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How to Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations- A Bella Birth

Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
I present to you my Ugly Founder for the TS4 Ugly-Challenge


I play with the following rules:

-short lifespan
-only female heirs are eligible (no gender influencing)
-one pregnancy per guy
-Spouses are only allowed to move in when the founder/heir doesn't get pregnant again in this generation
-Potential baby-fathers are neither self-made nor dowlnoaded via Origin
-no mods that simplify the challenge are allowed
-the first born female heir of the tenth generation will be the last born in this challenge and..
-ETA: I randomize all my sims traits and aspirations with the "Random Traits Generator" over here:

...The goal is of course to get a pretty female heir at the end!

I write this as a kind of photo album to remind myself of what has happened in the past since i really enjoy this self-adjusted challenge so far. Of course everyone is allowed to comment and i would be very happy about feedback. It would be cool if you could mention me if you want to answer to a picture post instead of quoting so there won't be the same pictures over and over again :)

Excuse my language sometimes, i'm not a native speaker and far from perfect but i promise to watch out for mistakes. Enjoy <3


Founder Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation



The first fifty episodes can be found on this thread (pictures partly not viewable anymore) and on my blog (all episodes intact) everything else is only at the second location. My wordpress:
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Two in One Day

    For some reason sims always look best while they are jogging in this game. I personally always look the worst while i'm doing it! Cassia's sporty outfit was really flattering and showed off all her positive attributes. Especially the ears she normally hid under her hair. Gotta love them!

    ...but apparently Johnny Zest did not! He immediately showed a level of disgust you would expect from a former pampered rich boy who wants his parents to accept his quirks but doesn't accept those of others himself! Since he is exactly that and Cassia had boosted her confidence before approaching him, she did not let him scare her off...

    ...and swayed him with her perfect manners and unresistible charm! Who could say no to such a face when you can't see it?! Johnny luckily forgot to look at it again until...

    ...he already liked her enough to agree to being baby-daddy number one! But the chemistry between him and Cassia just seemed too forced to make them enjoy themselves... At least Cassia's face never looked as enthusiastic as the heart-noises Johnny uttered from underneath the sheets sounded.

    Whatever he was doing down there was at least effective! Cassia got pregnant in an instant and i promised her she would never have to deal with rude, boring Johnny Zest ever again!

    What Cassia needed after this whole debacle was a romantic and passionate guy who didn't need to be tricked into finding her attractive. Of course Don Lothario was the first one to offer her this kind of ego boost. His immediate attraction was apparent before she even said one friendly word to him and he didn't seem to notice her pregnancy related weight gain. What a guy!

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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Never to Return Again

    Don fell in love with Cassia pretty deeply. He showed it through simple things like taking out her trash since it is probably the only way bro guys like him know how to express their affection. I almost felt sorry for him knowing Cassia probably wouldn't want to stop after two children just to date him for real. Would he be okay if he eventually found out about her ulterior motives?

    Meanwhile Cassia went into labor with her first baby. Although i promised her she never had to see Johnny Zest ever again, i figured a dad had a right to observe his child's birth. Jerky Johnny voluntarily abandoned this right and left right after freaking out. Maybe he already forgot about Cassia's looks and couldn't fathom why he let her sway him into impregnating her. Or he just realized how expensive child support can get and how a unsuccessful comedian who has been disinherited by his parents like him didn't really know how to carry on even without this huge expense.
    He had already ran off before Cassia could tell him that he wouldn't be involved into raising her first-born anyway.

    A single-mother has to be strong and who could be stronger than Cassia, who worked her way up from being a pathetic asisstant to being a slightly less pathetic assitant? She knew she could do it on her own although the thought obviously scared her.

    When you already feel uncomfortable and insecure, it doesn't really help if someone gives you a validate reason to. Cassia's doctor seemed to have graduated from "Mistreatment University" and she knew a bill she definteley wouldn't pay even if a sim had to!

    Although you might not be able to really tell just from her appearance, Cassia is actually not an alien. So she was more than suprised when her first eligible female heir, Cleo, turned out to look like an alien hybrid. Had the real Johnny Zest been replaced with an alien copy? But who could really think about such mysterious happenings when looking at such a bundle of joy?! She also didn't have time to think about it too much...

