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My Life Story Legacy Challenge

I've came up with a Sims 4 Challenge and I wanted to share it with you guys...

Create two adult sims, not pretty but not too ugly either. Make them have a child(can be adopted) and when the parents are going into their elderly stage change the baby into a child. The child must have the trait loner. It does not like being around people, is very unsocial and does quite well in school. It doesn't get along with his/her father too well, but has a great relationship with his/her mother. The mother loves the child very much and pampers it and buys it alot of toys, etc. The child is spoiled. When the parents die the child should be a teen/young adult and ready to move onto the next generation.

The young adult decides on a new start and moves to a smaller house. She/He marries to a poor person and they have alot of children (5-6) which are good-natured, happy and well taken care of. The heir to this MUST be a girl, with the trait Mean and in the future Hates Children. She marries a rich person and then divorces. She ends up with a rebel boyfriend/husband and they have one child.

Let the parents fight with their child alot.
The child must have a pink/blue room and lots of girly/boyish things.

Unlike their parents, the child is sweet and loving. It would never cause ruckus or be mean to anyone, even though her parents do not care. When the child grows up they move to a big home and adopt lots of children and have one of their own, with a man/woman just as good as them. The objective here is to make the children as good and kind as possible.(At least one child should be a Perfectionist and one Clumsy)

The heir is the clumsy child. They have never been good enough to be the apple of their mother's eye or their father's favourite child. It's just not fair how they have to be the one who spills milk, breaks vases and destroys toys. The heir moves out at early Adult into a small, run-down basic home and goes to bars alot and is depressed until their find the love of their life(a happy go lucky person). They move into a bigger house, have three children.

The next heir MUST be a boy who is quite ugly(can be changed in CAS). He is never loved by anyone and adopts one child. They live with other Sims that are just friends(preferably a woman and man who do not need be controlled, just left there) and live a quiet life.

The son/daughter is adventorous, noisy and loves the outdoors. They want to live life rule-free, enjoy everything and explore as much as possible. This generation begins when they are a teen and find their first boyfriend/girlfriend which they spend alot of time with on dates etc. At Young Adult they break up and the heir is depressed till they find another person who is just as adventorous as them. They have a few children, preferably few boys and one girl. No adoption allowed on this one!

Being the only girl in the family, you are boyish and a tomboy. When the Sim is older they realise they don't want to find love and live by themselves, maybe with a friend or just by themselves. She goes out alot and plays with children in parks and hangs out with friends. This is the last generation.


  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,205 Member
    I like this challenge a lot! Sounds like something with a great plot. Did you base it on your life story? lol!
  • PastelPinkSimmerPastelPinkSimmer Posts: 9 New Member
    > @pammiechick said:
    > I like this challenge a lot! Sounds like something with a great plot. Did you base it on your life story? lol!

    Ahahaha no! I wrote it in a document and kept on adding bits.
  • 110821012110821012 Posts: 51 Member
    Cool Challenge
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