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A Not So PleasantView Story



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    I love it!! You should use photobucket, they're a lot better!
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    Awww, I love it! I have such a soft-spot for the Goth's <3
    My Simblr: WaffleKone
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    Thanks, I'm really looking forward to playing them again. I did have an idea that Darren went to fast for Cassandra and start flirting too early into their relationship so she freaks out but when he invited her over she was all over him and with the ACR mod they kept autonomously trying to woohoo xD :p so that idea kinda failed :/:astonished:
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    Mortimer made breakfast and had a little chat to Cassandra
    "So are you going to marry that Lothario man?" He asked
    "I don't know..." She replied
    "He's just exiting and full of happiness, but there have been.... Rumors.."
    "What are those rumors, Cass?" Alexander asked trying to be included into the conversation,
    "Err... That he... He's been close with some other ladies?" She replied trying not to make the conversation awkward for him. He gave a confused look but then realized the bus was waiting so he went to school.
    "If he's been cheating on you then what's the problem? Just break up." Mortimer said as he chomped on his serial
    "But I thought I could change him..." She murmured as she stared into her serial
    "Well why don't you visit Darren? He might be able to give you some advice?" He suggested, Mortimer knew she always had a thing for Darren ever since they were little she always wanted to be with him.
    "I guess I could do but I need to do somethings first...." She walked over to the phone and rang up work. She decided Science isn't what she wants to do. So she quit!
    She wanted to find her mum, so she decided maybe someone kidnapped her, killed her or something like that, so she decided to go into the detective career (Can't remember the name of it in the sims 2 :astonished: )
    She wanted to explore all reasons why her mum disappeared so she went onto the roof to look into the telescope
    The next day, Mortimer decided to invite Dina over for the 1/2 a year anniversary. He decided that yesterday was not the right time due to Cassandra's argument so they're celebrating now!
    Alex came home with an A+ report card but Mortimer had too much excitement and fell asleep :o
    He made lunch and had a toast with Dina
    Mortimer really likes Dina and he thought it was time.... To propose!
    Dina was so excited that she was one more step closer to his money!
    Mortimer was so excited that he had moved on finally!
    Dina already started talking about her plans for this big white wedding but Mortimer wanted it at his house so Dina reluctantly accepted
    Alex is nearly a teenager and he is looking at potential universities to go to.
    But then he got bored and discovered the internet!
    Dreamer household next!:)
    Hope you like it!
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    Darren hasn't been doing very good lately and has had trouble with painting,
    Ever since his wife's death Darren hasn't been quite the same. He's had nightmares and random black-outs, but since he got back in touch with Cassandra he just wants to spend every single day with her. She understands him and he knows she will be there for him no matter what. However, Cassandra is supposed to be marrying Don Lothario. What does he do? He spent the rest of his day contemplating about what to do. But then the phone rang, it was Cassandra! She wanted to come over and talk about something. Of course he agreed. So she came over, Darren's heart started racing as soon as he saw her walking up the street. He gave her a hug that felt like it lasted forever. She complimented his new hairstyle,
    "It looks so... you!" she exclaimed as they walked inside into the living room. Dirk saw them and decided it was time for him to go to bed.
    They sat on the sofa,
    "S... So how have you been?" Darren asked politely trying not to stutter,
    "Not that well" She replied looking down at her feet,
    "Apparently Don got Mary-Sue pregnant..." She started but was interrupted by Darren gasping.
    "So we had an argument, I thought he stopped seeing other women when we got engaged... I guess I was wrong. I just don't know what to do, do I stay with him and continue trying to change a man who may never change or even love me, or break it off with him when it could just be rumors and jokes? "
    "If you want my honest opinion..." He started but had to pause to make sure what he was going to say sounded right
    "I... I think you should break up with him, He's always been a player and will n...never change." Cassandra looked at him straight in the eyes. She smiled and held his hands,
    "I agree, Don isn't the man for me." She replied and she turned away, walked to the window and stared out of it. Darren felt an urge to kiss her on the cheek and walked up to her and was about to until Cassandra said.
    "I don't want a relationship either..." Darren stopped. Frozen. Did she just say what he thinks she said. Does she not like him? Questions after questions raced into his mind....
    "Especially with trying to find..." She turned around and smiled at Darren and gave him a big hug. He was still shocked but forced himself to hug her back. His heart felt shattered. Should he tell her how he feels? Before he could decide she started to walk out.
    "Bye Darren!" She smiled and started walking out,
    "I lo-" He coughed and started again,
    "I.... I hope you have a nice night." She giggled and waved goodbye and closed the door behind. Darren headbutted the wall and got annoyed. His crush doesn't want a relationship? Why? What's she missing? How is that more important than a relationship? He curled up into a ball and leaned against the wall sobbing. After a minute or two he decided that it could have been worse. She could have caught him leaning in for the kiss, he could have told her about his feeling and she would have rejected him. He decided it was late and that he should rest and worry about things in the morning....

