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Help do not know

gmomasuegmomasue Posts: 648 Member
Do you put chairs at the chess set like Sims 3 ,and can you turn off the grid . OH is there washers and driers .


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    Feedinghissheep3Feedinghissheep3 Posts: 92 Member
    yes you do put chairs and no there are no washers and dryers...;) i still play sims 2 also!
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    gmomasuegmomasue Posts: 648 Member
    me to now
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    RipuAncestorRipuAncestor Posts: 2,332 Member
    About the grid, do you mean like can you make it invisible or can you place objects so that they don't snap to it? Because if you mean you want to place objects more freely, you can use this cheat code:

    boolprop snapobjectstogrid false

    and if you want to turn the cheat back off, just replace "false" with "true".

    if you just want to turn the grid invisible for build/buy modes, then I can't really help you, sorry.
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    RazingRazing Posts: 287 Member
    If you go to then there are modded washers and dryers if you really want them. There is also a cheat: quartertileplacement on : It still snaps objects to the grid but has more places to put them
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    gmomasuegmomasue Posts: 648 Member
    thank you
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