correct me as if i was a crazy person that does not know where she lives! I'm insane, that's not the same! And if you're such a know-it-all how about you invent a way to contact those possible intelligent life to ask it directly how you get to Sixam instead of constantly failing to find it, huh?"
    Valentina:"Don't be silly moth...That could actually work!"

    Next day at work, Valentina invented a satellite amd sent messages out into the space explaining how much she would love to meet with residents of Sixam and that whoever could here her should sent directions back.

    Strangely, the only thing that happened was that her co-workers started to act really crazy. Some dressed in their bathing suits, others ran around acting like monkeys and destroyed extremely important inventions and top-secret stuff that could be potentially harmful. Valentina had to get this chaos ,possibly caused by the high frequency or whatever satellites sent (after several years at work as a scientist, Valentina still had to meet someone who actually expected her to know any science stuff), under control and she worked the whole night to fix it.

    When she came back in the morning, a bunch of weird coloured people sat in her kitchen and Hailey was extremely angry at her. Than she started to scream across the whole house.
    Hailey:"MUUUUUM, did you invite this plummy aliens? From what i've understood ...eventhough they have like.. the strangest accent EVEEEER, you've sent them a message to come visit us!"
    Valentina:"I never invited them HERE! I told them to sent me directions to THEIR home!"
    Hailey:"Well, they obviously plan to invade our planet than. I hate those plummy plum plums!"
    She ran out of the kitchen and barricaded herself in the hobby room.

    Valentina approached the strange visitors friendly and tried to ask to tell them that her daughter was freaked out by them.
    Valentina:"Listen Mr...."
    Purple Alien:"Oh, we don't really have names over where we live. Just call me Pollination Technician 7."
    Valentina:" don't really have a strange accent."
    Purple Alien: "Oh, that's probably because i already talked to a human for quite some time. I..invited him to stay with me but i had to sent him back eventually. But that happened some sim decades ago so you might not know him. We age differently!"
    Valentina:"Well, that is all really nice to know but could you please leave my home? my daughter seems to be very scared of you."
    Purple Alien:"Oh no...I want to stay a little bit longer. I enjoy the view quite a bit!"

    Hailey started to scream again.
    Hailey:"MUUUUUUM, did you get rid of these oddballs?! I think i'm allergic to all things alien, i've gotten a major rash! Pleaaaase, hurry, they've even..."

    "..stunned poor Bella with a strange weapon, because she tried to fight them. I hope she'll be okay. Mum? MUUU-UUUUUUUUM!!!!"

    But her mother couldn't hear her, because she was busy helping the purple alien to enjoy the view. After she showed him her bed and read some romantic books to him, he told her to kiss him goodbye and she agreed.
    What she didn't know was that he had a fluid in his mouth that made her forget she ever met him. He had already stunned one girl and he knew nobody would listen to the squeaky other one when she would tell others aliens had visited her house because she seemed like such a drama queen. His job was done and he and the rest of the aliens left.

    Next day at work Valentina felt horribly bad and she was so unfocused that she broke the toilet and spilled mud all over her while tending to the science lab garden.
    Valentina:"OMG, i'm normally only this clumsy and miserable when i'm pregnant... Wait!!!!! Where does this largy baby bump suddenly come from?!"

    Valentina tried hard to remember who could have gotten her pregnant without her noticing but she just couldn't. Hailey claimed that it was a purple alien, but that poor girl just needed a lot of attention as always. Valentina decided that her messing around had to stop when she wasn't even able to remember who would be the next baby daddy.

    After a very unnatural short amount of time, Valentina gave birth to a purple baby. Had Hailey told her the truth? And who would be going to be heir after Eowyn, the third girl had been born into the Turpis household?

    To be continued...

    Next time on "Howe To Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations":

    SPECIAL EPISODE: A guy named Elder is looking for his son. Find out more here or use the hashtag #wheresfree.


    Random Woman:"I look so fly!"

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    Heir Vote

    These are the three (more or less) lovely girls you can choose from to be third generation's heir:

    Bella is the oldest of the three sisters and the daughter of Alexander Goth. You can see a little bit of her grandmother Bella Goth in her, but probably more from her other one, Cassia, who is the founder of this legacy.
    She already has been a young adult for quite some time (measured in the short lifespan) which could make it harder to give birth to an eligible heir before she turns into an elder. She finished high school with a B and has a job in the astronaut career at level three. Her childhood reward trait is physically gifted.
    She is deeply in love with her childhood friend Zion and even plans on giving up her evil ways just to marry him. If you choose her as the heir, she will not be able to do that right away and that might push her over the edge and turn her into an evil villain just like her aunt Savanna once was.

    Hailey is the middle child and her father is a townie called Phillipp Whitman. She had looked very promising during her childhood but didn't turn out to be the beauty everyone had her expected to become which made her eager to proof she is still able to uphold the legacy. that's why she trained a lot during her teenage years to loose the "baby fat".
    She just grew up to young adult and finished high school with an A. She currently has no job and her childhhod reward trait is creatively gifted.
    She has not dated any boys yet and due to her being a romantic, she maybe will have a problem with never seeing some baby daddys again. But she seems to be the one most motivated to show everyone that her father's genes are still superior to those of normal townies.

