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What is your sims 3 current household? (Re-opened)


  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,556 Member
    @HillyBeth The same Sims since 2013? So impressive! I've mentioned in the past that until this past year I was lucky to keep a Sim going for more than a month before losing interest. Even if I restarted them.
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  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 1,753 Member
    Jude525 wrote: »
    @HillyBeth The same Sims since 2013? So impressive! I've mentioned in the past that until this past year I was lucky to keep a Sim going for more than a month before losing interest. Even if I restarted them.

    I remade them a lot, like I said, but I'm considering remaking them and giving them outfits close to the clothes they had before(pattern-wise)
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  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 474 Member
    edited October 2018
    What an interesting question! I have not got the answer, but curiosity lead me to look at the files in GameplayData.package.

    How to read:
    <> (commands)
    </> (end commands)
    <!-- --> (explaining notes)

    Copied from "Genetics":

    <kInheritGrandparentTrait value="25">
    <!--Chance to inherit traits from grandparent. Valid range [0, 100].-->
    <kInheritParentTrait value="40">
    <!--Chance to inherit traits from parent. Valid range [0, 100].-->

    And copied from another of the many to choose from files, "Traits":
    First section and a trait that can be given i CAS:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>


    And further down a Life Time Reward:


    I don't know how to understand this (yet?), if it means that Life Time Rewards are treated as inheritable (hidden) traits or, as I suspect not, but it certainly was fun to do anyway. Maybe someone else can translate? :smile: If you want to try it yourself this is what I did (I don't promise anything because I don't know what I am doing):

    read an old thread on genetics

    followed slighly newer guide on reading XML

    downloaded S3PE (make sure it's the latest version)

    Edit: my game is on steam, patch 1.67, unmodded. I don't know if it changes anything to be on Origin and/or patch 1.69
  • ameliaandcynthiaameliaandcynthia Posts: 42 Member
    I made a lesbian couple called Rosanna and Lucy. Rosanna is a writer and Lucy is a chef. I'm a bit bored with them to be honest, maybe I'll make one of them have an affair to mix things up a bit... or even have them both change their career track to Criminal.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,556 Member
    @ameliaandcynthia, nothing wrong with shaking things up a little. Unless we are unwitting gods in an alternate universe, it is all harmless fun. :)
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,415 Member
    I lost Niall in my Jordan and John Speed Legacy recently so the household is down one :(
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,459 Member
    edited October 2018
    Current Selfacy Family (with the "tragic" demise of my founders, Haruo Chikamori and River (nee McIrish) Chikamori.

    Yes, and Colin just aged up to teen...


    ...and on the McIrish-Chikamori side of the family; Caitlin McIrish-Chikamori and Masatoshi Chikamori both aged up to elder.
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  • cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,799 Member
    edited October 2018

    I've been taking scenery shots of Cape Garner Islands and not many family ones. :)

    Johan playing with Michael (who just aged up to a child when I played yesterday).

    Kaitlin helping Liam with his homework in the front hall.

    Kaitlin is pregnant again. Plan to get a family portrait when the new baby becomes a toddler.

  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,459 Member
    edited October 2018
    Evidently there was a rash of age-ups. :D The McIrish-Chikamoris (Masatoshi and Caitlin's kids) are now adults while Mas and Cait are now elders which means Haruo and River would have been elders too (if they had lived). Braden has 4 days before he turns from Young Adult to Adult. The second generation of Chikamori family members are also approaching their latter half of their lifespans and it will be the third generation's task to carry on the legacy.

    So hearing that the lifespan appeared to be excessively long on the founders, I adjusted the lifespan so that it would still have enough time for everyone to do everything that they need to but get the generations through the grinder quickly enough so readers won't lose interest. I dropped the lifespan to:
    Still long by most standards, but enough to keep the legacy moving along at a much quicker tempo.

    I'm still keeping my seasons at 28 days. Sorry... but I like my winters and Spring and Fall need to allow my sims to be able to fish and grow stuff. :D
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  • cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,799 Member

    The Jorgenson family in Cape Garner Islands on the first day of spring


    in the back l to r - Johan and Kaitlin holding Nathan
    in front l to r - Liam and Michael
  • CamilamjamCamilamjam Posts: 31 Member
    My last game I played, (so so long ago) was pretty much just a single girl, mermaid, housing with another single girl, a fairy.

    I ship them.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,415 Member
    Here's where my speed legacy family is at after the death of Niall and Rory and his girls moving out. Lachie and Alvin are now adults and Alpin just aged up to teen.
    This is the family tree with Lachie, the current heir, highlighted.
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,508 Member
    edited November 2018
    As a reminder who these people are, they are from a larger household I've played previously, my oldest kid and his highschool boyfriend, You can find their engagement documented a few pages back, here.

