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  • happygurlhappygurl Posts: 983 Member
    Farrousy wrote: »
    No custom content; I have it downloaded in the Sims 4, but I haven't used it yet... I am planning to remove them soon since they are there wasting up precious space.

    NEVER WASTE SPACE :open_mouth: JK, but really don't :p

    CC makes the game weird, and who is so free and have nothing to do to remove mods and cc every patch >_>
    I didn't start using cc for ts3 until all the patches were done. I'm not sure, but that might be what I do with ts4. In the meantime my ts4 is cc free.
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  • ernesdoernesdo Posts: 1,447 Member
    CC! I only use maxis match pieces though because I'm not a fan of the realistic look with the cartoony feel of the game.
  • JoBass24usJoBass24us Posts: 1,476 Member
    I do enjoy seeing what the community makes, some of the CC is fantastic. Unfortunately I steer clear fit the most part. I dislike having to remove and add back little by little for every patch. I'm also noticing that EA is starting to churn out content on a pretty regular basis so that helps.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 9,315 Member
    edited June 2015
    My experience

    The Sims 2 : Thousands of CC, I can't remember who create what and where I found it. Because it's The Sims 2, the most of them are recolored content.

    The Sims 3 : Hundreds of CC, I did a list of the creators where the content come from.

    The Sims 4 : Twenty of my own CC. I want to control the quality of the content and because I'm lazy, I don't want to manage a ton of content again.

    Sometimes when the game is updated, it broke the CC like TS3 Pets broke the RIGS files.
    The very old and outdated CC make the game to be unstable.

    Manage thousands of files is a real nightmare : find and fix the old CC, visit all the sites in order to download the latest and stable version.

    That's why I decide to keep the CC out of my TS4, just I need to manage my own creations.
  • FaberriesFaberries Posts: 1,148 Member
    I use a few small mods, and only maxis match cc :)
  • OnendOnliYazzieOnendOnliYazzie Posts: 1,335 Member
    I haven't downloaded cc for sims 4 yet. I used to always have cc hair and clothes back in the sims 3 but for sims 4 I haven't looked for any, I always think maybe I should get a few things so I can have different outfit choices and stuff but then I don't because of i do download any cc clothes all my sims would just end up in the same outfits anyways.
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  • LavishLifeLavishLife Posts: 99 Member
    edited June 2015
    I always use cc in my game
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 1,594 Member
    CC but I'm planning to remove at least half of what I have now. There are contents really well made, but for the CAS CC It's a huge pain when they are allowed for random.
  • LavishLifeLavishLife Posts: 99 Member
    I have tons of cc.
  • LoneOnyxStardustLoneOnyxStardust Posts: 397 Member
    i use a little cc for hair trousers accessories and a few household objects and am yet to have any problems with it ^^
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  • LavishLifeLavishLife Posts: 99 Member
    I have all sorts of cc. I have hair, pants, shirts, dresses, bathing suits, shoes, and accessories. I don't have any problems with mine.
  • HestiaHestia Posts: 783 Member
    At the moment no CC. What the modders have made are truly amazing though!
  • Mstybl95Mstybl95 Posts: 4,880 Member
    Heck yeah I use CC. It's like getting a Stuff Pack everyday for free!

    I used CC for TS1 and TS2. I used about 28 pieces of CC in TS3 (because I did not like the lag it sometimes created when you had too many files). I use a ton in TS4. And all games were modded to the hilt because vanilla game is so lame. I like to play my way.
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 30,698 Member
    I just started using some CC for Sims 4. I like it for build/buy recolors and more wall and floor options, plus I really like some of the extra-slot furniture, corner shelves, and the like that modders have made. And I've got a couple of hairstyles - Maxis match only, and only because the game is lacking in long men's hair - and one clothing item. I know I'll end up holding my breath on whether I have to makeover Sims and houses with every update, so I'm planning to keep both CC and mods low overall.
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  • gothprincess4evergothprincess4ever Posts: 1,815 Member
    Definitely CC! I can't play The Sims 4 without using at least some hairstyles and dresses! I've encountered some problems with some packages but it was only 2 or 3 times and I deleted them right away. I've got 1.2 GB of CC, hehe...
  • GirklGirkl Posts: 252 Member
    rochelimit wrote: »
    I don't do CC because the art looks different and often annoying, especially those that look like something from Second Life

    This excellent post by @Vondiita can help make sure you can find CC that looks like the default content:

    @ModerateOsprey Thank you so much for linking this thread- I saw it a while back and stupidly forgot to bookmark it and then surprise surprise could never find it again,d'oh.