    Hope you like it! Sorry for the lack of photos I just didn't feel like uploading them because it takes too long :no_mouth: More pictures next time, promise :innocent: I also wanted to story tell more like a book and leaving it up to your imagination that just informing you and uploading pictures.
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    Back to the Goths,
    Cassandra got another promotion (She is now a Crime scene investigator (I think) ) One step closer to solving her mum's disappearance! She decided to play some chess too.
    Alex enjoyed his last night of being a child by jumping on his dad's bed!
    Next day, Alex's birthday, Alex was talking to his dad about what he wants to be when he's older (Aparantly fortune teller...?)
    Mortimer didn't approve but pretended to approve and hoped that he would grow out of it.
    Something tells me that Dina really likes Alex as she stared at him whilst he was eating his cake (Creep) Lol xP
    [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/15nnbc8.jpg[/IMG Alex's new makeover, I gave him the classic 'nerdy' look that everyone seems to give him :p[/img]153a0pk.jpg
    Alex's bedroom renovation (I forgot to put in the chair for his desk but I put the black wheely-chair there afterwards)
    Shorter than usual but I haven't had much chance to play the sims 2 this week :no_mouth:
    Hope you enjoy! :)
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    Hey again! So no story right now, I've been revising for school stuff and music theory for up-coming tests so not a lot of sims :'( Plus my laptop has been crashing more recently so this is my second attempt at this:
    I decided to clean out my hairstyles because I had too many and ones that I didn't like and never use, so I deleted a lot of stuff that my sims were had so I decided to redo them,
    I never liked or used the hairstyle that she wore and I didn't think it suited her that much and thought everyone was going to complain :p It was the only hairstyle that was 'businessy' but now I got one specifically for her :D
    I liked the hair that the Caliente sisters had but I couldn't remember where I found the hairstyle for Dina (or is it Nina? I get them mixed up :p ) but I this hairstyle suited her the most. It looks odd when she poses or moves in a certain way so I might change it, I prefer what she had before so I might dig for it, I think it was from HypnotizedSims...
    Then my computer crashed (luckily I saved!) So I'll be doing the rest soon!
    Hope you like them and would love to hear your feedback! :)
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    Kaylyn had twins! Emily and Ryan:
    I can't wait to see what they look like when they're older,
    Mary-Sue obviously found out because as soon as Daniel put Ryan in the cot, she rang the doorbell. She seemed to be happy but I think secretly she wants to kill him! :o Joking ;)
    It was Carl's birthday too and I was so excited and I guess that my laptop was too as it crashed :'( so I'll have to replay them again :(
    Thanks for reading :)
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    Oh, goodness! It is getting all messsy- Interesting Pleasantview story! :mrgreen:
  • RazingRazing Posts: 287 Member
    @Rflong7 Thanks :) I'm having so much fun playing the pre-mades atm! Which household do you want me to play next?
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,430 Member
    Nina is my Favorite Sim... How are the Brokes? Are the Oldies dead and have the Burbs been added? O.o
  • RazingRazing Posts: 287 Member
    I haven't played the Brokes yet, I was going to but I saw another post where they were playing the Brokes so I didn't play them. I have not added the Oldies or Burbs but I could place them in the world and play them if you want. :) I think I'll be playing the Brokes next but I need to fix Daniel Pleasant's house as it's getting a little crowded... I haven't figured out a good storyline for the Broke family yet, I keep on changing my mind but I have an idea :p
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,430 Member
    I don't have one either.
    I've had Brandi break up Cassandra and Darren Dreamer after Don left her at the alter and she fell into Darren's open arms. They had two children and then Darren met Brandi at one of the kids Uni graduations. They kinda fell for each other there... Poor Cassandra had to move back in with her brother and his wife... well, I'll just leave it there. ;)