    Keeping Ean and Teague in the same town as both of their vast, sprawling families in vast, sprawling houses was proving a strain to my neolithic laptop, so I picked them up and moved the newlyweds to Hidden Springs, planting them in one of my favorite builds, a house I call the Chi-chi Chalet. Front porch faces the street. Back has the amazing views.


    They were quick to discover the hot tub, and have been spending a lot of time there (and, to be honest, anywhere else woohooable). I don't have a lot of screen caps, let alone with their clothes on, alas.


    Ean is Neat, so whenever he has to clean something upgradeable, I follow up with having him enchant whatever it is to be self-cleaning. Teague also seems eager to raise Handiness, so I have him working on an "Upgrade 5 Objects" wish as well. Ean is a Fortuneteller - I added the Gypsy Caravan to a commercial lot just up the hill - and Teage is a cop, with the LTW of maxing the special agent branch. So far, he's hit Rank 5 in six days.


    Woohoo can have consequences, if you are a pair of risk-takers like Ean and Teague. Once again, my sister's Sim-sense was the first to pick up that Ean was "Nauseous from Unknown Causes". Quick! To Build mode! This was a one-bedroom cottage! Thankfully, the Chalet is designed to be easy to expand, and a nursery / 2nd bedroom not hard to find a place for. You can see how I extended the second story over the dining room.


    And this is literally where I saved & quit. Welcome to the world, Devon MacAuley! I see potty chairs and pegboards and xylophones in your future!

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,415 Member
    My current household is two teens, Ian and Paul, living in Monte Vista. Because they are teens there won't be babies for a long time while they build their wealth and skills.
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,508 Member
    edited November 2018
    @Mikezumi -There is a lot to be said for building up career & family funds before kids happen, for sure. I am only glad Teague is so ambitious about promotions (and has invested in helpful lifetime rewards). Fortunetelling doesn't pay very well.

    A more robust update, now that I know Devon beyond bare name & gender. Also because I had no good pics of my Sims in that post and had to flesh it out with two of the house.

    Following the birth, I just went into triage mode, fixing motives on a most to least critical basis, since it had happened in the middle of the night and upset everything.

    Both adults cook, but it was Teague who rolled the wish to raise his Cooking skill, so it was his turn to prepare breakfast. For once, the lighting doesn't totally bleach out his hair. He's an ash-blonde.


    Meanwhile, Ean is still in his paternity fat-clothes, addressing wishes to cuddle Devon and rock with him in a rocking chair. I use the downstairs one, as the open floorplan lets him enjoy being near Teague, even with a stairway and a wall actually between them. In fact, in these screen caps, they are totally looking at (or at least toward) each other. They are goofily and deeply in love with each other.


    Once both dads had put in sufficient infant-care and actually eaten something, Devon went back to his crib for a nap, Ean got a shower and also managed to finally change his clothes. He immediately expressed an intention to make sure Teague got his turn at morning sickness and unflattering attire next. Teague looks all "Just you try it!"


    Challenge accepted! :) "Be Frisky" is one of my favorite interactions. Teague can't help cracking a grin.


    Nap-time was made for Hot-Tubbing! I actually like Teague's slightly derpy grin, here. He tries to be tough, and around Ean it lasts like three seconds, tops. He's even derpier looking as a werewolf, which is fine. Ean doesn't mind.


    By the time Devon's nap is over, it's time to age him up. Score one for Team Brunette! Ean, also a first child, was also a boy, a brunette and a Witch. Dane MacAuley has alpha-genes! Birth traits were some that Ean and Teague had in common: Brave and Friendly. I reset his random favorites, from foods I don't cook and music I don't listen to to Pancakes and Indie, respectively (both Ean's faves), and from Lime to Irish green.


    That's Ean's coloring, but I think it's more Teague's rounder head and, speaking of derpy, this pic is at least suggestive of Dane's slight overbite, but we'll see.

    Happy Age-Up, Devon! Next, we start on talking, walking, potty-training, et cetera!

  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,508 Member
    edited November 2018
    Toddler time, an age-up, and a new arrival in the MacAuley-Howell Household!

    Devon not only resembles Ean, he has a propensity for revisiting moments of Toddler-Ean cuteness whenever he's free to self-entertain. Top pic is Devon, bottom pic is his dad three life-stages ago:




    Mostly, though, his time is spent with one dad or the other on essential skill-building.

