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What is your sims 3 current household? (Re-opened)



  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,107 Member
    edited December 4
    I tell ya, every time I jump back into the Sims, I end up playing this lovely lady.


    (Do not accept that kiss. She will probably kill you.)

    Her name is Kali. She's what happened when, waaaay back in vanilla game, I discovered you could befriend the Grim Reaper, talk him into moving in, and make half-Grim babies. I proceeded to charm two Grims and then breed them. The wicked little spawn they produced immediately became my all-time favorite Sim.

    She's been around since 2009. So many lifetimes. So many lovers and spouses (most eventually murdered). So many children (my avatar is one of them!). So many victims.

    A week or so ago, I decided to take a brand-new copy of her - fresh from CAS - and drop her into Isla Paradiso as a broke, unskilled little starter sim. Something of a resurrection.


    After a few sim-weeks of flailing around, too poor to do anything fun, she found a time machine, traveled to the future, and came back with a winning lottery ticket and a robotic servant because enough of that.


    Built herself a pretty sweet house with an infinity pool and a nice view.


    And threw a housewarming party so epic that Death himself decided to join in before taking away an unfortunate drowning victim.


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  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 21,137 Member
    edited December 5
    My current active household:

    Cameron, single mom and adventurer (she has the Great Explorer lifetime wish). In between jobs at the moment. She maxed the firefighter career but quit that job and now is looking for something else (rolled the wish to become a writer, who knows...). Age: recently turned adult.


    Her son Daryl, the very unwanted result of a one night stand with Lance Lott, a selfish vagabond who has kids all around the globe. Daryl is a lonely and quiet kid. His best friend is his mysterious and creepy rag doll Pal. School is not Daryl's priority in life. In fact Cameron's deepest fear seems to come true: the boy's taking after his father. Or is he... The future will tell, since Daryl is the next heir.


    And his sister Jodie, daughter of Cameron's once good friend River, as it happens one of Lance's many children around the globe. Which makes Daryl and Jodie not only brother and sister, but also cousins in a way. Cameron and River were in a relationship for a short while, but seperated recently. Jodie is a sweet and perfectionist girl, though also a bit clumsy.


    The family lives in an apartment complex with several other people and a cat, Charlie.


    Charlie! Yikes! Behave yourself, people are looking!
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,404 Member
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    @VexingQuery I know I managed to get one of my Sims to befriend Death, but nothing ever came of it. And, @Mikezumi, I have only ever had a genie the normal period of making the three wishes. Didn't make him part of the household. Stuff to add to the very long list of future play options, I guess.

    @JoAnne65 I love the look of your Sims. Frankly, I don't usually like modded Sims, but I do like yours. Not that I'm going to implement any facial mods myself. I'm content with the game's controls. At least, so far. After all, I'm still only play my second generation, and all but one of them was adopted. So I haven't hit the "pudding face" level yet. We'll see how I feel in a couple generations.
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  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 21,137 Member
    edited December 6
    @Jude525 Thanks :smiley: I’ve played CC/modless for years and loved my sims also back then (actually I prefer my previous sims the way they looked vanilla, probably because that’s how I know them and played them). The skin I use now fits the Maxis Match description. That’s important to me. As long as you mix sims you like (and test ‘combinations’ - offspring of two sims - in CAS first), they won’t become puddingfaces, because they’ll always inherit the features you created and if you’re lucky mix (if you’re not lucky you’ll get clones).

    I can highly recommend adding a genie to your family, they are great!
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,107 Member
    edited December 7
    @Jude525 Honestly these days, the only reason to get a Grim in the house is for the entertainment value of watching the manifestation of Death burn waffles. He's not a proper Occult state, no special powers or hidden traits. But it was a novel thing to do back in the pre-WA days!

    ... And can you even do it anymore without mods/cheats? I've heard things about EA removing the "Ask to Move In" interaction, because if your game doesn't get around to generating a new Grim after you adopt the existing one, you will have Bad Times next time a sim dies. I haven't tried in a long, long time.

    Also, as it turns out, that glossy jet-black skin he passes on to his children is just a total lack of genetics. It's the game going "Wait, I did not plan for this!" It's a skinless sim! He also passes on the dreaded Pudding Face. Kali got a complete CAS makeover years ago.

    But I still love her dearly and always will, because her traits and LTW are perfect for my preferred playstyle.
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