    We don't know anything about her yet. Except for that she's purple and doesn't like to be photographed and what do you really need to know more about a person?

    The poll has been closed. Thank you all for your participation
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    CamixEliseCamixElise Posts: 74 Member
    Well instead of actually playing the sims today I spent my game time reading this. I love everything about it, especially how you narrated it and made it an amazing story. I can't wait to see how Eowyn grows and what she looks like.
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    UmbralFlowerUmbralFlower Posts: 4,494 Member
    I voted for Eowyn. Mostly because she'll have alien genetics mixing with Valentina' that will be interesting. And she's still a baby, so no rush to really start cranking out the next generation. And as an alien offspring, you could make interesting storylines.
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    BabyCarrotzBabyCarrotz Posts: 950 Member
    I just love how the genetic works in Sims 4. A child can have both their parents features :) I'm really tempted to vote Eowyn but there's no telling how she'll look like when she grows up so I voted for Hailey instead, because she looks the most... err normal? Except for the wide hips xD Bella is kinda cute too but since she's in love and all I'll leave her do things her own ways :#
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    ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Yay an alien baby! I absolutely want Eowyn to be the heir! Still loving all of Cassia's little visits!
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    Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,694 Member
    Great Story! I would still choose Hailey I think she is the prettiest of them. But maybe she should work out some more :D
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    Thank you all for voting :)

    @JulyaVee I think she can't loose anymore. she became a glutton when she grew up so she might even gain it all back.
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    I must say i personally favor Eowyn. It's just that surprise effect she'll have. I still don't know how she looks (i haven't touched the game after Eowyn had been born), but if she's really horrible looking...well, i still have seven generations to go.
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    ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    I think Hailey is too good looking to go with her haha - she'd throw the whole challenge off :D

    Not really related but I just saw that you're going to Gamescom @marcellala ? I'm so jealous!
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    wynwyn Posts: 901 Member
    I'm torn between Hailey and Eowyn. But since she has wyn in her name *cough*, I'll go with Eowyn. :)
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    PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 652 Member
    I voted for Hailey but I see your point about Eowyn. It would be fun to be surprised (and also to have time to play out Bella's and Hailey's stories before focusing in on the next gen).
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    @ThePlumbob I'm german and i lve very near to Cologne, so i almost go every year. It's pretty cheap for students.
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    That's what the poll result looks like at the moment...
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    UmbralFlowerUmbralFlower Posts: 4,494 Member
    Oooooh exciting. No chance in telling us who the 50% is? :p
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    Special Episode: Misunderstandings ( #wheresfree )
    (Find out more here)

    One night, Valentina decided to take a walk in the middle of the night to get away from all of her demanding diva daughters. She met a guy who apparently rented the cottage in their neighbourhood.
    Elder:"It's very nice to meet you. Can i ask you a question? I'm looking for my son and some female friends."
    Hailey had screamed at Valentina through the whole day because she wouldn't buy her the newest dress fom her favourite brand "Simllama" and she had problems hearing correctly.
    Valentina:(He wants a son and a "female friend"? He's pretty direct and moving fast,also very cute... i like that!)

    Elder:"I could show you a picture of..."
    Valentina interrupted him, because she felt too much talking would just ruin the moment.
    Valentia:"I'm pretty sure i can help you with that!"

    Elder invited her into the house and was excited to maybe get a clue about the whereabouts of his son.
    Elder:"It's so nice to finally meet someone who knows something!"
    Valentina:"Oh, Honey, i know a lot. You are going to have a whoole lot of fun with me tonight."

    Elder was extremely irritated.
    Elder:"Are you trying to flirt with me while i'm searching for my missing son and two friends? Don't you think that's extremely inappropriate?"
    Valentina:"You're searching for your missing son? I'm so sorry!"

    Elder felt like Valentina was making fun of him, because he already told her about that.
    Elder:"I think you should leave. That was a waste of my time."
    Valentina:"I must have misunderstood you. I thought you were flirting with me,too..."

    Valentina explained everything that had happened between her and her daughter Hailey and also mentioned that she aspired to be a Serial Romantic, which made her very weak to flirting. Elder wasn't a judgemental person and instantly forgave her.

    Valentina:"I'm so sorry i couldn't help you. Our neighbourhood is pretty small, if a boy with an animal hat and two girls would be running around here, i would know it, trust me!"
    Elder:"It's not a problem, i'm sure i'll find them eventually!"

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    ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    edited July 2015
    Hahaha this was such a fun update! I laughed so hard at the "He wants a son and a "female friend"?" part!

    Clearly everybody wants a piece of Elder, first it was @plastiekzakske 's Grim and now Valentina :D

    Edit: I really wish I could both Like and LOL your post, because it's brilliant!
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    Jes2GJes2G Posts: 13,032 Member
    LOL, wow. HUGE misunderstanding! Huge.

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