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How to Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations- A Bella Birth


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    Jes2GJes2G Posts: 13,032 Member
    That's an interesting idea...

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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    A Beginning and an Ending

    I present to you my second generation heir: Valentina Turpis. This is a picture of her right after her birthday. She aged up into an adult and turned out to be a Good person after all.
    I know most of you might not be surprised i've chosen her eventhough some of you might have hoped i would choose Savanna, because Valentina was my favourite from the beginning, but i swear i had my doubts throughout. Savanna is an interesting child, look- and personalitywise and i think i will ask myself at the end how all would have turned out with her as the heir.
    But i have the same feeling in a stronger way with Valentina and that's the reason i'm picking her. Don Lothario's genes win again, there you have it.
    Valentina: "I think i always knew it was going to be me in the end and i learned to live with this pressure. I know i have to make some sacrifices and might never find my true love. Holding up a legacy is hard work, but i want to do it. I hope you all are going to like me and MY legacy in the end. Savanna probably isn't sorry at all. Giving birth to a lot of children would just hinder her plans to take over the world with an evil monster-vacuum-cleaner!"

    Valentina was the only one of her sisters who finished school with a B instead of an A and that only with a lot of help. So when i told her i thought it was a good idea to start her career as a scientist, she was not excited in the least. She didn't believe she was capable of doing it and didn't understand that my main goal was to find a lot of suitable baby daddies.
    Valentina: "If i'm going to cause the moon to explode or something, it's your fault! This would have been a good job for Savanna..."

    I should have been the one doubting my plan. All of Valentina's co-workers turned out to be black-haired chicks. Savanna wasn't too sure she really had to work on inventing a cloning machine.. it looked like it already existed at this place.

    The only guy working there was not even close to being a hottie. But he was a good co-worker and offered Valentina some help for her big dream of being the first sim who visits Sixam (to find hot alien dudes if they were out there), a planet discovered recently. Valentina appreciated his help and was sure they would become good friends.

    Still, the issue of finding cute guys persisted. Valentina decided to go out and inspect a new bar in Newcrest. But instead of finding them she found..her sister, highly pregnant, out and about.
    How about staying at home, Cleo!
    Cleo: "That's none of your business. I'm free of your control now. Ha!"

    There was really no suitable guy there and out of frustration, Valentina sat next to a man with a horrible taste to tell him she would call the fashion police if he was not going to leave.
    Valentina: "Look, dude, i'm only telling you this for your own good. You don't look too bad, but honestly no chick's going to speak to you this way."
    Alexander: "What are you talking about? Don't you know who i am? I am Alexander Grusel (Goth) and my parents are the most famous people in town. EVERY girl wants me!"

    Of course Valentina couldn't be impressed by that show-off's impressive resume. She didn't care that Bella Goth has been a fan-favourite since the first Sims game and that the Goth family had one of the most mysterious backrounds in the whole series. She also wasn't impressed by his impressive fortune.. Valentina? VALENTINA?!

    Valentina found out that she was expecting her first child and told Alexander about it. She hoped he would be glad that the Goth family would continue its legacy, but she found out that Alexander Hate(d) Children and that he was extremely jerky about the whole situation. History seemed to repeat itself. The first guy Cassia ever dated was Jerky Johnny... Valentina just hoped that she was also pregnant with a girl.

    Savanna grew up as well and it was no surprise that she turned ou to be Chaotic, because she never cleaned up anything. Cassia looked at how she had three grown-up daughters and how Cleo told her that she also had TWO grandchildren already and she knew her time was near.

    Cassia decided that she would spend her last days with her family and so she visited Cleo at her home to get to know her grandchildren a little bit better. She was convinced she would not see Valentina give birth and she was glad she at least could see Brock and Kassandra Turpis-Whelan and that they turned out to be happy and pretty children.

    The next day, Cassia had a strong sensation that this would be her last one and she called all her daughters to her to give each of them one last advice.
    Cassia: " Cleo, my precious first-born. I'm so happy all turned out to be so well for you. Please always keep in mind that you're sisters are your friends, not some sort of stronger competition that took away all that should have been yours. Be happy and content with what you have now, because it is a lot.
    Valentina, my heir, i know it is a lot of pressure but i also know you can do it. You inherited my happy-go-lucky ways and i hope that you will always keep them.
    Savanna, my baby girl, please don't destroy the world and always clean your ears!"

    After she had said what she wanted to say, she could just let herself go and died with a smile on her face. All three girls cried their hearts out, but they knew that grimmy would be gentle to her and that Cassia had accomplished all she wanted in life.

