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Ok so what REALLY happened to Skip Broke?



  • QuillWriterQuillWriter Posts: 67 Member
    @cleo00 I can take or leave the Goths. (Mostly leave, as I'd rather evict them and have my own rich family live there.) I've never had the huge obsession with them that others have had. I mean, I know they're a tradition for the developers ever since Sims 1. But I didn't even play them or care for them all that much in Sims 1. Maybe it's because Cassandra always seemed to be throwing tantrums, lol. And of course not until the last EP in the series, Making Magic, did WE get a non-hack means of aging kids up...so once a baby became a kid, you were eternally stuck with them. Maybe that has something to do with it, lol.
  • cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
    once a baby became a kid, you were eternally stuck with them

    Yeah, I always hated that when I played sims 1. Nevermind the fact that I was 5 at the time, I never was able to play a family for very long since they never aged or really did a whole lot, I got bored very quickly. Aging and generational gameplay was what really wound up hooking me to the franchise.
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    Kay8Orange wrote: »
    There are some good theories here, but a few people are missing something. There's two Skip Brokes--if one of them is dead, then where is the other one hiding at?

    I theory--and it goes along with @melb623's theory a little bit, sorry--that Brandi had a past relationship before she met Skip, and she broke up with that man for whatever reason. That man couldn't get over it, and when he found out that Brandi had married Skip, he decided to impersonate him so he could get Brandi back. He already had blonde hair, and he was determined enough to change his looks to match Skip's. But he couldn't change his eyes, so he either got contacts until his death... or people just didn't notice. I know someone who has two colored eyes, one blue one brown, and he told me alot of people don't actually notice that until after several months of knowing him, or sometimes even years. Or it could be because the eyes are green--I find that green and blue eyes can easily blend together and are hard to differentiate between the two of them, but that could just be me. Might just be me. :sweat:

    Anyway, the man kidnapped Skip and hid him somewhere, but didn't kill him. He wasn't crazy enough to do that. Brandi also got pregnant with the third son by this time as well, so who the real father is still a mystery. It could be either one of them.
    Skip escapes wherever he was hidden at and races home. Brandi happens to be out somewhere and Dustin is at school, so Skip and the man are by themselves. The man is swimming, and Skip--angry about what had happened--removes the pool ladder, resulting in the man drowning.

    Fearing what he had just done, Skip runs off to never be seen again, and also leaving his family to believe he's dead, which is why he doesn't show up as living in the family tree. And that's my theory.

    Nah, you're okay. No need to apologize. I actually think your theory is better than mine. :smiley:
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    @melb623 Still, just in case. Thanks. :)
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    I love your theory, But I have little different, Mortimer was a mad scientist beforeretired, MAYBE he did the whole mess. Skip just wanted some easy money so volunteered to be a test subject for the new clone machine, what could possibly go wrong? XD
    So the tets is failed original skip died in the process and the "new" one kind of evil and different eye color, so he take original skip life. Other is the same what you sad, Brandy found out and killed him.. at least thats my theory the only problem is the clone baby ..maybe Brandy ask Mortimer to gain more money or to avoid the jail they made a deal? Who knows... But I'm bet Mortimer is responsible for this whole mess somehow.
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