    ..Since Don obviously waited yearningly for his chance to be baby-daddy number two! Cassia could tell how overjoyed he was after telling him the good news. She was really surprised when he didn't call her ever again but also happy that she didn't have to break his heart.
    Just him bringing out the trash was something she would be going to miss..

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    lovingbabeslovingbabes Posts: 81 Member
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    I like your challenge and the sim you made looks really cool..I just wanted to ask you do the sim get married in this challenge or do she have babies by different men..If you could send the link for the rules that would be great..After reading yours i want to start one of my own.Looking forward to seeing more pictures soon
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    tarahkimberlytarahkimberly Posts: 27 Member
    Can't wait to see how the babies turn out! Good start so far!
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    wynwyn Posts: 901 Member
    Lol.. this looks like it could be rather fun. I think I may try it!
    Origin ID: WyntirLily
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Thanks for the feedback, you guys! Just so you know, i didn't invent the Ugly Challenge! I just play it after some of my own rules. I sadly don't know who created the original or i would have given them credit...

    @lovingbabes My Sim is a single mom so far. My rule is that you can only have one pregnancy with one man/woman and after you've married, you're not allowed to have any more children in that generation (since it brings you financial benefits i think this is fair). Of course you can play it differently!

    @tarahkimberky Both of them are already children, i'm going to update soon!

    @wyn It is really fun for me. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do if you try it out :)
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    lovingbabeslovingbabes Posts: 81 Member
    Thank you so much for getting back to me and explaining what you are doing i might do it the way your doing it sounds like a fun challenge..I will be keeping watch for the pictures and do you have your sim up on the gallery for download would like to use her if you don't mind
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    @lovingbabes Yes, i have. My Origin-ID is "Arieleth" :) And if you want to check out other people's Ugly-Challenge-Founder, there are a lot very good with the hashtag "Ugly-Challenge".
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    It's Getting Crowded

    Cassia's first born daughter grew up so quickly! Cleo turned out to be pretty lazy, but still wanted to be a whiz kid. It turned out to be very hard to get her to study, because she liked to nap all the time, but what can you do!
    Cassia was still surprised her daughter turned out to have alien skin. She thought about investigating Jerky Johnny to find out if he had been replaced with an alien as soon as she had a spare minute for it. But who has really time as a single mom with another baby on the way?

    Cassia still didn't make big bucks at her company and so she had to share a bedroom with Cleo, who at least didn't seem to complain as long as she got something to eat... which wasn't to often. Another bed wouldn't fit and so Cassia started to worry were the new baby would sleep. She didn't get any child support from Jerky Johnny and Don Lothario seemed to have left the country.. she was sure there had to be a good reason for that and that he would contact her soon!

    To take Cassia's mind off of all her problems, i took her to the local Rattlesnake Juice Bar. Maybe she could find a man who would mend her almost broken heart or at least fill her empty bank account. Sadly, she found out that that the name of this community lot was misleading and it was actually a kindergarten!
    At least she now knew her kids could never get thirsty while being send to daycare, since the establishment had a bar!

    Cassia stopped searching for the perfect guy and immediately found him while searching for the perfect frog... how interisting how you always find what you were looking for as soon as you've started looking for something else! Of course she found the connection between frog and Prince Charming very telling and started to believe she was experiencing her very own fairytale!
    He also didn't mind that she immediately asked if he made beautiful children and big bucks. Perfect!

    Still foggy-brained from her last encounter, Cassia didn't even feel the pain of labour and just skipped to the joy of holding eligible heir number two, Valentina in her arms. The baby was even darker than her father Don Lothario and super cute.

    Valentina turned out to be also lazy (which seems to run in the family for some odd reason) and looked a lot more like her mother than her sister. She also was a rambunctious scamp.. at least in her dreams.
    Cassia, of course, would never say it out loud but she thought Valentina was so much prettier and much more adoreable than Cleo!