    And that concludes the first generation of my Ugly Challenge. thank you all so much for reading and i hope you stay tuned for all generations to come! Cassia will be dearly missed by me, she was one of my favourite sims ever and i hope we will see her as a ghost sometime!

    To be continued...


    I thought about leaving this one out this time around but here is one last picture of cassia at her best:
    Cassia: "No one is going to notice that i farted green stuff, when everything else is also green around. Hehe!!"

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    Jes2GJes2G Posts: 13,032 Member
    That last caption is hilarious.

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    UmbralFlowerUmbralFlower Posts: 4,494 Member
    Awww I'm kinda sad Cassia is gone now :( I can't wait to see Alexander and Valentina's kid(s)...Either way, they're gonna have a funny lookin' nose lol.
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    edited June 2015
    @DreamsInPixels Yeah, you're right! Alexander really doesn't look too good if you consider that both his parents are somewhat attractive.. but when i saw him i just had to get the Goth family into my famil tree !
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    UmbralFlowerUmbralFlower Posts: 4,494 Member
    I don't blame you :p I plan on having the Goths in my story eventually. They're Sim Royalty.
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    Brightesteyes11Brightesteyes11 Posts: 8 New Member
    I am SO doing this challenge. It seems so fun!!
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    BabyCarrotzBabyCarrotz Posts: 950 Member
    @marcellala Awh Cassia will be dearly missed <3 Please don't let her move on to the next world, yeah that sounds wrong but we'd miss her if she did. She'll be watching over her descendants in her ghost form :D
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    Brightesteyes11Brightesteyes11 Posts: 8 New Member
    My ugly founder had triplets!! Could make it a little easier?
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    wynwyn Posts: 901 Member
    My ugly founder had triplets!! Could make it a little easier?

    Lol, mine's first pregnancy had twins. They're just equally ugly XD
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    My ugly founder had triplets!! Could make it a little easier?

    Oh, triplets! Hopefully they turned out good-looking at least.
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    aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,456 Member
    Just caught up. So excited about the nooboo. But sad about Cassia.

    Ah! So great, though!
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    ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Aww so sad that Cassia is gone, she was such a funny sim! This legacy is making me want to play an ugly sim - perhaps I should inject a bit of ugly into my Bloomer legacy come next generation? :D
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    @aroseinbloom Nooboo means baby, right? I need to learn more simlish. I just know Sul Sul.

    @ThePlumbob I would start a different save.. honestly, the problem with ugly is, that it can make the children look not ugly but uninteresting.

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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    edited June 2015
    Savanna Learns a Lesson

    Meet the first-born eligible heir of Generation 3. Valentina decided it was a good idea to name her after the girl's father's mother and so she's called Bella. Valentina couldn't be more proud. First pregnancy and already a girl. Just like her mom, she was an awesome legacy upholder.

    Valentina wasted no time in finding baby daddy number two and she was lucky that i already knew who it would be: An old school-friend of her sister Savanna who looked like a person who is a regular at a plastic surgeon's office. Valentina asked me to keep his face hidden until she gave birth to the baby he fathered right away.

    I'm just joking. Here he is: I forgot his name, but it could very well be "My nose and my lips are natural, i swear!". Savanna met him during one of her biology classes and instantly knew that she just had to bring him home.

    To reward her for thinking about anyone besides herself and her monster vacuum-cleaner, i introduced her to another good-looking guy named Rudy. Savanna didn't need any approval and just went for a kiss. Luckily for himself he responded well to it, because her monster vacuum-cleaner hadn't eaten anything for several days and was pretty hungry.

    He also did not object to some fun and Savanna would never, so know.... read some very romantic books in the family's tent.
    Savanna: "So she chose Edward? I'd totally go for Aro."

    Apparently, Savanna didn't like.. the books that her date liked. But she wanted to tell him in a very tactful manner, because overall she wouldn't object to reading something a little more advanced next time.
    Savanna: "You plum at this!"

    Savanna: "Here is a refreshment so we can try again right away!"
    Rudy: "Okay, that's enough.. I'm leaving And i never ever ever want to see you again!"

    Savanna was devastated. What did she do wrong? She really liked Rudy and she couldn't imagine anyone could not like her. This had to be some kind of misunderstanding. She never had been so kind to any other person in her whole live, she even was willing to give him a second chance!