    Clowns are Serious Business! :D Ean's grave expression here kills me.


    I made it through the toddler years - well, week - with zero bladder accidents. For Devon, or the growm-ups running after him!


    Especially prized are skill-building interactions the boost relationship, social meter and fun.



    And soon enough, it's time for the cake!


    Age-up screencap fail! :D If this is the worst to befall his childhood, I'll feel fortunate. Happy Birthday, Devon!


    But waitaminute... Ean's color is turquoise! Why is he in an old red tee-shirt of Dane's and stretchy hand-me-down pants? Wasn't the plan to get Teague preggers, next time?

    Oh, Ean, Ean, Ean... Surely your Witch dad, Dane, did not neglect to instruct you in the karmic dangers of invoking a retributive current of magic? You are a Fortuneteller! You, of all Sims, should know that Fortuna is a fickle goddess with a wicked sense of humor! At least Teague seems to be appreciating the joke. Heh. :D "Challenge accepted," indeed.


    Welcome to the family, Max! A Werewolf baby, this time - my first!


    Two kids (one an infant) keep me super busy, so documentation is sporadic. But Max spent two infant nights in his crib under Devon's new loft-bed, and woke him both times. Once from being hungry, the second time with the added horror of a stinky diaper!

    Devon went right on re-exploring highlights of Ean's childhood years:


    Baby Max got cuddles and bottles and diaper changes and rocking chair time, and as soon as anyone was hungry enough for more cake, it was age-up time!


    Confession, he actually inherited Ean's - that is, Dane's - hair color, though he was a legit Werewolf. When I changed the style, I gave him Teague's (and his dad, Martin's) ash-blonde, instead.


    Favorites are Dark Wave, Hamburger, and color is Lilac. Traits (which I forgot to mention at birth) are Friendly and Athletic. Teague took charge for the first potty-seat session, and getting Max ready for bed. Ean is offscreen showering and putting on normal clothing.


    I wanted to establish that Teague actually is hands-on helping, because here he's looking like the Laziest Dad on Sim Earth - or else maybe a little shell-shocked. The scrubs are apparently his Career outfit as an Undercover Special Agent. Just as well Ean does home births. The pharmaceutical theft ring he's after won't have seen him at the Hospital before.

    Also, this is why I have no screen-caps of Devon learning to walk. I bought this from the Store, with lagniappe SimPoints I got from EA for reviewing their terms and conditions for such, on my TheSims3.com page, while accepting friend requests. This thing is a life-saver, for keeping motives stable while I take care of other necessities, like showers, and cooking and all the other things that need to be done.


    And anyway, it can't teach him everything! Both dads are plenty busy with both boys. Here's Ean teaching Max to talk, and about what's important:


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  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,305 Member
    Here's my founders of Salisbury Brach,Massaschusetts in 1525 as fall was starting up.They are Eli Jankowsky with her husband Ami and both are twelve years old.

  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,459 Member
    In my current Apocalypse game save, I have a family of eight sims:

    Holly Alto


    Autumn Cusack

    Phil, Noel and Mickey

    River McIrish and Bebe Hart.

    All are trying to ride out the Apocalypse in a bunker.

    ...and of course two plumbots at current: Horace and Hildegard.

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  • Jackie_Wilson816Jackie_Wilson816 Posts: 28 Member
    I have so many families I started, a lot of them challenges. I just restarted a Generational Alphabecy in Starlight Shores, married Elliot Nest and Elizabeth LaFontaine together, then had two girls (not twins), Farrah and Felicia. Farrah got the ugly mutated hair color, which is why I decided to have another child (I'm not the type to change genetics; I just don't have undesirable Sims contribute the the gene pool). I LOVE genetics in the Sims 3 (as silly as they get sometimes). All the Sims in the family tree, including Elizabeth's father, Thomas, have dark hair and dark eyes (brown), except for Felicia who inherited blue eyes. I am so excited to see what her future husband and child(ren) will look like!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,239 Member

    One of the subsets families in my Ballan Family. From left to right, Shea and Seth Armor, Autumn and Rafe Sinclair and their children Will and Christina. When I play them again Will should age up to child and Shea and Seth will have a baby. :)
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,508 Member
    edited November 2018
    Quick update:

    Max has done all the things necessary to Age Up Well, in the timespan my game alots for Toddler life stage, so it's time for another birthday! I actually had Ean quit his Fortunetelling job, and come directly home for the party. I really like having one Adult as a stay-at-home Sim, even if the kids are in school. Teague did the honors of getting Max up at cake-level to extinguish the candles:


    Sparkle sparkle sparkle and... No. :p


    So a quick visit to the stylist for Max (which by the way revealed that the settings I'd previously established for his Werewolf-form to be were overwritten at Child age-up, because Child is when he is supposed to get Werewolf form in the first place. I'll fix that later).