    Valentina also already showed her big confidence around boys that actually aren't that into her. Just like her mom! I think we found Gen 2's heir. But Angry Prince Charming might still suprise us and Cassia.. who knows!

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    tarahkimberlytarahkimberly Posts: 27 Member
    Both of the girls didn't turn out too bad, but Valentina is probably the cutest!
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    lovingbabeslovingbabes Posts: 81 Member
    Love the story so far seems like things are going her way hope she gets her fairy tale ending..both the girls didn't turn out that bad..Thank you for giving me your origin ID and letting me know to search under the Hashtag Ugly Challenge will be taking a look and getting my story started soon.I will be back loving for more pictures soon..
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    WeathieWeathie Posts: 486 Member
    So pleased to see another ugly challenge on here!! They're totally under-rated and I love playing mine!! Your girls turned out super cute. My founder, Lester ended up with Liberty Lee and they had twins, Rose and Ernest. Rose being my heir and she is... Well not attractive at all, poor thing! Love her though! Fave'd your thread so I can check up on your progress!

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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Let's Get Along

    Teenage years suited Cleo! She had mastered her whiz kid aspiration while she had been a child and was now a lazy,outgoing, muser and mentally gifted Sim. She helped bring in some money by writing books and her biggest goal in life was becoming a Bestselling Author (traits and aspirations randomized). She really started growing on me since becoming a teen, because she helped her mom a lot. Sadly, this challenge is all about the looks and her competition in her own family is just too big, so don't get your hopes up regarding her becoming an heir.

    Since Jerky Johnny actually had been around during Cleo's childhood, Cassia decided to make up and at least develop a cordial relationship with him. He invited her and Cleo to his birthday party and she accepted the olive branch. If you live on a short life span, there is no time to hate a sim for too long, especially not if he's the father of your strangely alien-looking first born.

    While celebrating Johnny's birthday that turned him into an elder, Cassia realized that she wasn't that young herself anymore and that she should start to look for a guy who she could be with and who could help her with her kids. She remembered Paul, the cute guy whom she met while searching for a frog and decided that he would be her last babby daddy and that she would do everything to make sure that at least this relationship would last for as long as possible.

    Cassia was very nervous when she announced her pregnancy to Paul, because she also wanted to tell him that he was more than just a pretty face that she used for making a pretty baby for her. She was scared because she knew he could reject her just as easily as she rejected her two previous love interests.

    Luckily, that wasn't the case and they soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. Cassia wanted to wait before popping the the big question, because the Turpis household was still struggeling financially and she wanted to have a big wedding. I decided i should wait until their baby was at least a child before moving him in. Cassia would have to work hard until than to make room for a fith person in her already way too small house.

    Her third child, Savanna, turned out to be just as blue as Cassia was but didn't have that strange alien look like her sister. Since Johnny turned out not to be an alien after all the research Cassia had done on him, she decided to just let the topic drop since Cleo had accepted her fait as being a helpful spare long before anyway. It would always be kind of mysterious, though.
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Do You Think You're Better Off Alone?

    Savanna aged up into a child! She became insane like her mother and her a aspiration was to become an Artistic Prodigy as well.
    There have been and always will be a lot of crazy artists around, so i had no doubt she could make it! She turned out to be pretty cute and may or may not be a competition for my favourite, Valentina.
    After getting a third possible heir, poor Cleo seemed to be out of the running. Unless something very bad would happen to her sisters...

    There was no room left in the small bedroom, so Valentina offered to sleep in the living room. Because her whole family loved watching TV at the most impossible hours, Valentina soon regretted her decision. At least her mom told her that she might get a wealthy step-dad in the near future...

    Cleo told her sisters that they should not rely on their mother's gullible dream of a wealthy marriage and so all three promised themselves and their sisters that they would work their hardest to achieve something in life unlike their mother who still struggled in her career. Cleo also told them, she was planning on leaving the household as soon as she finished school and she felt she could only achieve her big dreams if she grew up to be independent of all the craziness going on in the household.