    Savanna channeled all the evil spirits she knew to tell her mom about her boy problems. Luckily, Cassia had just come back from a ghost cruise through Hades and gave her daughter an awesome advice:
    Cassia: "The way too a man's heart is... to instanly move in with him and never ever leave him alone for even a second! Trust me, i'm just as insane as you are!"

    Savanna instantly moved out and even missed her niece's birthday. Bella grew up to be a Outgoing Rambunctious Scamp.
    She turned out to look cute in her own way and definetely had her mother's eyes.

    To be continued...

    Not really meanwhile...

    Ehm... WRONG PLACE, Alexander.

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    PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 652 Member
    I'm loving this story! I never post anything on here (usually just a lurker), but this is awesome.
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    TheSikiSassTheSikiSass Posts: 273 Member
    I like this story. Time to bookmark it.
    gay is ok kids
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    edited July 2015
    The Interrogation

    Another baby born in the Turpis household!'s a girl. Again! Five girls in a row. Valentina named her Hailey and was more than happy to have provided the challenge with a new spare or heir. I have to tell you, i really had a feeling this would be a boy this time around.
    So, Valentina.
    Valentina: "Hmhm!"
    I started to ask myself a question.
    Valentina: "How amazingly good your choice of picking me as the heir was?"
    Yeah, yeah. That and another thing. Did you our your mum ever eat strawberries during pregnancies by any chance? Or listened to a lot of pop music? Because you know i forbad you to do this, right?
    Valentina: "How should i know what mum ate during pregnancies. I didn't eat strawberries and we don't even have a radio! Why do you care what i do during my pregnancy, anyways. Can't you just be happy?!"
    Hmmm...veeery suspicious. I looked at the baby girl that was crying way more often than any other off-spring that was ever born in this household and decided i had to investigate the situation.

    I sent Bella to the park so that she could play with her cousins and not be a in the way to see her mother break down and confess all her little lies to me.
    Brock: "So, Bella. I heart you'll stay at our house tonight? Where's your mum at?"
    Bella: "Oh, no worries. Our creator is desperately trying to make up a storyline about mum eating strawberries behind her back to keep the readers attention and use some screenshots that wouldn't have fit into the story otherwise,because she never gets the chance to say "So many boys! Will our legacy survive?". She'll interrogate her tonight."
    Kassandra: "And you're cool with this?!"
    Hey, i promise nothing will happen to Valentina! Nothing too bad at least...

    Before i could speak with Valentina, Savanna showed up on the porch.
    Savanna: "Let me iiiiiiiiin!"
    No, Savanna. Go home or to the hospital! I'm going to visit you later.
    Savanna: "But what's going on? Why do i have this weird stomach ache?! I only read romantic books in the tent with Rudy, i swear!"
    Sigh. There are the birds and the bees...No, Valentina is escaping!
    Savanna: "Hehe, do you really think i don't know how babies are made? Glad to help, sister!!!"

    I asked Officer Delaney, a friend of mine to arrest and interrogate Valentina for me, because i couldn't find her.
    Delaney: "So, she broke down and told me EVERYTHING! The baby can't be hers, she can't have any, because.... SHE IS TOO OLD!!! I'm such a genius!"
    That's not Valentina. Where is she??? Woman, TALK!
    Old woman: "Ok, ok. Valentina paid me to switch roles with her and Officer Delaney arrested me instead. Please, i have to look after my poor cowplant who eats people i hate! Let me go!"
    Okay, you're free to go. Thanks for nothing, Delaney!

    I asked some very special friends of mine to find Valentina and catch her for me. The time for spilling the beans voluntarily had passed. They would find a way into Valentina's mind and tell me the truth.

    Valentina: "That's a little extreme, don't you think? Who could know better than you that i never ate any strawberries to influence the gender!"
    Yeah, you're probably right. It was just a really fun prank.
    Valentina: "Well, now we know why Savanna has become so evil. Let me down!"

    Are you sure? That alien ship is actually a Spa. I wanted to thank you for being such an awesome legacy upholder!
    Valentina: "Really? Thank you. I'm really tired, though. Can I sleep there?"
    Sure thing. See you next episode!

    To be continued...

    Random Ghost: "Oh, no! They found the only way to lock me up: Between two dimensions! Oh well... i'm just going to stand here, looking cool!"