    Much better! Lilac as a favorite color can be tricky, but here is limited to the stripes in his inner shirt. Sis and I concurred that the fauxhawk really didn't hold up as a carryover from toddler-dom, so he got this simpler but somewhat unruly do instead:


    I managed to time the party when everyone was ready to have a meal anyway. This is the first time the whole family has been able to eat together at the same table! :)


    One of my invisible accomplishments with this family was that, by the time he was done being a toddler, Max had become Best Friends with everyone in the household. I know some Simmers thrive on family rivalries and drama, but I am a softie and really want my Sims to like each other. The fact that I made all of them Friendly doubtless helped. Max's age-up trait was "Brave" - also shared with other family members.

    And on a similar note, after not so much as a glance at other Sims in all their time together, dads Ean and Teague are still all about each other, and earned the "Eternally Faithful" moodlet, during this play session.

    Now that Max is a kid, the boys can play catch together! One of Max's first wishes as a child was to play catch with Devon. Devon seems to be autonomously developing into one of my boys who thinks underwear is appropriate attire for all occasions. Another lesson for Ean regarding consequences of enchantments - since that was how he greeted Teague on his first Teen visit, Sim years ago. :D


    Ean came outside to help Max with another wish - to play tag with him. I had Devon join as well and, when Ean dropped out to take care of bladder needs, Teague jumped in - all sweaty from jogging, to add the danger of stinky hugs to the peril of getting caught. Here we see Ean, not getting too far ahead of Max, who is chasing him.


    Tomorrow, Max starts School! Time to start placing strategic households with compatible kids - the Teen years aren't far off!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,415 Member
    My current household started of with two teens, Ian and Paul. I posted a pic of them in this thread recently. Ian purchased a dusty lamp with LTH points and Jason joined their household a few days later. I didn't like Jason being on his own so I added Josh to the household this evening :)
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,556 Member
    edited November 2018
    Wow, a lot of catching up to do. I hadn't played for a while, or even been online. I see everyone's families have been moving along very nicely.

    I've been moving Alyssa along on her LTW as an Ark Builder and have finally attained 2 of everything. Along the way she completed a career in science and retired. She now makes a healthy living off of her modest grove of money trees. This leaves her ample time to care for the animals.

    Too many of the minor pets have come and gone and I've given up on naming them.

    She still has the cats Mushi and Ruby.

    She has since adopted Lulu and Skylar.

    She also bred her mare, Aasifa. Completing the family with her daughter Belle.

    Now I'm playing the waiting game for the LTW to kick in. I've been doing some research and apparently it's a quirky thing that might not even happen. It really will be frustrating to have gone through all this just to have a glitch cause an epic fail on me.

    On the actual play side, she celebrated the holidays with a gift giving party with her family. (Not my best photography.)

    Enjoyed an exhilarating ride with Aasifa on a snowy night. (Photoshop automatically lightened it up a bit when I was batch processing these pics.)

    And she has befriended a unicorn! My first unicorn encounter!

    My plan is to train Belle in racing to raise her value, then sell her at the stables. Making room to ask the unicorn to join the family. My hesitation is that I haven't completed the LTW yet. But, given that it may not even happen, I might just give it up and in favor of the story-line. And, who knows, maybe the unicorn will count as a horse on that.

    I also think it is time to make room in Alyssa's life for a partner of some type. Whether it be romantic or just a platonic room-mate. Because she is a loner, she has not minded just sharing her life with the critters, but I think I'd like someone else to be in the household before all is said and done. I also want to have her spend some more time with her family.

    Speaking of which. I popped over to look at the family tree and was surprised to notice that, not only have her niece and nephew grown up when I wasn't looking, but they are the original versions. By that I mean her niece is evil and her nephew is insane! I know in some version of this family I had altered those traits. But I have at least six versions, so apparently not this one.

    I suppose that is one advantage to following one family member per generation. But I still haven't given up the goal of playing each of the Vecoli-Fletcher children as a separate game. At some point I will merge all the "completed" families and choose one character to move forward with. But it is interesting that in two years I have pretty much been playing one family almost exclusively. Other than a brief side-trip to an unrelated supernatural couple in a completely unrelated game.

    OH! I almost forgot. Something else new to me. Horse gnomes!!
    aka Jude
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,415 Member
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