250 Puppy/Kitten Challenge

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Hi everyone! So my brother and I were talking about the 100 baby challenge for the Sims 3, which gave me the idea for a 250 kitten/puppy challenge (also for the Sims 3, though it might work for the Sims 2). Anyways, I'm probably not the first person to have this idea but I'm going to post this anyways and hope I get a good reception. The goal of this challenge is to have 250 puppies or kittens (duh) in as few generations as possible. I really want this to be not super difficult but still challenging, and since dogs and cats can easily have up to 4 (with the fertility treatment) young ones per litter (while Sims can only have triplets with some effort), I figured it was okay to go ahead and up the number from 100 to 250. If you guys think that's too much you can always go back to only 100, but it's really your choice as you are the ones playing it. Anyways, let me move on to the rules.

Rules (Some of these are more like tips than rules, but whatever)
1. You can make one (1) adult cat/dog in CAS (female or male). The other must be adopted from the shelter.
2. You may make one Sim that will bring in income. The Sim may not get married, but is allowed to have a child (if necessary) so that the challenge may be continued.
3. Fertility treatment is great. Use it.
4. You may only have one breeding pair at a time.
5. From the last litter, you may choose one (1) kitten/puppy to continue the lineage. All other kittens/puppies born must be put into the shelter. Remember to adopt an animal of the opposite gender so that the lineage may be continued!
6. Your breeding pair may have the hunting skill in order to bring in more income.
7. Your Sim may have a variety of different skills to bring in income. Recommended traits are Cat/Dog Lover, Natural Cook, Virtueso, Green Thumb, Genius, Artistic, Mooch, and Neat. (And before you ask, yes, I know that's 7, I'm just giving you an array of options here)
8. Your Sim may only have ONE (1) child so that the household can continue getting income. The traits must be randomized.
9. All kittens/puppies must have their traits randomized.
10. A list of all kittens/puppies born from your cats/dogs is recommended in order to keep track of the number of kittens/puppies.
11. No mods or cheats allowed other than the mod NRaas (I have no mods, but apparently a lot of people have this one...)

If I'm missing anything, don't hesitate to let me know, and have fun raising your fluffy bundles of joy. Good luck, my friends!


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