    I used mods in TS3 (Twallen/Nraas only as his were so widely recommended/updated reliably) more to make the game playable than to add in extras (to this day I can't play without his story progression and overwatch),never CC though as there were just so many terrible scare stories about glitches etc from CC transferring through the Exchange and so on. I happily admit that if my game or PC gets screwed up I don't know enough to fix it properly myself,so I decided not to poke that particular bear.

    I mainly gave up playing TS4 for a few months and have just been on a building binge,rebuilding the towns for my own purposes but when I do finally get back into actually playing (I know,crazy talk!) I will be modding it. I started by looking up the no culling mod and by the time I was done had a list of a good few I want to put in my game,including the door lock mod,better reactions to death/divorce,the gardener/maid NPC,the er...thingy one based on Nraas` MC that I've now completely forgotten the name of and plenty more. Usually I think I would have just left it at that- gameplay mods- but without CASt and everyone saying how easy CC is to use in TS4 I have been drooling over some of the build/buy CC I've been seeing. Once I get back to playing regularly rather than just playtesting builds I think I might crumble and just go for it. As others have said though it would need to fit in perfectly with the existing look and feel of the game for me,which brings me back to my original point about the maxis match CC thread- what a helpful resource! Ty @Vondiita - also does anyone else have any sites they can recommend for maxis match CC? My interest lies only in build/buy really,rather than CAS.....although saying that I have a sneaking suspicion this could be the start of a slippery slope and I'll be in a CC support group by July :blush:
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  • husseinandalihusseinandali Posts: 2,617 Member
    edited June 2015
    Mods to the end i make cc so i use cc
    over here i post my cc
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  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,378 Member
    I'll use CC if it actually looks like it belongs in the game. Too much of the CC I've seen looks completely out of place with the art style of the game and clashes horribly.
  • dorendia122dorendia122 Posts: 6,954 Member
    I use Maxis-matched CC ( CC that matches the game). I can't play without my CC! I love the different make up options and clothes CC brings and I love seeing the creativity of the sims community
  • xBob18xBob18 Posts: 7,896 Member
    I have 8,000 pieces and 3GB of cc for TS2. What do you think? ;)
  • Mstybl95Mstybl95 Posts: 4,880 Member
    xBob18 wrote: »
    I have 8,000 pieces and 3GB of cc for TS2. What do you think? ;)

    I'm ashamed to admit this, but my TS2 is 21GB. OMG!!!
  • OuterseOuterse Posts: 289 Member
    I don't use CC, but I do use mods. I don't tend to like the look of CC clothes, CC skin is often a little too uncanny valley for my tastes, and even though I do quite like a lot of CC hair I've seen I'm still enjoying the hair we have from EA so far. Though I probably will venture into the world of CC hairs when I get tired of the official content.
  • xBob18xBob18 Posts: 7,896 Member
    Mstybl95 wrote: »
    xBob18 wrote: »
    I have 8,000 pieces and 3GB of cc for TS2. What do you think? ;)

    I'm ashamed to admit this, but my TS2 is 21GB. OMG!!!
    o.0 How did it handle it?!
  • Nik24X7Nik24X7 Posts: 7,865 Member
    I have about a dozen mods but only two or three items of CC. I don't even use the CC, so I'm thinking of removing it.
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  • AnnLee87AnnLee87 Posts: 1,678 Member
    I do not use mods but I have some CC now. I do not have any CC for CAS.

    The problem I have with most CC is it does not match what is already in the game. It looks out of place to me. Creators have been converting older Sims content to TS4. I now have some of the furniture, floors and wallpaper. I have not came across any CC for CAS that I like.

    As far as mods go. For me it is too much of a pain with all the patches and game packs etc. Got tired of trying to keep it all updated. If I encountered a bug/glitch after a patch or adding official DLC it was too much of a pain to narrow down the cause. I got tired trying to figure out if it one of the mods or the patch that caused the bug or glitch in my game.

    Also, from Sept. to Jan. I got used to certain mods and then the game would get patched and certain mods would not work anymore and I would have to adjust to playing without the mod or mods until the mod got updated. It's just got easier for me to "play around" some features in the game than to alter the game with a mod.

    I deal with culling in my own way. I do not need a mod to add a "no limit" population to my game which in my case would cause more issues than it solves.

    The faster skilling mods/faster writing, programming etc:
    I used to love these kind of mods but now I just use emotions and traits to influence the learning process.
    I play with aging off so time or speed is no longer a factor. I just avoid certain constraints on life stages (I don't care for babies and I do not want my Sims to get older unless their skills/aspirations are at a certain level/completion etc). None of the life stages are long enough for my style of play.

    I do however play with aging on in my legacy save because my play is devoted to creating generations. (have not played this save in a longtime do to the fact that the babies really irritate me in this game and elders are too fragile)

    I may use mods in the feature but for right now I see them as a pain.
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