    No Sims were harmed during the making of this episode
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    ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    So many girls! Also, I just love the blooper images at the end of each chapter. Also, I always wish females could get impregnated by aliens when abducted too. Seems like such a waste!
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    moonswirlsmoonswirls Posts: 2,350 Member
    How did you have so many girls? :O thats insaaane, your family is like a female machine! I'm loooving this story, so funny! <3 x
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    edited July 2015
    @ThePlumbob I think my game is somehow borked. The spares that moved out both got boys, but i always had this imbalance of genders born in my own household, even before you could influence gender. It was normally to my disadvantage, though.
    Cool, that you enjoy the "meanwhile"-section. I have a some kind of werid talent for pausing the game at the most ridiculous possible time, when i just try to take a normal screenie. 90% of those situations aren't even bugs.
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    Jes2GJes2G Posts: 13,032 Member
    he he he, that's one cool ghost!

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    swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 3,027 Member
    marcellala wrote: »
    @ThePlumbob I think my game is somehow borked. The spares that moved out both got boys, but i always had this imbalance of genders born in my own household, even before you could influence gender. It was normally to my disadvantage, though.
    Cool, that you enjoy the "meanwhile"-section. I have a some kind of werid talent for pausing the game at the most ridiculous possible time, when i just try to take a normal screenie. 90% of those situations aren't even bugs.

    Love your story!! There has been nothing but girls in my game too! I, unlike Valentina, even tried they whole eat carrots and whatever music it is for a boy and still got a girl. I may have switched a kids gender in CAS, shhh don't tell!
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Time To Move (On)

    Hailey was an extreme crybaby. It was so awful, that even her outgoing sister just wished Hailey would stay quiet forever. This girl obviously knew she was born as a princess and rubbed it in everyone's face and that as a baby. How bad would it be later on?

    Hailey aged into a child and turned out to be very cute. There seemed to be no resemblance to her grandmother and her face didn't look anything like her mother's, either. She looked so normal, that people were genuinely surprised when she told them her last name was Turpis, because the family was well-known for having nearly only oddball children. But no one was surprised she was such a Gloomy child. She cried throughout her whole baby years and everyone expected her to never stop again.
    At least she had a better way of letting out all this negative emotions now. She was very creative and aspired to be an Artistic Prodigy

    Hailey didn't adjust well to the fact that her family actually was quite poor and that she needed to share a bedroom with her mom and her sister, instead of her wish for a reality in which she was a princess born into a very royal family.
    Valentina had planned to save up more money for a really big house, because living a sim life on a short lifespan and getting a lot of children hadn't given her mother too much opportunities to earn a fortune. But she saw how much her daughter struggled and decided that it was time for a change. One day, she took the children to a really big lot in Newcrest and told them that she would buy it and build a new house there.
    Hailey: "But will it be a castle? I want a castle! I NEED a castle! I know it won't be one and i'm already dissapointed... "
    Bella: "Mum, look. There is a park right next to our house and a lot of little playgrounds. I'm loving this new home already!"
    Valentina: "I'm sure both of you will be happy here. You might not be able to imagine this, but i had to sleep next to the TV when i was your age and one of my sisters even had to sleep in the same bed as my mom!"

    Valentina was not able to afford a castle. but she wanted a big house so Hailey could at least be a little happy and so she had not much money left for the furniture. She promised herself to work extra hard to make the house a real home.
    (The house is a Gallery download.The builder is @melomo66)

    Something terrible had happened during the move: All of the pictures and paintings of family members had been ruined. Valentina supsected that it was Savanna's doing, because she had looked terrible in most of them.

    At least Valentina was now able to show how much her mother had ment to her by building an...appropriate (?)... graveyard.

    Cassia really appreciated it.
    Cassia: "I had such a terrible time in the afterworld. Jerky Johnny and your father, Don Lothario, both said that they are glad i never chose them as my eternal partner and started a I-Hate-Cassia-Club.Thanks for cheering me up by building me..a... whatever this is!"
    Valentina: "You're welcome. And say dad, that i know you're the better person. He never even called me!"

    Alexander Goth also never called Bella and knowing that her father, who hated children, didn't care one bit about her made the cheerful Bella grow up to be an Evil teenager, like her aunt. But Savanna had never reached her goal of taking over the world and Bella was sure she knew why:
    All the evil robots her aunt had built to help her conquering were plummy and so every lame superhero was able to defeat them.
    So, before aspiring to take over the world, Bella's first plan was to become a Nerd Brain which would be easy because she was a Quick learner and together with being Physically Gifted, she would be an invicible force.
    As an Outgoing and just slightly evil leader she was sure people would love her.

    To be continued...


    Valentina... Are you peeing your pants and... enjoying it?!
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