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Is there a monkey helper

gmomasuegmomasue Posts: 648 Member
In Sims 2 Is there a monkey helper or helper monkey . Or was it in only in Sims 1. And one more thing is there good cheat codes for Sims 2 ultimate collection .


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    Frogprincess_qFrogprincess_q Posts: 1,269 Member
    No helper monkey in Sims 2 that I've ever heard of. Maybe there was one in Castaway? I never played that one myself, but I have a vague memory of seeing some pictures.

    There are plenty of good cheats for sims 2. Hold Control-Shift-C to open the cheat console and type help for a bunch to start off with. If they don't show in the console window type expand.

    There are more advanced and obscure cheats too. If you're looking to do something specific it is often worth having a bit of a google.
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    gmomasuegmomasue Posts: 648 Member
    thank you
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