    Cleo's advice was a last minute save for Valentina. She had mastered her aspiration a few hours before she grew up and became Physically Gifted. All this training (despite her being lazy) got rid of her baby fat and made her body look almost normal. She decided her aspiration in life would be to date as many men as possible ( a perfect fit for this challenge!) and her confidence made her alluring. But being the favourite also made her kind of a loner, because her sisters were somewhat jealous of her.

    Cassia was now ready to marry Paul, Savanna's dad. But after she had asked him, he revealed a shocking truth to her: He had been married during the time they started dating and Savanna had another half-sister and a half-brother. He told Cassia he divorced his wife to be able to marry her and hoped that she would forgive him his secrecy, but Cassia ended their relationship. Her decision had to do with him being unfaithful. That was at least what she told me, but i kind of got the feeling she knew she wouldn't get any money if she married Paul due to him not living on his own. Her being materialistic and still poor, just marrying for love and not for money was just not part of her character. She decided to let the marriage-topic drop all together and would from now on focus on earning more money and being the responsible mom she had always wanted to be.
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    Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,365 Member
    Wow what a great update!! So, how do you choose the heir? Cutest child?
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    @Glimmer50 Thank you and yeah, i'm probably just going to pick my favourite and the one with the most potential. Picking Valentina next to her being really cute for a first gen Ugly Challenge heir also brings the advantage that she already has a normal skin colour , so i don't have a fifty-fifty chance of getting blue children again and i want my last heir to look as different from my founder as possible, so to get rid of the blue skin colour is definetely a goal of mine.
    Savanna might bring in more money though, since she has a creative aspiration and writing and painting is just the most profitable income in The Sims 4. A problem with Valentina is that she can't really train a lot since she's lazy now that she's a teen (she gets very uncomfortable if she does a lot of things) and her bonus trait from her child aspiration is practically useless right now.
    So, if Savanna turns out to look really cute, maybe i consider her but the problem is she's still blue ;)
    I'm lucky all together that i had three girls since i don't influence their gender. It's good that i can choose at all.
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    lovingbabeslovingbabes Posts: 81 Member
    Wow what a awesome update..All the kids turned out really nice
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    Montana0624Montana0624 Posts: 46 Member
    Savanna's a cute kid, I can't wait to see her as a teen! The other girls are cute too, but I think Savanna is my favourite. It's too bad none of Cassia's relationships worked out, but at least she's moving on easily enough! Great updates!
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    Carewren123Carewren123 Posts: 2,658 Member
    I followed your link over from the writer's lounge thread. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying your story so far. And your writing is very good.
    Current Stories:
    Wren's Nest * * * Get a CLUE

    Completed Stories: Ana Pringle

    My Main Site: Carewren123 Sim Stories
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
    It means a lot to me to hear that! Thanks ^^
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    Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,365 Member
    This is great!! I will keep following and try this challenge most likely with the one in my avatar. I got bored with them and they have one child. So basically I could start this challenge with their child- I think she is a girl? If not I could just start with the girl in my avatar- I was so bored with them for some reason.

    I like that there isn't a ton of rules and that is a speed legacy basically. I can't ever hang on through 10 whole generations. So once I get a couple of saves completed, I will try this. *book marked*. I have so many challenges/games going right now LOL. I think I have 7 saved games..sheesh. Nice write up though. Can't wait to see who winds up being the heir. :)
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    @Glimmer50 A lot of people play the Ugly Challenge with an ugly couple. It's actually the harder way, since it ensures your first gen won't turn out too great... and there is even the possibility that they might be uglier than their parents! I would start with their daughter. The challenge isn't about money, so it's not a problem if you already have a lot.
    You did a great job with them. They're uglier than Cassia in my opinion and i hope you take that as a compliment :D I think it's hard to make ugly Sims 4 sims...
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    Love is in the Air

    Cassia discovered that being nice to men you had already ditched once before is not very helpful. Johnny called her to invite her out on a date, eventhough she only tried to be nice to him for the sake of their daughter Cleo.
    Johnny: "But.... You came to my birthday and all...You even winked at me!"
    Cassia: "Jeez, Johnny, i had something in my eye! Get the message already... I'm just NOT that into you!"
    And all that drama after she had sworn to try to avoid it by any means...Life is unfair!

