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FoxyLovesKitty's Thank You Thread

FoxyLovesKittyFoxyLovesKitty Posts: 889 Member
edited June 2015 in The Sims 3 Store Gifting
Somehow by chance, I found this place. Okay, technically I've known about this forum since I started playing Sims 3, but I couldn't bring myself to join. I say by chance because, it's really funny... Upon logging into the Sims 3 store, I found that someone I don't know gifted me. I was so surprised... and unsure what to do. I actually started to panic a little because I wasn't sure how to thank them. Because of this person, I decided to check this forum, I got to talk to @anettesb who encouraged me to join. Thank you! I don't know where all of this kindness is coming from, but it really makes me happy to know there are so many nice and kind people in this world. It's not only about gifting, but being caring to others. This thread is where I will thank all simmers who were generous enough to gift me and make me happy.

I really appreciate it, t-h-a-n-k <3 y-o-u <3 s-o <3 m-u-c-h!

@pangolin22 Thank you for gifting me my first gift 'Powdered Wig Curtains' :)

@Corndogmistress Thank you for gifting me my second gift 'Kitchen Cage Hutch' o:)

@ADWilson Thank you for hosting Water a Flower Day Kiosk and gifting me 'Edwardian Expression Kitchen - Lush Bloom Lily Vase.' It was fun :D

@limegreenqueen101 Thank you for inviting me to your generous giveaway and gifting me so many items. Thank you for giving me the chance to gift other people! <3


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