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Summer Short: The Doll House

Pegasus143Pegasus143 Posts: 2,490 Member
Looking for a good Sims Story to read this summer? Well, look no further, as I present to you the first in my series of Summer Shorts. Basically, these stories will be updated with multiple parts as usual, but the story will only go on for one summer (in our time). For those of you in the southern hemisphere where it's winter, I guess you have something new to read while you're huddled up inside by a cozy fire, out of the cold!

This story is a first-person account of the Doll family, narrated by their eldest daughter, Anne Doll. For the table of contents page on my blog, click here.

Chapter 1: Meeting the Family
Chapter 2: "There's a Nooboo in my Tummy!"
Chapter 3: Promises
Chapter 4: On the Other Side
Chapter 5: "Normal"
Chapter 6: Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 7: Stories and Moonbeams
Chapter 8: Too Good
Chapter 9: My Angel
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