    Maybe Johnny was a hopeless romantic.. just like his daugther. Eventhough Cleo had told her sisters to never rely on a man to build up their future, she catched herself dreaming more and more about a big marriage with her best friend Omari and moving in with him, getting kids... Sadly she was too shy to confess his love for him. After she had taken this picture, she hung it above her bed and looked at it before falling asleep every night.

    One day, Omari discovered it there and asked her why that little selfie they took was so very important to her.
    Cleo: "You mean that little thingie over there... haha.. i just thought that i looked very cute in it.. i didn't even notice you were in the picture, too!!!"
    Omari: "Who are you trying to fool? I know you like me...That's not a problem, you know."

    Omari: "Because i like you,too! A lot.... a lot lot... a who..."
    Cleo stopped Omari with a hug to prevent things from getting awkward. She had never been so happy in her whole life. Always being number three next to her sisters had almost convinced her no one would ever be able to make her their number one.

    They both never had thought the other could like them as much as they did and now everything was perfect. Cleo didn't even need to ask Omari if they wanted to be girlfriend and boyfriend... because both wanted the same thing. She knew all her dreams would come true eventually.

    But if all dreams do come true, that also includes nightmares and Cleo's worst nightmare had always been getting outshined by her alluring sister Valentina. Cleo was too shy to tell her family about her new boyfriend and so she was as unaware of her sister's interest for Omari and Valentina was unaware of her feelings for him.
    Valentina: "Omari, i need to date a whole lot of people and you are the lucky number one!"

    To be continued...

    Meanwhile, Cassia, totally unaware of all the drama in the house, discovered that hard work is actually pretty stressful.
    Cassia: "Ugh, next time Johnny asks for a date i let him pay for a spa treatment!"
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    Anemone7Anemone7 Posts: 3,950 Member
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    Sister Drama

    Omari did not know that Valentina was in the dark of him being Cleo's boyfriend and thought she acted extremely inappropriate by asking him out.
    Omari: " you think it is ok to act this way ?!"
    Valentina: "I don't know what your problem is, dude. I don't want to marry you or anything. Are you playing hard to get again?!?"

    Omari had actually been the first boy she ever met and he had always been a little...shy in accepting her advances even when they were children. Valentina was totally sure that he actually had been in love with her even than.. because, who wouldn't? She knew he was trying to trick her into falling in love with him as well, but she also knew the importance of her staying indifferent to her dates until she helped her mother's creator with their crazy dreams of getting pretty children.. that means of course if i was going to pick her!

    Valentina thought to herself that two can play this game and started another "flirt attack" at Omari in the same moment Cleo came to greet her boyfriend. Cleo did not see how extremely uncomfortable Omari was and totally flipped, forgetting her own mistake of never telling Valentina about him in the first place.
    Cleo: "Valentina. dou you need to have EVERYTHING i have? Are you obsessed with being number one ALL OF THE TIME???!!! Why are you doing this to me?!"

    Valentina was furious. She had no idea what Cleo was talking about... And she was weary of her sister always accusing her of trying to be the center of attention when she actually absolutely hated it because she was a loner. Cleo had no idea how stressful having to carry the burden of being the favourite was and Valentina was going to give her sister a peace of her mind.
    Valentina: "What are you even talking about. I know you have always been jealous of me, but enough is enough, Cleo!!!"
    Cleo: "Jealous of YOU?! But you are trying to steal MY boyfriend!"

    Valentina immediately realized her big mistake. She felt embarrassed to no end, but was also very saddened her sister actually believed she was such a monster. How could Cleo think she was capable of doing such a thing as pinching her sister's boyfriend?
    She ran off without explaining the situation to Cleo.

    Cleo was too hurt to ask Omari what was going on and he was too confused to explain it to her. (He also was a little proud that two sisters were fighting over him... but don't tell Cleo!)

    To be continued...

    Savanna: "Oh man..all this drama is really inspiring. I'm going to compose a song called And they call me the crazy one! "
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