    The Burbs- John also works well with Brandi. They have chemistry. XD
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    Carl aged up into a toddler:
    2ymtz03.jpg This pic was before I gave him a makeover.
    There house has got very small especially now when Kaylyn hired her best friend as a nanny to help keep the kids happy:
    24e2ufm.jpg - Her name is Valencia Consuela. Will she fall for Daniel....? Will Danial like her...? Who knows.... :p
    I'm going to renovate their house to make it bigger and then I'm going to play the Brokes, expect a lot of updates as I have all weekend! :D
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,430 Member
    Oh, nice twist. Daniel usually falls for anything. :blush:
  • RazingRazing Posts: 287 Member
    Daniel hasn't fallen for Valencia yet, he's got a want to get married and so does Kaylyn so maybe they're ready to settle down...? Kaylyn also wants another baby and when the twins were born Daniel had a want to have 10 KIDS!!! :o I think Kaylyn is the one for him!
    Here is the new house, I renovated another house to make it bigger and had them move in there because The burbs are going to move into their old house:
    Carls Room:
    Yes the living room is upstairs:
    dw2jkg.jpg - Was the only space to put it in :p
    This is what Emily and Ryan's room will be:
    But as they're babies, here is their room:
    Nanny's room in the attic:
    Going back to the ground floor:
    There is another bathroom upstairs but it's so small that I didn't see any point in showing you.
    The burbs will be placed in the the old house.
    Tell me what you think of the house, It took me so long to renovate because I couldn't decide if I wanted them to move out or where the Burbs should live.
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    I love it!! It's got that modern vibe to it!!
  • thankucatgodthankucatgod Posts: 398 Member
    Wow, 10 kids! Are you planning on making that want a reality one day? :p
    And I love the master bedroom! What a nice color combination. :)
  • RazingRazing Posts: 287 Member
    @Olivesplum06 The original house had a modern, simple vibe so I decided to stick with it, I'm glad you like it :)

    @thankucatgod I don't think I'll make it reality lol, Daniel isn't about that life! I like the bedroom colours too, I use it a lot in other builds I make :p
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    This is the Burb makeover:
    I just realized that the guy has the same hair as Darren so I'm going to change it, I've been looking for some mature hairstyles for the more mature adults.
    I didn't play the Burbs but I just looked at their simology so I know what they could do when I do play them, It looks like I'm not going to do what I was going to do :( They seem like a 'perfect family' which was not what I was going for, I haven't played the Burbs before, I normally leave them in the bin and I was hoping for one of the parents to be romance sims.
    I gave the Oldies a house and gave them the bungalow near the Goths house:
    I didn't detail their house too much as I don't plan on playing them that much as they seem a little boring, I might have them open a business..?
    5n7uag.jpg - I'm loving the small kitchens atm :D
    ka0kdh.jpg - Love this room! It's Angela and Lilith's room for when they visit, they haven't visited in a while as you can see because it's very 'child-like'
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    I love reading all the stories! I never knew what to do with the Oldies either. I usually just moved one of the twins in with them to stir up some drama. Usually Lilith because she got along better with them than the rest of her family anyways, lol.
    I've been playing since TS1. My favorite games are TS2 and TS4.
    Origin ID- manda102784 <3
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    @alwslaughinggirl I'm glad you like the stories! :)

    Brandi wants Beau to do well in life so she tries to teach him to talk,
    2gudq0x.jpg - Not going so well...
    This is Dustin's makeover:
    For some reason that outfit (With some recolours) was the only outfit I could have that was cc :/
    Beau really enjoys his music :D
    Angela came after school. Dustin really likes Angela and wants to spend the rest of his life with her!
    But I think Angela has got some of Mary-Sue's craziness....
    Brandi is pregnant, much to her surprise!
    Dustin then sneaked out with Angela
    Just when he thought he was safe Brandi sprinted out and was furious!
    He managed to sneak out though, but she looked furious,
    Then it was Beau's birthday!
    Here is his makeover:
    It's been very quiet and un-dramatic at the moment but it will get better! :)
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    Aw- I love the Brokes and they look great. =D

    -The Burbs are set up for her to want Money and Him a family. Normally I let her work and him take care of the house and run a small business. Or I break them up for Broke/Burbs or he wanders to town a little much. ;)
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